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the TED 2012 conference just ended here in long beach, ca. if you're not familiar, TED is a conference that brings together great thinkers of technology, entertainment and design into one forum. the conference focuses around talks that are always inspiring and cover a range of topics. they can also be viewed online, if you're so inclined.

in conjunction with the TED conference, a new low cost C6 modular home by LivingHomes made its debut. C6 was designed in collaboration with make it right, the non-profit organization created by brad pitt and architect william mcdonough in response to the housing plight that struck new orleans after hurricane katrina. all the materials utilized in the construction of these homes are sustainable, recyclable, and non-toxic. the icing: the homes are affordable and aesthetically pleasing. (read more about the C6 TED installation via cool hunting.)

i have always thought building a home from the ground up would be such an amazing project. (#bucketlist.) imagine having the ability to really customize your home, selecting the layout, all the finishes and materials, and witnessing the progress. going the modular route may even take some of the headache out of the task or, at the very least, make it more manageable. while i really love old homes with lots of character and history, i can also go the polar opposite and appreciate a home with clean, modern lines. 

in our time together, my other half and i have lived in so many different homes. since moving back to southern california from new york, we've lived in a 1920's apartment full of charm, a modern high rise (see above), a Tudor home by the beach, and now a spanish home in a quaint neighborhood. talk about decorating conundrums!  in southern california, we are fortunate enough to have many home types to choose from - spanish, modern, bungalow, craftsman, cape cod...as much as we move, i think we may end up living in each type! which type do you prefer?

image source: all photos via this article found on cool hunting

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  1. I currently live in a Victorian house that has been converted into 4 flats. Basement, ground, first and me with a maisonette over 2 floors.

    I gutted my flat so now very modern but it still has charm and character, which new developments just lack.

    I have also lived in many properties but they all have had history. AM not a fan of very new buildings.

    I also dream of creating a home from scratch but can assure you it will not be modular.

    I know that there are some great modular designs out there, for me, I couldn't think of anything worse:)

  2. I'm totally with you. I love homes with character and old crown moldings and creaky original wood floors and glass door knobs...and I love stark, modern all-white Scandinavian houses. I guess this means I'll never be happy anywhere I live? Haha, let's hope not.

    I would love to live in a craftsman style home, with a big porch. I think as much as I love my all-white interiors, I couldn't really LIVE in one on a day to day basis, as much as I'd like to :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I change my mind all the time. I'm constantly moving around things in my house and wish I could re-decorate all the time! Our house is somewhere in the middle between contemporary meets craftsmen meets beach-city contractor! So, I just decorate each room however I'm feeling. But, I would love a beach bungalow filled with Shabby Chic!

  4. I think my all-time favorite has to be 1920's Spanish style. With the arched hallways, hardwood floors, built-in shelves and wooden beamed ceilings. Has been and will always be my dream house!

  5. You've just made me a hundred kinds of jealous in one paragraph! Wow all those amazing houses. For me, I want an Arts & Crafts mansion or an Art Deco Hollywood bungalow. But you know that about me already ;) Or a modernist flat.

    I'm a total TEDster, I used to listen to about three or four a day. It's amazing. My absolute favourite talk was Italy Talgem's (sic) how to lead like the great conductors. i must watch Ken Robinson and Elizabeth Gilbert's talks though as they're supposed to be brilliant.

  6. @TINA - Your Victorian sounds wonderful. I always wanted to live in a Victorian in San Francisco, perched on a hill overlooking the city.
    I hear you on the modular homes, especially if you crave character.

    @ERIN - Ha-ha! Yes, I totally agree and am conflicted sometimes. Right now we live in a Spanish style home built in the 1920's with tons of character.

    @TINA - Well, I think that's what the decor book, Undecorate by Dwell Studio suggests. Collect items and decorate your home with the things you love, regardless of rules or overarching themes.

    @JENNIFER - Yes, that does sound absolutely perfect. I think you live in the right city for that type of home.

    @ANNIE - I remember you mentioned once that you dream of living in a Hollywood bungalow. Have you seen designer Chris Barrett's home in House Beautiful? I think you might like.
    I'll have to take a listen to the TED talks you recommend above. Jennifer (above) also did a great post on the TED conference and recommended a few she liked.

  7. I'm definitely leaning towards homes with character. That's what draw us to our house. But on the other hand I love super modern houses and everything in between too. I guess it also depends on the location of the house.

    PS. Knew you were in California but not that you're in Long Beach. I'll be in LB for a wedding in June. Maybe you can give me some tips on what I need to see or do.

  8. Oh, an art deco bungalow in my fantasies! And in my fantasies it will stay. My bush home is lovely albeit a bit run down and hard to clean.
    TED looks so interesting, I'll look it up. As for where you used to live, wow! So high up.

  9. hi! too tired to think right now, but the mobile home looks lovely. joy to you!

  10. I'm like so many of you: conflicted. I love our little gray mid-1930s cottage, but I could totally see myself in a highrise loft somewhere with floor to ceiling windows. I'd actually love to live in everyone of what you've described, T.!

    And then I'm torn too: city? country? mountains? lake? ocean? Clearly, I'll never win.


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