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i am really loving this color combo right now - red and nude. it's no secret that my favorite color is crimson red. the color is a running theme throughout my house and personal style, but just in small doses. think accent, rather than focal point. for the winter months, i was loving red and dark gray together. now that spring is here, and summer is just around the corner, i'm loving the idea of paring red with nude to freshen and lighten it up. 

conran shop pendant light - when we lived in new york, one of our favorite past times was to browse the conran shop that once lived under the queensboro bridge. it was a breathtaking, modern space that now houses tj maxx! (the current conran shop now lives within abc carpet and home.) i don't think i ever pulled the trigger and purchased anything from conran mainly because the things i had my eye on were out of my budget. however, this pendant isn't too expensive at $79.

sonia rykiel skirt - ok, full disclosure, i selected this skirt because the red was a perfect match for my layout. [smile] don't get me wrong, i LOVE this skirt - perfect color of red with stripes (yes, please!) - but i would never pay $1,800 for it!

giulietta crepe blouse - this blouse is so beautiful and i imagine the drape would be perfection. however, this is another high ticket item. ugh, sorry everyone! clearly, i need the sleuth internet skills and help of erin and jennifer.

j. crew tillary purse - ok, now this price point i can wrap my head around...$150, not bad right? perfect hue of red and it's a cross body - a must for a mom, or anyone, who schleps and needs to be hands free.

j. crew flat - i have professed my love for this t-strap ballet once before. i tell you, j.crew just gets it because they also made the flat in nude. 

opi nail color - alternate between the red and the nude for each finger, just for fun. 

are there any color combos that you are loving right now?

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  1. Lovely! I am very much likeing grass green at the moment. Adds a little bit of punch to an interior.

    we finally got rid of the vile leather sofas this morning and got Richard's plum velvet one out of storage. I have no idea what to do wtih plum velvet, it doens't seem to go with anything!

    We have a huge conran shop near to us (sorry). I love it in there but restrict myself to towels and such like. My favourite thing i've ever bought from there is a tooth brush holder and a lovely soap dish. So, bathroom stuff then!

  2. Oooh, I love this combination! I unfortunately cannot wear nude as I completely disappear, what with my vampire skin tone and all. But I really like this round up! The colors seem to work in every season, don't they? I think you could pull it off whether it's freezing outside or 75 and sunny.

    Now, about that blouse...here are two much cheaper options:


    Hope that helps! I can always track down more if you'd like, that was just what I could come up with quickly. :)

  3. It's a great combo. I adore red, although it doesn't really feature in my interiors, I do like to wear it. I get a really confident, powerful feeling when wearing red. I would never wear tan though, I think because being blond, I look a bit insipid. It defo suits you dark haired ladies though. I don't do brown or shades of in interiors either, eugh.

    p.s. love the pendant shade :-)

  4. I love red and I like the combo but cannot waer nude either...

    I like a bit of Coran but am more loyal to shops near whe I live like Aria (will mean nothing to you)

    Anyway, what I like even more is your photoshop skills and that very stylish layout. Good one T:)

  5. At the moment, I am loving anyyyything with bright, bold colors. Not one specific combo but if they look right together, I'm all in.

    Ps - i loooove that bag. what a great COLOR ( :D ) and so practical!

  6. Great color combo! Can't go wrong with nude flats. Those are beauties!

  7. i love it when you do posts like this :)

    i've been loving the crimson red as well! one weekend i got ready and realized that i had accents of the crimson red in my nails & jewelry. i'll be doing an outfit post on it soon! so come by to check it out!

    lately...i've really been liking white! it's clean and you can easily play around with other colors since everything looks good with white.

  8. beautiful work of art, theresa! i especially like the shoes. arty and comfy looking. happy wednesday!

  9. Theresa-
    Love the layout and those colors so pretty together; you are absolutely right. I was checking out that purse just yesterday at Jcrew. They have so many great things right now, so I must stay away! Teri

  10. Those flats are so cute, already admired them in your other post. Love the skirt too but it's not in my price point either.

    I'm loving yellow and grey or bright blues and white combos right now.

  11. T - I LOVE this collage and that color combo! I knew Erin could find some great options fast:) I've also seen an almost identical top at Zara (at least it was there a few weeks ago). I had been saving for my NYC trip so now I've got some $ burning a hole in my pocket...might have to hit up J.Crew soon!

  12. Love the color combination it's surprisingly calm : ) Love the t-strap flats as well and you're right J.Crew just gets it....always

  13. @ANNIE - Oh, I'm also liking grass green right now. But, I have to remind myself not to wear it with the red less I look like an elf. ;)

    @ERIN - Oh, Lisbeth, thanks for sourcing those other shirts. I knew you could do it.
    Say, did you happen to catch Florence and The Machine on The Voice? I'm guessing you probably didn't...She was amazing and wearing nude, and you know how pale her skin is. I bet you could pull it off.

    @SAM - I've heard the color red makes you confident and the color blue makes you creative. This reminds me that I need to add something blue to my office. ;)

    @TINA - Thank you, thank you! Well, now I know of Aria through you.

    @EMILY - Thank you! Yes, bright colors seem to be the trend right now.

    @MARIT - Ah, J.Crew. They just get it right on everything. Though, come to think of it, they need to work on their Twitter. I don't ever see them on Twitter.

    @JIN - Thanks, Jin. Oh, yea, I remember one time seeing your nails crimson red and a stripe of sparkly gold, right? They looked great!

    @NOREEN - I know you like a flat shoe because of your height. That J.Crew flat is right up your alley.

    @TERI - They do have so many things great items right now. I'm just going to go pretend shopping on Pinterest. :)

    @NINA - I know, the price point on that skirt (and blouse) is crazy. I promise to do better in finding more affordable, realistic pieces in the future. [smile]

    @JENNIFER - Sorry about your NY trip, Jennifer. :( Yes, definitely treat yourself. Thank you for the Zara tip.

    @TORI - You're right, the combo is calm. The color red can be so vibrant and alive...I think the nude calms/tones it way down.

  14. I'm feeling particularly bummed that it's taking me until Saturdays lately to get to your lovely posts. Few more weeks, and I'll be more checked in. I have long fallen in the nude category. Not literally, never literally (!), but when Callum was little my go-to uniform was white tee shirt and khaki pants. Nearly every day. Yawn. I'm breaking out. I broke out of that; I'm much better now. Still, you can't beat a good nude, you know?

    And red? I tried the viva glam, and I'm getting some for a friend for a little giftie, but my favorite red lip is now Laura Mercier "Truly Red." I can even wear it in the day time! I KNOW! She has a blush gloss for on top that tones it down just a bit, and well, LOVE. Now off to baseball, and back to your lovely Friday post soon. xo


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