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continuing on yesterday's spring color post - mint green, fuchsia, poppy orange (aka coral or salmon), and black - i thought it would be fun to see how these colors translate into home decor. mind you, i didn't go overboard. rather than choose a room that was all mint or all fuchsia, i selected ones that used one of the colors minimally and/or as an accent. (though, to be fair, that bathroom above is pretty 50/50, black and white.)

lately, i've been bringing color into the home via flowers, which is a good starting point for the color impaired. flowers let you test run colors to see if they really suit you. once you have determined which colors you can really live with, you can then venture into pillows, inexpensive art prints, or paint.

have you ever introduced a color into your home without a test run and ended up regretting it? last year, we purchased a new sofa from room and board. i picked the color based on swatches i was looking at online (i know, not wise). i thought i had selected a slate gray color, but when the sofa was delivered it was essentially baby blue. (click over and tell me if 'slate' doesn't look like dark gray to you.) i have grown to love the color; it does go quite nicely with our red rug. i guess you could say it was a happy accident. oh well, you live and learn.

update: i wanted to mention that i had the fun and great honor of doing a little interview for tori over at one.eleven.studio. please check it out, if you get the chance. (thank you, tori, for having me!)

image source: mint green elle decor june 2003 photographed by dominique vorillon / fuchsia abigail ahern via desire to inpsire / poppy orange lonny mag oct/nov 2009 photographed by patrick cline / jessica helgerson design photographed by licoln barbour

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  1. Um, how is "slate" not dark gray? I'd love to see a photo of how it really looks in your house. Most of my color accidents have been easy to fix (paint), although I have stressed over the color of sofas before delivery.

    Before we left San Diego, (lordy, almost nine years ago now) I desperately wanted a robins egg blue sofa I'd seen there, but it made no sense to buy a sofa only to pay to load it onto a moving truck. Virginia is less progressive when it comes to furniture, so I couldn't find such a sofa here. We got a tweedy terracotta sofa instead, and while I do love it, I still think about that left behind sofa.

    And I love those mint stairs!

  2. That bathroom is absolutely stunning! I love subtle touches of color, like those mint stairs or the big vase of dark pink peonies (swoon!). What a great round-up you made for us.

    I haven't had any "happy accidents" yet when it comes to home design, but that's probably because I'm so neurotic and over-plan everything so there is no room for surprise, haha. Luckily you ended up liking that sofa, but I would have been more than a little miffed to find that "slate" meant something totally different to one company than it does to the rest of the world. Slate = dark gray. That sofa is so beautiful though I'm sure it could come in bright yellow and still be chic.

  3. I don't like that bathroom at all. I like the stairs, wouldn't that be lovely as a Cornish holiday cottage? And I spy the lovely Abigail Ahern's sitting room. Which means those flowers are probably fake.

    I think that orange on the grey sofa is too blah. It needs to ping more.

    I'm colour autistic. I'm just rubbish at it but am really trying!

    There is no colour scheme to our flat at all. It's rented so we have no choice over walls and carpets and the mishmash of mine and Richard's stuff is a mess. My happiest accident is my Missoni throw. It explicably has pulled together the pale green carpet, lilac walls, blue/lilac headboard and red gloss wardrobes. I don't know how it did it but it looks ok and was worth every penny!

  4. I'm typing this in a largely monochrome home - desperate for colour but too chicken/picky/fickle (take your pick) to commit.

    Metallics might be a good place to start, methinks ....... :/

    I agree with Annie - those stairs are fab! I love uncarpeted painted stairs. I spotted some yesterday - they were stripy but painted in a deliberately imperfect series of stripes.

    If I remember correctly, the palette was coral, mint and white. :)

  5. I'm currently doing bit a spring cleaning and painting. I just painted my guest room "sweatshirt grey" over what was a very beachy blue color. I onced loved the blue so much, but now want to make the room look more like a more contemporary boutique hotel. I 'm adding touches of yellow which is one of my favorite colors to spread around as a pop of color! Teri

  6. @LAUREN - Oh, I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking that "slate" means gray. Not gonna lie, my heart deflated a little when the sofa was delivered.
    OH, the one that got away. I can relate...

    @ERIN - If you love that bathroom, you should check out Jessica Helgerson's portfolio on her site. She does some really amazing work.
    In this case when buying the sofa, I suppose I should have been more neurotic. It's not like a pair of pants...It's not that simple to take a sofa back.

    @ANNIE - That is Ms. Ahern's sitting room and those flowers are fake (she is fond of fake flowers, isn't she?). When I knew I needed an interior shot with a dash of fuchsia, I knew Ahern's work would have just what I was looking for.
    Shoot, I forgot to add throws to the mix. The right one can definitely pull a room together like pillows and art.

    @CHI - OH, I'm loving all the metallic that is out right now. West Elm has some great metallic pillows and such. I also agree with you on the uncarpeted stairs...When they are painted, it's so beautiful and dramatic.

    @TERI - "Sweatshirt grey" is a great name for a paint color. :) "Boutique hotel" and pops of yellow sounds like the perfect guest room. I'll be right over.

  7. I like how you are getting into this colour lark. Yeah, let's see more photos of the homes we all live in - just cos I'm nosey really but fascinated too!!

    Slate grey sofa is slate grey, do you think they had run out of fabric and hoped you'd not notice?

    I don't like the bathroom or the stairs in these images. They are just too tidy and clinical and unlived in. Love the grey and orange colour combo though, the canvas should have introduced another colour to mix it up a bit in my humble opinion and again it's a little on the tidy side. And Ms Ahern - I'm saying no more than I have ever said about her interiors but just to reiterate a little - stunning!

    Thanks for sharing x

  8. i love the gray and coral! i think i'll have to look for a gray coach when i need one. gray just goes well with any color...pink, purple, black, white, etc...
    i think testing out colors with flowers is a good idea. there are so many colors out there that i could never decide and swatches can be SO deceiving!!

    btw...really loved your interview especially the glimpse of your office and how you put up your blog posts. i knew every monday was a music post, but didn't realize you had a schedule M-F!! now i know :)

  9. Glad to hear that u r bringing fresh flowers into your home .... yeah!! I love buying a large bouquet then dividing it into little groups to sprinkle around my home. Even better when the bouquet r a gift from hubby :)

  10. I am still getting over the shock of a slate sofa being baby blue and you happily accepting it because you looked at swatches ONLINE!

    Wow, you are amazing!

    I have looked at AA's fake flowers since the day she introduced them ( I live 10 mns away from shop) and cannot bring myself to buy fakes, although hers are stunning and look rather real. Go figure!

    Annie, I know we didn't spot your Missoni throw when we took photos of our bags... still feel bad about this:( All I remember thinking was what an ingenious idea to photograph the stuff on a patterned background.

    I'm going over to read the interview. Hope you are well T.

  11. I haven't had any happy accidents yet. Always obsessing about anything that enters the house. When we painted our front door orange I needed to mull it over for weeks but really love the outcome.

    The painted stairs are gorgeous. Want to paint ours too. First I thought about a bright color for the treads but then ended up with a gallon of black floor paint I found on sale at Home Depot. Still haven started painting yet...

  12. Oh those stairs with the mint green tread are divine. We have no carpet in our house... and right at this moment i am contemplating painting our stairs! xxx

  13. Nice spaces!


  14. What a good idea to use flowers as colour trials for your home! I will definitely use this tip of yours in the future :)

  15. hi theresa, it looks lovely. i'll take the steps with the surfboard hanging. happy thursday. crazy busy but send you joy! n


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