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no, we're not remodeling our kitchen. however, that doesn't stop me from coveting and staring longingly at dream kitchens. none of the kitchens below look like the kitchen i currently have, but i would happily accept any of these as a jumping off point. do any of these speak to you? or do you prefer something entirely different? if so, i would love to hear what your dream kitchen looks like...

ps~this whole post was inspired by that gray, masculine kitchen (photo no. three above). i found the hermosa beach, california bachelor pad via house beautiful. the home was designed by parrish chilcoat and joe lucas and you can see the entire home here, if you like. yea, i kind of fell in love.

image source: jessica helgerson interior design, photographed by licoln barbour / jessica helgerson interior designhouse beautiful, designed by parrish chilcoat & joe lucas, photographed by victoria pearson / lonny march&april 2011 issue, interior design by jennifer dyer, photographed by patrick cline

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  1. Ooh all a bit white for me. Think i'd like something with a bit more colour. I've recently decided that I want a black work surface. Susan Colebourne blogged a photo of her kitchen here:

    I thought it looked so lovely with the diptique jar and flowers and the antique silver. So that's definitely on my list! One day, when we get out of rented :(

  2. My heart gravitated right towards the modern & masculine kitchen. I'd love to have no upper cabinets as well, but open shelving is a commitment to keep clean (one I'd totally undertake in the name of a beautiful kitchen). If I had to pick a second favorite, I'd go for the traditional and modern, because HELLO BACKSPLASH. Sigh. Kitchens are such a lustful room for me. Boyfriend's condo is brand new construction so he has a new stainless steel and granite combo, but in our next house I want a kitchen I can gut without feeling guilty and make it my dream room.

  3. I'd like to combine photo 2 and 3 - keep the furniture as it is and paint the walls the blue/grey colour. Yum. I agree with you on ditching the wall cabinets. I've done just the same as my kitchen is not closed off so I wanted it to feel a little less like a kitchen and more relaxing, not so functional. I don't have shelves either, all the food etc is behind wall to ceiling cupboards on one side.

    I love the lighting in photo 1.

  4. #2, Modern and masculine all the way! The others are all lovely, but not my taste. I have open shelving in my kitchen now, and would never do it again. We have to dust and clean very frequently and I really hate cleaning. I don't know what I was thinking - it looks really good though :) But the open shelving in #2 looks like it's more for visual appeal than actually storing anything - so I guess, I could live with that.

    Fun post!


  5. Ooooh, the home you linked to is just gorgeous!!!! :D

    I think all the kitchens you chose are great but I'm torn between 1 and 2. They're more me, I guess. Nothing at all like my kitchen, I hasten to add but a girl can dream ..... :)

  6. great choices!!!!
    i would have to say that i LOVE the masculine traditional & feminine traditional the best! i'm really into the rustic look these days. the only think i would change about the masculine traditional is to have a marble counter top...either white or gray!

  7. I'm torn between the first two kitchens, maybe something in the middle would be best for me. Although I like the look of open shelving I also like to hide my mess behind doors ;)Love the grey color of the masculine + traditional one but the raised panels are too much for me.

  8. @ANNIE - I definitely like the idea of a black counter top, especially black soap stone. Yummy! PS~Susan's home is really beautiful. Thanks for pointing it out.

    @ERIN - The two you picked are both from interior designer, Jessica Helgerson. You should check out her site, I think you would really love her portfolio.

    @SAM - I like the idea of combining 2 & 3. Yes, taking away the upper cabinets definitely makes the space feel less like a kitchen and more an extension of the rest of the home. Floor to ceiling cabinets is a great solution for storage.

    @HOLLY - When I picked the modern + masculine photo, I thought you might like that one. ;) Oh, point well taken about what a chore it is to keep open shelving clean. Perhaps the way to go is Sam's floor to ceiling cabinets and just have open long open shelf for visual appeal (like in the photo).

    @CHI - Yes, a girl can definitely dream, and should! Dreaming = hope, and hope = future. (Like Lauren's quote about shopping. :) Never a bad thing.

    @JIN - I love industrial touches right now, too. It looks like they might have used marble on the counter tops where the range is, but decided to do butcher block on the center island.

    @JEANNE - #2 is a beauty, right? You can never go wrong with clean and modern.

  9. Defo #2 with some colour thrown in. Open shelving just looks so good... the rest not really me at all.
    Otherwise top to ceiling cupboards.

    Nice home you linked too... :)

  10. So I'm partial because I have the same bar stools in my kitchen, but I like #3 too! I think of a kitchen as a place where everyone can gather round, cook and laugh together. Mixing the masculine with the traditional makes it feel homey, but modern at the same time.

  11. I have to say I absolutely love my own kitchen very much these days, and it's probably closest to #2 & #3. We have black (concrete) counters, open shelves and a huge stainless steel island that I'm forever trying to keep clear of clutter.

    We find open shelving much easier to deal with than everyone thinks...so go for it!

    I'm super slurpy with allergies, so it's taking me awhile to catch up on commenting, but you're providing me some great reading this week, dear!

  12. Definitely no.2 for me. Just lovely and informal. I wish mine was more like that and less like no.4 but we all want something we don't have right?!

  13. I have to say, I really love all the kitchens except, personally, not the modern + masculine. It's funny because I always thought that more modern look was what I was alll about but lately, I've been going more traditional + (usually) girly.

  14. i love the modern and masculine kitchen...i certainly would be creative in this fab space...


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