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in yesterday's post i mentioned that i have long been wanting to stay at the parker hotel in palm springs. if you are a jonathan adler fan, you will love this hotel as he was the chief interior designer. the hotel first opened in 1959 as "gene autry's melody ranch until fellow crooner [merv] griffin revamped it in the 1980's" and it became the merv griffin resort and givenchy spa. when the meridian finally took over the hotel, adler was charged with infusing his kitschy touch. adler wanted the hotel to have a feeling of visiting your eccentric aunt's home (i wish i had an aunt who matched that description in our family), or as adler likes to describe it, "to unite happiness and chic." the end result is a resort that transports you back in time. (if you want to see even more of this fabulous hotel, be sure to check out the website. you won't be sorry.)

even if you don't live near palm springs and/or will never have a chance to visit the parker, you can bring a little of mr. adler into your home by way of his wildly successful homeware boutique. the pillow and pottery line are my personal favorites. one day, some day i will own something by JA. how about you, own anything by jonathan adler? (did you know adler's partner is the creative director for barney's new york? talk about a talented design duo!) 

oh, ps ~ i am guest posting over at happenstance today (while h. enjoys a little paris getaway). i put together a spring outfit perfect for meeting friends for brunch and doing some window shopping, maybe even in palm springs. if you have the time, would love if you popped over. and, if you are here from happenstance, welcome!!

*annie, was that the jonathan adler book you recommended?

quote source: travel & leisure february 2005, written by david a. keeps
image source: all interior images from the parker palm springs website / book / salt + pepper shakers / pillow

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  1. love it, love it, love it. Did I mention that I loved it? :-)

    So did you actually go book a stay there? I'm so excited if you are, how wonderful.

    I own a couple of Adler items - his Happy Chic colors book, ceramic prowling cat and utopia king & queen vase. And what's next on my list? A customised monogram rug (wish shopping now).

    I love him just as much as I love Abigail A. I'm sorry I must have bored you to death now.

    Can't wait to hear more x

  2. Well, who doesn't want to combine happiness and chic! This is lovely! Just lovely. I would adore to visit this hotel...there is little I love more than delightful hotels, I have to say.

    If you haven't booked a stay there, you must now! For us! Or maybe we should have a bloggy retreat... Just sayin'.

  3. Um well the home page of that hotel site is enough for me! I LOVE palm beach swimming pool chic. I know I told you that yesterday but I'm telling you again.

    Yes that's the right book, buy it, it's really useful. A rare thing in interior design books!

    I love him and Abigail two but I'm very wary of combining the two as I think that'd be kinda gross.

    Off to check Happenstance now!

  4. I LOVE The Parker! We always stay there (when our kids aren't with us). Mister Parker's has such an awesome vibe. Last summer we did the "glutton" package and never left the property, just ate and swam to our hearts' content! They actually have a great deal going on right now (I get the emails- way too tempting!) My house is all mid-century so going there is inspiration overload.

  5. Errr, will I be ex-communicated (you see, I learn) for saying I don't love JA. I'm not sure why as I love colours and patterns. I think sometimes it's too OTT.

    However, that hotel is gorgeous with some beautiful pieces and touches. Happily stay there. I hope you get to stay there:)

    So JA and AA's baby? The mind boggles

  6. Whoa, Tina hates Jonathan Adler?? That's heresy! I didn't think it was possible to dislike him, and I don't even love color or patterns all that much.

    That said, do you remember that show on Bravo from a few years ago that he was a judge on? Top Design? He and Kelly Wearstler were both judges, and it was kind of like Project Runway but for room design. It was neat, I really liked it but it only lasted 2 seasons. I love JA, and would love to visit that hotel one day! I hope the next time you guys go to Palm Springs you at least stop by for a drink at the hotel bar if you don't end up staying there. Treat yourself to that much ;)

    I'll go check out your guest post! You still interested in guest-posting for me in May? I'll be emailing you lovely ladies soon to hammer out the fine print :)

  7. Parker is my favorite hotel to stay at Palm Springs! One of my favorite parts of the hotel is the firepits where you can hang with friends and usually meet a few new ones. The pool also always has a great D.J. Def. an adult only place, but that's one of the many things to love about it! I'm sure you have been to his store in Fashion Island - such a happy place isn't it!?

  8. @SAM - I noticed on the JA website that you can custom design rugs (and other things). That would be fun. Plus, you would have a rug that is uniquely yours. Hoping you get to check that item off your wish list.

    @LAUREN - I'm really liking the bloggy retreat angle. Think we could sell this idea to our significant others?

    @ANNIE - Oh, thanks for confirming. I think he has three books so I wanted to make sure to get the right one. Yes, love JA and AA, but you're right, not together.

    @ERIN - You had me at 'my house is all mid-century'. Can we have cocktails at your house? :)
    Hm, so is The Parker not kid friendly? Was looking forward to having the whole family stay there. I need to get on their mailing list. Thanks for the tip!

    @TINA - I don't think a person has to do JA top to bottom. Bits and pieces of him work well, too. I hope we get to stay there too...

    @ERIN - I totally remember that show and watched it. I fell in love with KW's personal style and JA's quirky personality. It was a fun show.
    Yes, still interested in guest posting. Anything to help a sister out. ;) I also happily accept Laduree as payment.

    @JENNIFER - Oh, you're the second person to confirm that the hotel is adult only (i.e., not kid friendly). Guess S. and I will have to save this hotel for a getaway sans kids.
    Love the JA store in Fashion Island. I always go in to see what's on sale. ;)

  9. What a beautiful Hotel!!! Uniting happiness and chic sounds like the perfect place for me : )

    I'm off to check you out on your guest post!

  10. i needed a break from work and wanted to take a cyber vacation and remembered you were doing a hotel tour today. and...what do you know? it's the exact tour i wanted!!

    the parker was on the top of my "hotel" list for palm springs!

    thanks for the tour :)

  11. Oh yes! This looks amazing. I very much doubt that i will get to stay there so i'll love Love LOVE it when you blog about it. Living vicariously through you xxx

  12. Loved your guest post! You are a classy lady, T. Those Mishap earrings have been on my list since I first saw them on you and now I must have the green capris. Must!

  13. I love the Parker!!! As amazing as it looks online, it doesn't even do it justice. I stayed there last summer- and yes there is no need to leave the property, and quite frankly you won't want to! Favorite. hotel. ever.


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