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back in october i created a post about the iconic home that belonged to the design duo, ray and charles eames. located in the pacific palisades (here in southern california), the home is a historical gem as it's untouched and exactly the way ray charles left it when she passed in 1988. exterior tours of the house are permitted, which i've added to my wish list. though, who knows when this visit will actually happen.
well, imagine my delight, when i discovered on our recent trip to lacma that the museum erected an exact replica of the exterior and interior portion of the living room as part of the california design exhibit. it was incredible to see up close the exterior of the home, as well as items that ray and charles eames used to decorate their home, including threadbare rugs, ethnic print pillows, an album art collection, nelson pendant lamps, and, of course, their infamous famous (thanks, annie!) furniture.

i  have always found these types of exhibits really interesting. there is something so fascinating about seeing a replica of a well-known, historical landmark. it's like real life time travel. do you like to time travel?

image source: house photo from lacma mine / eames lounge and ottoman / moroccan rug / kilim pillow / nelson pendant / album art photo from lacma mine

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  1. How cool! I would love to visit this space as well. A replica is close enough. How fun!

  2. I loved that exhibit. It was super interesting to show all that has been created in California. I bought the book while there and it's one of my favorites and a great reference book too. Teri

  3. I'm glad the lacma offered this exhibit, because it would drive me crazy to only ever get to do an exterior tour of that famous house. I'd spend the whole time trying to find a way to break in!

    What fun! I certainly love time travel. There are a bunch of wings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that are all rooms from various Victorian European and turn of the century New York hotels and estates, with all of the exact furniture and even the wall panels and doors. It's neat! They're my favorite.

  4. Abigail Ahern (I know, snore, I'm always going on about her) posted the other today to say why all window frames should be painted black and here's a perfect example, they look so sophis!

    Why infamous furniture?

  5. This reminds me of a line from Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes (the book not the movie; I haven't seen the movie). She says that she and her sister are always asking "What's her house like?" after one or the other visits someone. And what they mean is "What is *she* like?" I love tours of homes, old or new, and I love going in the homes of anyone really. Friends, open houses, you name it. What are they like? What were they like?

    That being said, I'm with Erin. It would have driven me batty to only have an exterior tour. They'd have to windex off my nose prints from all the windows.

  6. So glad you got to see this, whether in or out. They were such an incredible duo.

    I am actually going on a 8 homes tour on Friday in London. One of the mags (living etc) has organised this. There's 5 of us going so should be lots of fun. Love snooping around people's homes, well, nicely done up ones:)

    Time travel, mais bien sur. Only yesterday I went to an exhibition (oh no, it's my post tomorrow:) you can read it then!

    Nice collage:)

  7. i still need to get me an eames chair!! until then...i'll have to add it to my 'never ending' wishlist!
    is this exhibit still going on?? would love to check it out if it is!!

  8. @HOLLY - When I rounded the corner of the museum and saw the Eames Palisades home replica, my eyes opened wide. It was cool to see, especially since touring the real one was on my wish list.

    @TERI - I definitely want to go back. It was so interesting to see all the design that took place in California. I just want to go again and take it all in for a second time. I'll have to check out that book...It would make a great reference.

    @ERIN - In my post, I was about to compare this experience to seeing the Egyptian exhibit at the NY Met...You know, keeping with the time travel theme. Though, one is a replica and the other is the real thing! I agree with you, seeing the real thing is a marvel.

    @ANNIE - I always gasp when I see black steel windows in homes (usually in magazines of homes in New York or Paris). Ahern (not a snore at all) is onto something by painting frames black. It would achieve the same look.
    AH, you're SO right! Not 'infamous'...Famous. Thanks for the catch, Annie! #BrainFart

    @LAUREN - That's such a great point. I'm always curious to see a person's home, see their bookshelf, hear about their passions, and hear what they do for a living...Not to judge, but to get idea of who they are and what stirs their sooul. Goes back to wanting to know a person's FORD (family, occupation, recreation and dreams).

    @JULIA - You would dig it. Though, I think they should have included photography from the Venice skate/surf scene from the 70's. ;)

    @TINA - Oh, that Living Etc. home tour sounds amazing! Hope you're planning to share on the blog. It would make a great post.
    Ok, be by tomorrow for your time travel post. Knowing you, I bet it's a good one.

    @JIN - You and me both - The lounge chair and ottoman is also a wish list item. I'm always hoping I will find a vintage one at an estate sale. I'll keep dreaming.
    The California Design Exhibit runs through June 3rd. Check it out, Jin. I think you would really enjoy it. Then, have lunch at Ray's.

  9. What a great exhibit!
    So many beautiful items that i am desirous of. Tina's tour sounds fun. Have a great week honey xxx

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