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we are young by fun, featuring janelle monáe. i've been loving this song for a bit now and wanted to share it with you. lead singer, nate ruess, has a clear, strong voice (i learned this is more appropriately called "singing without vibrato"), which is what initially caught my attention. once i learned that the ever amazing janelle monáe contributes her vocals to this song, i proceeded to run, not walk, to youtube to feature the video for you. wait for the chorus everyone, it has an anthem quality. once i got to youtube, imagine my delight when i discovered an acoustic version of the song with even more of ms. monáe (the original version of the song and video only has a blink-and-you'll-miss-her shot.) i hope this song inspires you to seize the day and helps kick start your new week. the song is pretty soul stirring. happy monday everyone!!

what song has been stirring your soul lately?

hint: it may help to listen to the original version to fully appreciate this stripped down one. 

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  1. My ex toured with a few of the guys who are now in fun when they were in their other bands (Steel Train, the Format, etc). If you like his voice, check out my personal favorite fun song "At Least I'm Not as Sad (As I used to be)." Talk about catchy!

    What an upbeat way to start the week! Also, Janelle's teeth are sooo white. I want to know her secret!

  2. Theresa-
    Gosh, I haven't been listening to a lot of music lately. I go through phases of it. I will check this out! Teri

  3. Hey T, great way to start out the week for sure!! I'll have to check out your pick for today but this weekend I was chilling with the album Lights by Ellie Goulding. Oh and um do you Spotify? Because if you don't I know you will LOVE it!

  4. Of course Spotify is the best. I signed up right at the start so get it free. (with ads mind you)

    Great song T, it's new to me so thanks. I've been listening to the new song by Rufus Wainwright. I kind of find his voice hauntingly appealing.

    Gosh, Janelle's teeth are white, wow.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  5. i love this song!! i'd have to say that i love the acoustic version much better. i think i'll have to put this on repeat today :)

    lately...i've been hooked on florence+the machine "shake it out"

    there's just something about her voice that's so soothing!

  6. Love that song! It inspired a whole blog post I wrote a few weeks back about seizing the moment to have some more fun :) (And it's my ring tone although it drives my husband crazy!)

  7. I love this song!!! And I love a band with a name like 'Fun'! :)

  8. @ERIN - Oh, that song is catchy. You always have the best celebrity stories...I bet we could play Six Degrees of Erin. ;)
    Hm, I have heard that red lips make your teeth look whiter. Though, I'm guessing in Janelle's case, she's had them professionally whitened. I didn't notice how pretty they were until you pointed it out.

    @TERI - I usually get stuck listening to something until I've worn the music out. Right now, it's Adele (not worn out yet).

    @LIZ - Yes, Ellie Goulding is another great artist to listen to, especially while working on blog posts. I don't Spotify. The monthly membership scared me away. Though, I may have to rethink that notion because I do know a lot people that swear by it.

    @TINA - I agree, Wainwright has a haunting voice, but in a good way. Hallelujah much? Hauntingly beautiful.

    @JIN - I love Flo! Her voice is so unique. I keep meaning to buy her latest CD and keep forgetting. (Yes, I still buy CD's. #OldSchool. :)

    @ERIN - Well, guess what I'm going to do as soon as I'm finished here? Going to go look up that post you wrote. Great minds...
    I love that the song is your ringtone!

    @KRISSY - Ah, yes, Fun is a great band name - simple, yet effective.

  9. Love, Love, Love Janelle monae one of my favorite singers of the moment and I love this song. The chorus is indeed the best part : )

  10. theresa, that is wonderful! my teen and i watched together, and the simplicity of the set-up is great. also i really loved the duet part, where they are singing different words to different melodies. new find! (child says everyone knows about this and it is really popular now, but uh.. new to me.)

  11. love the name, love the song and LOVE Janelle. She is the cutest thing ever.

  12. I love the stripped down version. I'll play it for my kids tonight, i think they'll love it!
    i've been listing to 'Even though I'm a woman' by seeker lover keeper. My 5yo and I sing it at the top of our lungs driving home from school. xxx

  13. Oh, T! I love, love, love this song too! Every time I hear it I get lost in the lyrics, feel young and invincible and on top of the world! I like listen to it when I run because it makes me run faster. Thanks for sharing this version. I love it!


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