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tightrope by janelle monae. last week we had some fun with this song (pun intended), which featured guest vocalist janelle monae. this week i really wanted to share tightrope with you. i've actually been wanting to feature this song since last year, but there was some kind of embed lock on the youtube video. i made another attempt and discovered the song can now be embedded! horray! this song has the funkiest little beat to it. plus, i love ms. monae's voice and killer cool style. check out her man repeller tuxedo and esquivel oxfords. (i would totally wear that outfit.) don't even get me started on the dancing. this video is the perfect way to start off a new week.

did everyone have a good weekend? it rained here friday, saturday, and sunday! what?! i thought it never rains in southern california. in addition, it was cold! in the high 50's (stop laughing people-who-really-live-in-cold-climates ;). 

happy monday everyone!

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  1. Ooh, I love that song. How upbeat and fun! (no pun intended :) I'm glad you were able to circumvent youtube's silly embed-restrictions. At least you didn't have to post a video of Galapagos animals ;) Her outfit and style are just killer. I'm surprised she isn't getting a lot more attention than she is.

    And I totally thought you were going to link to the Albert Hammond version of "It Never Rains in Southern California" but leave it to you to instead go with a hip hop version. I surprisingly liked it, too! It was dreamy here, high 60s-low 70s all weekend. Perfect weather.

    Happy Monday! xo

  2. It rained non stop here on Saturday too. It was vile! It's really sunny here today but brr it's cold. And I really want to break out my pink jeans that I can now do up!

    Gonna listen to the song later as work colleagues may not appreciate it but she looks vay cool! Love women in tuxes, there's something so old fashioned and cool about that.

  3. Fun and musically moving for this Monday morning! I'm on my second cup of coffee!! But it was all worth it to enjoy a long (summer) like weekend. I think Chicago stole your weather, we were in the high 70's- low 80's all weekend! Okay..I'm done :) I hope you still had time to enjoy your days!!

  4. I can't do up my trousers at the mo! Been neglecting gym workouts and hiding from my trainer. Oh and eating tons, like some mad woman!!!

    Back to you T and that cool chick and video. Great swagger, great beat and GREAT outfit. That would awaken the dead!!

    Yes, won't comment on the weather:)
    Have a good Monday.

  5. Awesome choice, T! I adore everything about Miz Monae!!! Gotta love man-repeller style.

    I've got a few of her photos on Pinterest as style inspiration. I think that might have something to do with the fact that my Mum used to put my hair in a similar victory roll/pompadour when I was little. :)

  6. i had to go and download 'we are young' last week. it is now one of my current faves. ms monae can surely rock it. Love her voice and moves!
    it rained here too... all w.e, and my daughter has been home from school the past two days, having a massive snot fest.
    Enjoy that spring is about to pop up xxx

  7. I never used to miss the rain when I lived in San Diego, but here, back on the East Coast, I love it. Just love those cozy stay-at-home rainy days. Time to go and listen to some music, duck weather for sure.

  8. what a fun song not to mention her fancy footwork! and i'm loving all the black and white!

    this song definitely put me in an upbeat mood :) thanks for another great tune!

  9. Tightrope is one of my household's favorite songs! Sometimes I'll just put it on and we'll start dancing!

    And I see you on the tony toni tone! You've got good taste in music! It's another one of our favorites!

  10. We had beautiful spring weather this weekend and I even got a little sunburn on my face.

    Love the song and her outfit! Nothing I like more than masculine clothes on a beautiful girl.

    Have a great start into the new week!

  11. I LOVE this song!!! ... I'm obessed with music video .. in the am I head over to MTV/VH1 instead of the news, then when I am more awake then I watch the news haha. I love the 'tightrope' move, not that I could dance it haha. Thanks for sharing the video!


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