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well, friends, today is the last monday of the month, which means i have another great mini-view to share with you. (did the month fly by or what?!) this month i bring to you jeanne chan of shop sweet things. if you haven't had the good fortune of a proper visit to jeanne's site, i can't encourage it enough...you're in for a treat. among other topics, you'll find great finds under $20 (like an eames chair print for $19!), yummy recipes, savvy fashion, interior design (check out this sf decorator showcase review!) and fun events that jeanne attends. as if all that weren't enough, you'll also find jeanne's warm and welcoming personality. without further ado, herewith is jeanne's mini-view along with some of her favorite things:

can we just take a second to marvel at that flamingo print that jeanne selected. the print is part of the animal print shop by sharon montrose, who is an amazing animal photographer. i highly recommend a visit to montrose's site to peruse her entire breadth of work. it is breathtaking.

jeanne, thank you so much for sharing this mini-view and some of your favorite things with us. it has been a real pleasure having you here.

if you're interested in learning more about shop sweet things, here are a few other great interviews with jeanne via vmac and cheese, glitter guide, and lalalovely. (oh, fun fact: jeanne is a byw alumni!)

thanks everyone for stopping by and happy monday!

image source: angel wing cups, haute hippie sequin dress, profile pic, and sparkly bow via glitter guide, photographed by ashley batz / work hard & be nice print / flamingo print via the animal print shop by sharon montrose (“Images are copyrighted by Sharon Montrose Photographs, LLC. All rights reserved.”)

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  1. I LOVE Sharon Montrose's work, I have two of her prints in my house. Love love love! This mini view was great. Jeanne seems so sweet, and girl can rock a red lip! I'm really loving this mini-view series, Theresa. Well done!

    I love her answer for her greatest extravagance. Her wedding! Atta girl. Jeanne's site seems right up my alley. Round-ups for well-priced goodies? Yes please! xo

  2. Theresa, I admire so much that you find the most interesting websites/blogs , both jeanne's and sharon's sites are great. Despite jeanne's regret of not doing any formal design training, her business/blog is a perfect example of someone that naturally excels in design and creativity. Well done jeanne.

    Thanks for sharing, that's another couple of sites for my contact book :-) xx

  3. Really nice mini view. She looks so friendly and I love her motto: work hard and be nice to people.

    Also, to get out there and make connections is key and I'm still so surprised how generous and kind most of the blogging community is...

    I like your mini views a lot and always look forward to them. Have Monday....

    PS Watched the conversation and really loved it!

  4. Love those angel wings :) gonna check out their sites when I get home, I think I've seen the animal photography one and it's stunning.
    Happy Monday T! x

  5. I love your mini view series! They are always a pleasure to read :)

  6. Thanks so much again for having me, Theresa! I love this series. It's such a great way to get up close & personal with real people we connect with everyday. I look forward to reading many more mini-views on your blog! xo

  7. Very lovely interview as usual : ). I'm heading off to her blog now!

  8. oohh~ i love series :)

    yay! jeanne's shop sweet things! i love her blog! there's so many inspirations there and i love her personality! never met her in person, but i can already tell she's the sweetest! great pick theresa~

  9. "work hard and be nice to people". i'm all in! i need to check out her site, and keep that motto in mind. thanks for sharing, t!

  10. Great mini view today T! I love her motto and I Agee that as scary as it might seem sometimes getting out there is really worth it!

  11. Theresa-
    I will check out her blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog about the photography workshop. Max actually video'd your wedding?? Thant's amazing. I think he is going to be very famous very soon. He's so nice and super talented. It was a great 3 days. Teri

  12. Yay for Mini Views! I love them. This one is no exception. Jeanne seems like an inspiring lady. I love the haute hippie sequin dress and the "Work hard and be nice to people" print. Off to visit her space now.

    Thanks for sharing Theresa :)


  13. Thanks everyone for welcoming Jeanne here. Glad you enjoyed the Mini-View!

    @ERIN - You have to check out Jeanne's find for under $20. It's right up your alley and you'll love all the things she finds.
    I love that you have two Montrose prints. Need to get on that stat.

    @SAM - Yay, so happy to introduce you to some new, very wonderful sites. I aim to please. ;)

    @TINA - I love that motto also. It's so simple, yet very effective and purposeful. You're right, the blogging community never ceases to amaze me in its support.
    PS~Still need to watch The Conversation. I saw on Jennifer's blog that you enjoyed it. So, I'm looking forward to watching.

    @ANNIE - Aren't those the sweetest little cups you've ever seen? If I'm remembering correctly, I believe Jeanne got them on a trip to Venice.

    @CALLIE - Thank you, Cal. So glad you enjoyed. Remember: Every last Monday of the month = new Mini-View.

    @JEANNE - Thank YOU for agreeing to participate in the series. It was a pleasure having you here. I knew everyone would love you.

    @TORI - Thanks, T!

    @JIN - I don't know who I found first you or Jeanne, but I discovered you both at about the same time. That was a great discovery day! :)

    @NOREEN - I'm guessing you probably already live by that motto in some form. :)

    @LIZ - Yes, the getting out there is definitely a wise piece of advice. I'm prone to stay in my comfort zone sometimes, but always feel much better after I step outside of it and challenge myself to meet new people or try something different.

    @TERI - I kept thinking about you the whole three days you were in that workshop. I haven't actually kept in touch or spoken to Max since our wedding. But, my cousin still works with him professionally, and he says much the same thing - Nicest guy with a ton of talent.

    @HOLLY - Isn't that sequin dress a beauty. Forgot to mention that Jeanne wore this dress for her wedding reception, so she could properly dance the night away. :) So glad you're enjoying the series.

  14. Hello my darling! I have missed you so much. I feel a tad out of the loop... hopefully I can catch up on some of the stuff I've missed out on.
    I love Sharon Montrose's work, I'm off now to check out Shop Sweet Things. Be back soon xxx

  15. What a great interview T and I love that she is a BYW alumni! I hadn't visited her site until now and its fantastic! And those Sharon Montrose prints - I love them. I just pinned like 5 different ones onto my Kid's board. A little overboard yes, but they are so sweet and perfect!

  16. what a gem! such cute things. that shirt is to die for. loving this series!!


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