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somebody i use to know by gotye. thank you, jennifer, for the introduction to this indie band. i love the slow build of this song. my favorite part? wait for it...wait for it...the female vocal that arrives midway through the song. 

the video for this song reminds me of liu bolin's work. have you heard? he is the artist who paints himself into different urban environments, and his work is nothing short of remarkable. bolin also participated in this collaboration with harper's bazaar that is definitely worth a look. 

so how was your weekend everyone? how did you spend your easter? eating the heads off of chocolate bunnies? hope it was relaxing and full of the things you love. we had a neighborhood easter egg hunt on saturday, which was no small feat for our amazing neighbors to organize. (thank you, amazing neighbors!) our entire block participated with well over 25 kids. on sunday we headed to my parent-in-law's home for their annual easter party, where more egg hunts and yummy food were on the agenda.

well, here's to another great week together. happy monday!

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  1. Love the song! It was playing on the radio constantly when I was in Germany for Christmas and didn't like it at first but it was growing on me the more I listened to it. Right now it's the most played song on my Itunes ;) Also love the girl's haircut...

    I had seen some of Liu Bolin's work, he did some amazing things. How scary would it be if you tried to grab some vegetables at the supermarket and then you see this guy disguised as the display?

    The easter egg hunt sounds fun, really enjoyed that as a kid. This year we didn't do anything special for Easter, it was just a regular weekend for us...

  2. For some reason I can't really get into Gotye. I tried, I just think they're too indie for me, haha. Oh well. Happy Monday! I unfortunately didn't get to eat any real Easter candy yesterday except for a few jelly beans, but Boyfriend did make a huge batch of ricotta cookies on Saturday that we've been munching on ever since so I got my sweet fix that way!

    I'd love to see pictures from the egg hunt! I loved those as a kid. Kudos to your neighbors for organizing that! xo

  3. sadly we don't have any little ones around to do the easter egg hunt. so fun to make easter baskets and treats for kids. i tried not to indulge in easter candy this year. gosh I can't believe it's April already!!

  4. Hello hello. I'm back from a long and well rested Easter weekend. Had fun, worked a bit, saw friends and had lots of inspiration. No ch eggs for me. Went back to the gym for first time in 5 wks as had muscle tear in my leg. Hurray! Feel like million dollars. Endorphines back. Yay!

    Love that song. Been obsessed with it for quite some time now. Never saw video for it so am enjoying it while commenting:) In the beginning I thought it was Sting singing part of it... Good video!

    Haven't heard of Liu Bolin so am checking it out...

    Glad you had lots of Easter fun. A must with the kids. Well doe neighbourhood...


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