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just a girl by no doubt. here's an oldie, but goodie for you. i was looking back at all the songs i have featured for musicality monday and i was quite surprised at myself that i haven't yet posted a song by no doubt. how did i let that happen?

i started listening to no doubt in my first year of college. 1990, people! the band played on our college campus quite a lot. back then, my life was filled with vespas, rude boys, doctor martens, and ska music. (sorry if this language is all foreign to you.)

fast forward to about 1994 when no doubt's tragic kingdom, especially just a girl, became my anthem. i was single, living in san francisco, and trying to work on myself; as everyone does in their twenties, right? unless your naturally gifted with self-realization. i definitely appreciate that ms. gwen stefani is a tough girl amongst boys and setting a mean example. a little "girls rule!"? i suppose. however, i try to embrace the little things that carried me through difficult periods as tragic kingdom certainly did.

what was/is your anthem for your twenties? what song made you rock on with yo bad self?

well, i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. here's to another great week together! 

ps~hey everyone, i wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your amazing comments on friday's finding purpose post. each comment was insightful and helpful. not only did the comments help me, i think they also helped everyone who joined the conversation. thank you.

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  1. I love her too. Her song Cool really helped me through my break up with my last boyfriend. We ended up really good friends an that song made me realise that was ok, and not weird, and actually something to be very proud of xx

  2. Unfortunately, being still IN my 20s means I don't know what the defining song of this decade of my life will be! That's kind of exciting though, right? A Doc Martens store just opened in Philly, in a prime real-estate spot, and it just confused me. I thought they had gone out of style, but I guess not!

    I was younger when Tragic Kingdom came out, but I remember listening to the CD on my discman (!) on a family car ride to Montreal one summer. Ska made an appearance later in my life for my high school boyfriend who wore a Less Than Jake t-shirt once a week and who I desperately wanted to understand. Not exactly my taste in music, but hey, the things we do for boys, right? :)

  3. I can't pin point one song from my twenties. There were so many! I did love No Doubt though. When I was a senior in High School, Tragic Kingdom had just come out. A big group of my friends and I had wife beaters made with our names written across the chest in Old English font so we could be just like Gwen! Ha! Dorks!

  4. Outkast reminds me of my college days erykah badu, and d'angelo carried me through my early twenties i could go on and on because i'm such a lover of music but i'll stop there. Don't speak is my favorite gwen stefani song.

  5. I don't remember what songs defined my 20's ... Oopppss. I know I cried to Lionel Ritchie a lot and listened to a lot of Queens... my 20's were mixed with really outrageous behaviour and crazy lifestyle and then a massive nervous breakdown and the road to healing, so all rather blurred.

    Couldn't wait for my 30's.....

  6. I started having my children early (23), so my twenties are not really defined by music. Although when Oliver was born in 1994, Wet Wet Wet's love is all around was playing on the radio in the operating theatre.

    My definitive music years were late 80's early 90's (aged 18-21). My mates and I were big into dance music and clubbing all weekend and the Rave scene was big here in the UK, dancing in muddy fields with big dungarees and kickers on :-) We are all still best friends now, and reminisce often.

    In terms of music - Dave Pearce's compilation album - Best of the Dance Years 1988-1992 sums it up for me. Promised Land/Joe Smooth, 7 Ways To Love/Cola Boy, Where Love Lives/Alison Limerick and A Deeper Love/Clivilles & Cole always get me up and boogieing.

    I've had to google these songs to remind me who the artists were, they were quite obscure!!!

    BTW, love No Doubt. Gwen is veerrry cool x

  7. I love No Doubt. I have her song What Are You Waiting For on my running (ahem...walking???) playlist. I put it there years ago when I was making a leap for a job I wanted, and the line "Take a chance you stupid ho," always made me laugh and inspired me. Go figure. No matter how my playlist changes that song comes along because I could always use that inspiration.

  8. don't you just love how music can brings back memories :)

    i have a few songs that are tied to specific moments in my life: when i met a special someone, breakups, girls night out, etc...

    sadly....i would have to say my college years was all about britney - not by choice. i personally wasn't a big britney fan, but she was EVERYWHERE!!

    no doubt is a real classic! my favorites would have to be "don't speak" & "it's my life."

  9. I can't remember that far back ; ) T.
    But, I do love Gwen!

  10. @ANNIE - I was driving today and 'Cool' came on the radio! What are the chances of that happening? It was fate and made me immediately think of you. It's one of my favorites, too.

    @ERIN - Did you see I was trying to keep you in mind in the post? ;) Maybe in five or so years you'll look back and Keane will be your anthem??

    @AMBER - I love that! Ha, I often look back on things I did in my twenties and think "Dork!" too.

    @TORI - Yup, Tribe and Ms. Hill are in my twenties. Can't forget about the hip hop.

    @TINA - Hm, your twenties sound eerily similar to my twenties. I think I narrowly escaped a few breakdowns by moving to different States.

    @SAM - So glad you survived that Rave era and can live to tell the tale. I have to say, you stumped me with your musical artists. Do I dare youtube them? ;)

    @LAUREN - Oh, that song is a good one, right? Gives you a good kick in the pants, especially when self-doubt is knocking.

    @JIN - Well, whether someone is a fan or not, everyone knows a Britney song.
    These comments are reminding of all the great No Doubt/Gwen Stefani songs. There are many.

    @TERI - You're so funny, T!

  11. Love the Tragic Kingdom album, I just finished high school when it came out. Can't really remember what my favorite music back in my 20s was, am I that old already? But I remember getting hooked on friends so maybe the theme song could be the anthem of my 20s ;)

  12. Oh my goodness, what memories this post brought back! My friends and I used to listen to No Doubt's first self-titled album ALL THE TIME. It was our anthem, I swear. We saw them so many times during this album in OC. We also saw Sublime, Mary's Danish, and Fishbone quite a bit too. Whoa, thanks for bringing these memories back. Hadn't thought about them in a long while:)

  13. yess! love no doubt! such good memories... getting dropped off at a no doubt show sophomore year in high school is a fave memory of mine... gwen was my absolute hero.


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