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the way i am by ingrid michaelson. out of nowhere this song has been stuck in my head since sunday morning. it's not like i heard it in the grocery store or on the car radio...out of nowhere, i tell you. i interpreted this weird occurrence as a sign that the way i am should be the featured song for monday musicality. the song is really sweet and catchy. not my usual m.o., but i think it helps kick off a new week in the right way. plus, i'm a sucker for a song with clapping in it.

i first heard this song years ago on an episode of grey's anatomy. i have to admit that i find most of my new music either through great movies or television shows. (i always thought the person whose job it was to select music for movies, television shows, or commercials (official title: music arranger?) had a pretty amazing gig.) another off beat place i find new music is by reading magazines like vanity fair and g.q. for some reason, i find really great new music in men's magazines. yea, i know, kind of strange.

because i'm always on the search, where do you find new music?

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  1. Awww, such a sweet, gentle song - thanks for the introduction! :)

    Like you, I discover new music on TV, in movies, magazines and newspapers.

    We have the radio on all day (we're an all singing, all dancing family) so I discover new music that way, too.

    Have a great day!!! :D xoxo

  2. Love this song. I've kind of always wanted to have this song playing when I walk down the aisle after getting married. This one, or "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes. Both are so sweet!

    I'm like you, I usually find new music from tv shows or commercials. Youtube is a good way to discover new songs, too. If you go to a video of a song you love, the sidebar will recommend similar songs or songs by the same artist. Enough clicking around can lead you to something new and previously un-heard.

    This weekend I got "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" stuck in my head at random, too. It came out of nowhere, and then I heard it playing at the grocery store on Saturday and was freaked out. What are the odds, right?

    Have a happy Monday!! xo

  3. Never heard this song before.... nice and catchy! Also like the video.

    I usually find music through recommendations (like you guys) or walking into a shop and stopping to listen to a track.

    Sometimes I go to small indie boutiques and they recommend new music by selling the CD's. I love coming across new music like that.

    Always use Shazam app on my iPhone which is brilliant!

  4. I do really love this song! I usually find new music by listening to talk radio in the mornings. They have a segment where they play pretty unknown music.

  5. Love this song, and I.M. I find new music by listening to Pandora and public radio. Then I head off to Spotify and listen to albums by my new loves. Then I usually get obsessed.

  6. Such a sweet song! I find new music from watching music videos, pandora, satellite radio as well as movies and shows. Parenthood plays some great music!

  7. I love this song! You are actually my regular avenue for music discovery at the moment...
    Have a lovely week! xxx

  8. Shazam is both magical and mystical. I cannot understand how it works. I've been known to shazam and a concert before. I also find stuff from the tv, most recently the sopranos which has a brilliant soundtrack. And Kate Arends from Wit + Delight produces some really cool soundtracks too!


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