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hi everyone! my apologies for running late this morning. i had this whole other post ready to launch today, but decided to pull it and save it for next friday. sound good? i figured since today and this weekend is holy for many, i would keep things light and send you on your merry way.

a couple of things...last night i finally got my hair did. (my grays were getting way out of control). i received a nice little trim, dye, and ombre highlights. thus, the impetus for the ombre effect on the photo above. i was looking forward to doing something fun to my hair and this treatment definitely did the trick.

oh, and because some of you were curious about the mud race, insert exhibit A. some of you may have already witnessed this destruction via instagram. this photo was the only one i took as my hands were filthy! we left our entire outfit that we wore during the race in a pile right next to the car. good bye converse-that-used-to-be-white...you were good to me. to say the very least, it was an interesting experience that i don't need to rinse and repeat. [wink]
thank you everyone for another great week and spending a little of your time here! have a happy weekend and a happy easter!

ps ~ ombre effect tutorial from pugly pixel via vmac + cheese.  

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  1. Oh, my hair is looking crap and am not sure what to do. I used to go to this great hairdresser in Germany but last time I went (Christmas) he fucked up my highlights and tried to tell me it's ok. He's a gonner!!!

    So, now I'm stuck. Am sure will have an idea soon. For now, my hair sucks:(

    You wore white converse to a mud race? Woman seriously...

    Always a pleasure to stop by.

    I loved your post yesterday x

  2. @TINA - Ha-ha! I knew before hand that I was going to throw the shoes away. I wore those old ones so my real trainers wouldn't get ruined.
    Ugh, sorry to hear about the highlight debacle! Hoping you find an excellent replacement soon. Happy Weekend, T!

  3. Happy Easter to you too! Going to check out that tutorial and looking forward to next Friday's post!

  4. Ooooh, LOVE the ombré effect on your photo! Must check out that tutorial - thanks for the link. :)

    Wow, ombré highlights sound like such fun!!! You must feel like a new woman. Any chance of a photo? A peek? Please? I'd love to see it! :D

    I've been doing my own hair for just over a year now so it feels more like a ritual than a treat. Perhaps I should take advantage of my Mum's visit and have a shampoo and trim, head massage ..... the works. :D

    I saw the photo of your Chucks on twitter but I never thought for a second that they started out white!

    Have a fab Easter weekend, honey! :) x

  5. Don' t you just love pugly pixel? I wish I could spend hours on her site learning all the tutorials. Someday I will! Have a great weekend! Teri

  6. hello theresa, and happy weekend to you, too! mud race, huh? muddy buddy? how many miles? with obstacles - obviously. was the mud cold? you are an adventurer (crazy? perhaps, but so am i). beautiful ombre tints. joy to you!

  7. Pugly Pixel is pretty great. I like how you tied in an image tutorial to your personal hair experience. A mud race sounds pretty fun!! Always fun stuff here, as usual :)

    Happy weekend to you too Xx.

  8. Ugh second time I've been a total space-cadet and not entered the captcha code word thing at the end to confirm my comment. Oy! I love that that ombre photoshop trick, and your shoes!

    Hope you had a nice weekend and a fun Easter! What was in your kids' Easter baskets?

  9. ok honey, this post was a tease. i'd love to see a pic of your hair. i am having serious hair doledrums... happy weekend love xxx

  10. Ok, I'm dying to see your new hairdo. Picture anywhere? Hope you had a nice weekend, missy!

  11. Very little makes happier than getting my hair did. Oh Theresa, I loved this lighthearted post. Late though I am to the party! I've been so busy and behind, but your stack of posts is among those that I'm looking forward to sitting down and sinking into.

  12. Hope you had an amazing weekend! Saw that post on instagram and no joke, it inspired me to get off the couch and go for a nice, long walk! I've always wanted to do a mud run but haven't mustered the courage. You may have just pushed me! Heard there was a fun one up at Camp Pendleton that I may need to look into now. You go lady! How long was it?

  13. Mud race sounds like sooooo much FUN!!!! Like being a kids again! I'm not a going-camping kind of gal, but mud race w/shower after I can do :) I'm sure u laughed ALOT!!!

  14. i love those flats! would you point me to where they are from? thanks in advance! :-)


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