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happy monday! hope everyone had a great weekend. you know what today is, right? it's the last monday of the month and i have a new mini-view for you all. remember the january wedding we attended? the very cool art gallery wedding full of creative and unique touches? i thought it would be a fun treat to introduce you all to the groom, eric toyofuku; give you a little glimpse into his creative mind. i also thought it would be fun to get a little male perspective up in here. 

first, a little backstory. my husband and eric have been friends since the womb and have maintained their close friendship ever since. eric is a designer by way of art center college of design. after graduation, he made his way up to palo alto to work as a designer for ideo, a design and consultancy firm. it was at ideo that eric met sue, his beautiful wife and soulmate. from there, ideo moved both eric and sue to the company's office in china, which is where they currently reside. their respective positions have eric and sue traveling extensively for the most interesting projects. for instance, they recently traveled to india to conduct in-home interviews to determine fashion and buying trends for a high-end denim retailer. talk about a dream job in social and cultural anthropology! OH, and as if eric's career as a designer doesn't have him busy enough, he also works on his own side projects such as custom designing their wedding rings and handmade/stitched leather goods. well, without further ado, herewith is eric's mini-view:

eric, thank you so much for taking the time to share these answers with us and give us a glimpse into your creative world. (now move back to california already...we miss you two!)

thanks everyone for helping eric feel welcome here. here's to another great week!

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  1. This has got to be the best mini-view yet! *I'll probably say that about the next one! ;)*

    The nosy parker in me can't get enough of insights into the lives of creative people. I particularly liked his answer to your "creative advice" question.

    I do love non-traditional wedding rings - theirs are soo, so cool as are his hand-stitched leather goods. What a talented guy!

    Great job, T! :D

  2. Love these!

    Interesting and creative guy with values I support. I can see why you miss having this beautiful couple around :)


  3. Happy Monday T! Lovely interview, I very much like his suit as well.

    Are we ever going to see photos of you from the wedding??? Go on!

    Those rings are so sweet.


  4. Great interview! Love how you switched it up and added a bit of testosterone! Like Chi I always enjoy peeks into creative people's lives.

    Those rings are beautiful!

  5. That's so great that they got to move there together. And I love those rings. That has to be one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen.

  6. I love how much he loves and adores his wife! A man can never be too effusive with his adoration, and he's a great example of it! I love their rings, that's so clever and really unique! I actually laughed out loud at, "I've never met a humble asshole." What a line!

    Thanks for sharing this, Theresa! The layout and questions/answers were so lovely!

  7. Some people just oooozzze creativity don't they? You can just see it in their photograph. It's a lovely thing to see and so fascinating.

    I'm particularly interested in Eric's comment about the process of creativity being important. It's so true. It's like meeting someone new. Okay, we have an interest in who they are first off, but they become fascinating and important to us only when you know more about their past and how they came to be who they are today.

    Thanks for sharing Theresa.

  8. @CHI - Thanks, Chi! I'm exactly the same way. Getting a glimpse inside a creative person's mind is just so fascinating to me. Eric's answer to 'creative advice' was one of my favorites, too.

    @HOLLY - As a creative person yourself, I'm glad you could connect with some of Eric's values.

    @ANNIE - Very cool suit, right? I believe Eric had it custom made in Hong Kong. Bespoke in China is very reasonable, so I've heard.

    @TORI - I'm liking the male perspective, as well. I don't think any female would admit to 'breaking wind' as their biggest fear. Ha-ha, that was funny!

    @MICHELLE - It was a great move that they were able to experience together. If asked, I think Eric and Sue would both agree that the move brought them closer together.

    @ERIN - Thanks, Erin. That's the best line, right?! I think 'humble asshole' is definitely an oxymoron.

    @SAM - It's definitely a great way to think of creativity, and life - The process is what's most important, not the result.

  9. i came here expecting monday music, but this totally caught me by surprise...in a good way! i love interviews :)

    the guy sure has some good traits & is super talented ;) i really liked his ring idea too. so modern & chic & different!

    thanks for sharing theresa~

  10. HAHA ... funny genuine answers! Great questions too!!

  11. Oi, I left a comment about 12 hours ago. Why isn't it here. I always check it shows up and it did. Why did it disappear. Did you get it?

  12. Ok. I am back. Took a breezer as to not rant like a madwoman about blogger!!

    From memory, as it is 3am here and I need to go to bed. I loved the interview.

    Eric is a very talented man. His wedding rings took my breath away and his eye for detail is impressive.

    I know Ideo well and have been a few times to their London office. I've heard the founder speak and love what they do.

    I think it's wonderful Eric and Sue have found each other. Here's to soul mates and your dear friends.

    Good night!±

  13. @JIN - Oh, sorry, Jin. :) Just when you thought you had the schedule figured out, I toss in something different. Glad you liked the interview. (Back to music next Monday.)

    @ADA - Thanks, Ada. Glad you enjoyed. I thought some of his answers might get a chuckle out of you.

    @TINA - Oh, no, I didn't get your first message. Sorry, T! Seems like at some point or another, we experience problems with everyone's comment system. Though, come to think about it, I haven't had any issues with yours (yet ;).
    So glad you liked Eric's interview. He is a super talented guy, as is Sue. That's cool that you know of Ideo...I think that would be such a great company to work for.
    Thanks for coming back and commenting! Now go to bed!

  14. I didn't have time to give this post the attention it deserved yesterday, but how lovely! Eric's relationship with Sue is really really beautiful, as is yours with them. I always admire such amazingly creative couples (even though they make me feel hemmed in by my suburban life!), and reading interviews like this always make me want to strive a little harder in my own life. Great job, T!

  15. hello theresa - his quote about creativity being a process - exactly! life is a process, and so we should be as creative and joyful as we can be. but enjoy the process at the same time we aim for goals.


  16. "Humility. I've never met a humble asshole. " Awesome quote!
    Eric's love for quality and design is so beautiful.
    And their rings are divine! Such a beautiful idea! xxx

  17. Sorry I'm so late to the party. Been a crazy week. Yet another lovely interview! What a talented couple! And those leather goods Eric designed - wow! Where can we find them. I am also so in love with their rings - so modern and well considered! Thanks T!


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