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do my thing by estelle, featuring janelle monae. thank you, tori, for bringing this amazing song to my attention. it's currently on repeat right now. not only is the song super catchy, it perfectly encapsulates the sort of week i had last week.

hi everyone! i'm back after a blogging break. thank you for indulging me and "holding it down" (as tori says) while i was out on spring break with the kids. thank you also for all your well wishes! truth serum? it was difficult to be away and watch my blog sit idle for many days knowing that my statistics would suffer. i feel like i had taken a huge step forward with the blog, only to take two steps back. do you know what i mean?

moreover, it takes time, nurturing, and a village to build up a blog. i certainly didn't do it on my own. this blog wouldn't be where it is today without all of you. so a part of me did feel like i was letting you all down...which is silly, i know. i realize you all understand wholeheartedly when someone needs a break. (once again, a case of self-inflicted, inexplicable pressure.) 

maybe some of you can relate to this conundrum or maybe you find it frivolous. either way, i just thought i would share some real concerns i was struggling with last week. in effort to continue keeping things real and after much thought, i have decided to reenter the blogging world in an abridged version. there's some personal projects that i would like to get off the ground, which will finally get my attention once i free up some time. for now, this decision is what makes the most sense for me and my sanity. [smile] things may change as the kids both start school, i put some sound systems/procedures in place, and/or time permits. that said, you can now find me here every monday, wednesday, and friday doing my thang. am i committing blog suicide? who knows...time can only tell. i can only say that sometimes what's best for you trumps statistics any day.

now that we have that order of business out of the way, what have i missed? how are you guys? i've missed you so. i had a really great weekend! i had the opportunity to meet a group of really talented ladies at a resource party that was held on saturday night in san diego, hosted and organized by alexis of fern and feather and julia of san diego songbird. i was fortunate to have been invited by haydee, and, actually, brandis, haydee, and i were able to make a little girl road trip out of it. i plan to share with you the many talents of the women that i met at this party (blows my mind the creativity and support that was gathered in one space) via shout-outs and highlights, so watch this space. for now, i'll let you get back. happy monday everyone!

update: alexis of fern and feather put together a beautiful resource party recap. check it out, if you can.

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  1. Glad you are enjoying the song! Isn't it infectious? If you're not tapping your feet or bobbing your head to this song something's wrong ; )

    I like the idea of your new schedule of freeing up some time to get those creative ideas out. Nothing wrong with having your blog work around your schedule.

    I am however looking forward to reading more about these creative women you met on your trip : ) see you on Wednesday?

  2. Love Estelle, love Janelle Monae, LOVE this song - my sentiments exactly! What a great start to the week!!

    My daughter was bopping away at the table with a big jamble (Lauren's adapted recipe) grin on her face and then asked me to repeat it again. And again. And again! :D

    I truly believe that as long as we each do what we feel is best for our wellbeing,and what fits in with our schedules we can be the best versions of ourselves and therefore be better able to live life to the full.

    Good for you for looking after your nearest and dearest by taking time out to look after yourself.

    I'm sure I've told you this before but it bears repeating: your blog is so uplifting and inspiring and I've no doubt that it will remain so even though you'll be posting less frequently.

    As for statisitics, I leave those well alone. They have the potential to become a millstone around one's neck but only if one lets them.

    Looking forward to catching up on all your news/projects/adventures! It's great to have you back!! :D xoxo

  3. Welcome back love. This is a really jaunty and fun tune, thanks for sharing x

    As someone that does not blog every day, I think you will not be committing suicide to go for three days a week. You must make time for doing the things that make you happy. It's funny as my blog post today covers some the same sort of theme.

    I think stepping away from the computer is therapeutic, I mean, what did we all do before this came along ? (again, see blog!). You must take time out to satisfy the soul. Plus, think how interesting and varied your posts will be as a result (not that they are not blood amazing anyway, because they actually are). Anyway, I'm excited and fascinated all in one to hear about and see your projects. Whatever they are, I'm certain they'll be amazing and fruitful.

    Sam x

  4. what a great song to start off the week with :) and welcome back btw!!

    i love how you're so honest about your new blog schedule! i give major props to those that can post everyday...cuz i sure can't. i'm lucky if i can do 3 a week :P you should never have the blog take over your life.

    well..i will be sure to check-in every m,w,f!! and don't worry about the statistics...it's nothing but a number :) like the song....just do your thing!!!

    happy monday & blogging!! see you wednesday!!

  5. Hello my dear. I love coming here every day for all the wonderful creative inspiration you have to offer...And like Chi, I'll keep coming no matter what. I think you are a wise woman to listen to yourself and take a step back. Knowing that I have to wait a day makes stepping into this space something even more to look forward to! xoxo

  6. Hey love,

    The most important thing is to pace oneself and the rest will follow. Trust me, it always does!

    My motto in life is quality over quantity and althought I only blog twice a week I'm usually happy with my output.
    Statistics? Who cares?

    Follow your gut and heart. I do. x

  7. Hi Theresa-
    I think you are making the right decision for you at this time. I could sense in your past writing that you've been struggling with the balance. Your little ones will grow up so quickly so a decision to forego something like a daily blog, is not a big deal in the scheme of things. I think it takes a very smart woman to admit come to terms with priorities. Anyway, 3 days is still a big job because your posts are always very elaborate.
    I hope you are feeling good about everything.

  8. I am amazed when people can post 5 days a week, because I couldn't. I tried to but it was too much pressure and I just froze and couldn't think of anything to write about. Some of the blogs I enjoy reading post very infrequently but I still keep coming back. I guess what I'm trying to say is if you keep doing what you've been doing only three times a week I will still enjoy reading you blog. It's not always about quantity, it's about quality as well and of course you should keep enjoying to write your blog...

    Have a great week!

  9. Thanks everyone for your amazing feedback. I must admit I felt embarrassed even bringing up statistics because you all are right - Who cares! Numbers can be such an albatross. I've heard this tip, but today's post was a beautiful reminder.

    @TORI, @CHI, @SAM, @JIN, @LAUREN, @TINA, @TERI, & @NINA - Thank you, each and every one of you. Your words helped me today.

  10. Love that song T! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a great time in SD connecting with some new bloggers and I'll def check out the recap. It also sounds like giving yourself a little breathing room is just what the doctor ordered...I hear you on all fronts and honestly, it's often a struggle for me to make my 3 posts happen each week. Because of the wonderful community you have here and your genuine and inspiring content, everyone will always be back, even if you went down to 1 day a week! This is a beautiful place you've created here and we all feel lucky to be a part of it! Xxo

  11. Welcome back T! We missed you, but I'm glad you took the time (and descipline) to take time to nurture your mind and family! How rewarding and inspirational does it feel to come back after a break, right! And I am equally excited about tuning into your blog 3 days a weeks as I was before when you were posting 5 days. I honestly don't know how you found those super human powers but nonetheless I think you will be a much stronger and more balanced blogger because of it :)

  12. I totally get your feelings about your blog stats. I have become so concerned with acheiving a certain number of views each day that it's almost sucked the joy out of the true purpose of blogging: nurturing a community. I'm also very proud of your decision to set a 3-a-week schedule for yourself, that's very bold and you'll end up thanking yourself in the end! You'll have more time to do real-world stuff, like attend awesome parties with other bloggers! That Resource Party sounds like a blast.

    Also, I'm totally falling for Ms. Monae after this song!

  13. Hmm T, we’re all falling like dominos. I read on Happenstance the same thing, and I’ve been thinking the same too (except in a brilliant twist of irony I’ve not even got it together enough to write about it yet!). I think we’ve all put ourselves under enormous pressure to write everyday and you know what I’ve noticed? Mostly the bloggers who do this are either doing it as their job, or they have jobs where they sit at home of their computers all day anyway. They’re graphic designers, that sort of thing. So perhaps they don’t have to carve mental and physical space to do it in the way the rest of us do?

    It’s totally cool to say you’re taking a break, Erin did a great ‘I’m posting but not posting’ post yesterday, and sometimes I want to do that but the sheer effort of writing that post, I may as well write a proper one. I think we only feel the need to say we’re going to not post on a certain day because we set the expectation. So I think I’m going to start saying I blog ‘most days’ and see how that goes. To be honest, it’s only you, Erin and Lauren that I’d probably notice if you missed a day as mostly I take blogs via RSS so perhaps people won’t notice as much as we think, as long as it still feels regular?

    I really missed you though! There was a definite bloggy hole in my universe last week.

    Best not to read the stats I think. Easier said than done, I know. But I was killing myself to get great stats and actually in the end who cares? No one else knows anyway! ;)

  14. welcome back! i almost took a "spring break" time away with my children, but really i could do it last week. i may need one when report card writing time comes! also, good for you for limiting yourself to what makes you happy, and able to focus on your 3d life.

    all fine here. right now i need to go get my kiddos out of bed and to school! have a great wednesday!

  15. @JENNIFER - Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, J! (Especially since it wasn't the easiest decision to make.)

    @LIZ - :) Thank you. Now that I'm on a three/week schedule, I don't know how I did five/week before either. Ha-ha!

    @ERIN - So glad you touched upon the stats issue. It seems almost taboo to talk about, but there it hangs, taunting us. You're absolutely right: Hitting numbers should never steal joy's thunder! It feels really good to embrace this simple fact.

    @ANNIE - Thanks for missing me, Bird! That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :) If you end up deciding to cut down, I will be the first to understand (as will everyone else, I'm sure).

    NOREEN - Yes, getting back to my 3D life [big smile!]. Like I told Annie, if/when you need that break, take it. I guess I could say that's been the greatest blogging lesson I've learned so far.

  16. Oh Theresa...I have been going through this for a few months (except that I was blogging sporadically and barely making any sense lol) and looking back at some of my posts one can tell that I was not investing much effort and there was definitely a sense of guilt. The worst thing about it is that when I go into shut down mode like that I also lose all interaction with fellow bloggers and net-friends because I go through periods of not wanting ANYTHING to do with the inter-web. (does that make sense?)

    Anyway, your posts are always so good to read! I like to save them all up and settle in with a cup of coffee in a comfy spot and read a bunch at once! I think with your sincerity, even one post a week would keep people coming back!

    Enjoy your freed up time! It's worth it!

    xo, K

    ps...LOVE this song!


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