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every spring our family likes to plan a little holiday to palm springs. if you've never been to palm springs or have never heard of it, the desert is about an hour and half outside of los angeles, is the perfect getaway for a long weekend, and is a mecca for mid-century modern design. the perfect time to go is during spring as the weather can push triple digits in the summer months and dip into very frigid temperatures during the fall/winter months.

there are so many great places to stay in palm springs, as well. we have stayed at a resort, a hipster hotel, and rented a house. all options were fun and i don't really favor one over the other. though, kelly wearstler and jonathan adler have put their signature stamp on two palm springs hotels, both of which have been on my wish list. which one will it be? let's tour one of them tomorrow, shall we?

i know some of you have big trips planned for the near future. how about any small, quick getaways for spring? what do you have penciled into the calendar?

image source: elle december 2010 photographed by dan martensen; styled by kate lanphear / panama hat / dress / sunglasses / a peace treaty braceletsuperga tennis shoes / essie braziliant & essie midnight cami

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  1. What a cute outfit! Your background photo is fab, too - I'm such a sucker for a vintage Benz. :D

    A long weekend in Palm springs sounds dreamy! Personally, I prefer to rent a house whilst on holiday but I could certainly be swayed by a Kelly Wearstler or Jonathan Adler hotel! A tour would be lovely, thank you. :)

    I've got nothing pencilled in - I hardly ever do. That said - even though I'm not an outdoorsy, happy camper type - I've been fantasizing about going glamping lately ......

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I've never been to Palm Springs (sometimes I feel like we totally wasted our years in SOCAL, but I was raising a newborn/toddler!), but I'd love to go! We already took our spring getaway, but I'm hoping (fingers crossed) for a few domestic getaways this summer. We have friends who are moving to Nantucket (woo-hoo), and there's the possibility of a trip to your neck of the woods (double woo-hoo!) Barring that, there's always my inlaws. Less fun.

  3. Howdie, refreshed and well today, in case you were wondering:)

    Palm Springs sounds charming and no doubt you'll chose just the right place for your getaway. Show us!

    It's so sunny today that I had to take a long work call on the terrace, while sipping cold water with fresh mint and lemon. Thank God all my clients love me and forgive me my 'somtimes ourageous' lifestyle:)

    Where am I off to? Berlin, South of France and Düsseldorf in May, June and July.

    Happy day, lovely.

  4. What a PRETTY collage ... makes me READY for spring - though it it 27 degrees in new york brrrrrrrr!

  5. I've never been to Palm Springs, and haven't spent any time in California outside of a week in San Diego and a day or two in LA. I've always wanted to rent a house in Napa for a week and do nothing but drink wine all day, haha. But a resort town with Jonathan Adler styled hotels? Count me in. And that outfit is totally screaming "Theresa" to me. It just feels so "you" and I've never actually met you in real life!

    I can't wait to see the tour tomorrow! Looking forward to it already. :)

    Boyfriend and I usually take a few weekends a year up in New York since we're an hour and a half ride away. We use Priceline to bid on hotels and spend the weekend soaking up the museums and then hanging out with some of our friends that live up there. Lots of alcohol is generally involved, too. And a good meal. And sometimes even dancing in the Meatpacking District until 3am like last time. That was the best. I think we'll go back after Europe, maybe in July or August. I like mini-trips as much as big trips, they're just as much fun!

  6. Ok so it sounds like a Pia trip to Palm Springs is in order!

    I have been there once (that's the place between LA and Las Vegas right?) but I didn't really get it. I was young and we were just passing through. Maybe I dreamt it? I'm not actually sure now!

    Totally love Palm Springs chic, it’s one of my favourite types of interior design! It’s so happy and there’s lots of palm prints and 70s chic and cocktails. Love it! It’s just perfect for JA isn’t it? I saw some pictures of his house there recently, it’s pretty cool.

    Love the outfit, it is very you!

    For me, Cannes for three days in June. R is supposed to be booking a villa for a kiddies holiday in Italy or France but he’s not pulled his finger out. His poor kids have to go to Wales for every single holiday they have (just like I did when I was little!) and so we thought perhaps we ought to take them somewhere they can eat pizza every day :)

  7. Oh my word, can I come too? I would love to go to Palm Springs. Every time I hear about it from LA friends and in the media, it's always good, oh so fashionable type words. And to stay in Mr Adler's Parker hotel would be sublime. I met him at the opening of his only store in London last year, so perhaps I should get back in touch with him, see if he remembers and then I can see if we can get a nice suite there. Yeah, right!, anyway, back to reality.

    Den and I did highway 1 a few years ago and that image of the Mercedes brings back those fond memories.

    Love the dress, gorgeous.

    Can't wait to hear more!

    Sam x

  8. I haven't been in a few years. It's so relaxing I think because it's just so hot most days. I love La Quinta Resort the best.

  9. i love palm springs! there's just something that makes me feel so relaxed when i'm there. also, i love how it feels like i'm living in the 60's because of the mid-century decor.

    out of all the hotels i've stayed at i would have to say that i really enjoyed the ace hotel. viceroy was another favorite too. the next time i go...i want to try out the parker!

    i'll look forward to the tour you will be giving tomorrow :)

  10. hello! adorable pictures. sounds like a lovely getaway!

  11. ps. conference went great. thanks for asking. resting a little more now..

  12. Great outfit! Can't wait to see the hotels that you are talking of! Soungs lush! and MMC architechture makes Palm Springs sound amazing xxx

  13. Cute outfit! This post just landed Palm Springs on my list of places to visit in the States ;)


  14. Very cute outfit! The last time I was in Palm Springs, I was about 8 months pregnant. I have great memories of being super lazy...either floating in the pool or relaxing in the sun. (Because you can kind of get away with that when you are super pregnant, of course. ;) )

    We're planning lots of day trips to the coast, Seattle, etc. for a family spring break. My husband took the week off and we are surprising the kids each day with different activities. We're only telling them what kind of weather to dress for, then loading them up in the car and taking off. They'll have no idea what we are doing until we get there. Should be fun!


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