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a few weeks ago we all agreed that our stripes are still in heavy rotation. most of my stripes are of the gray, black, and white variety. with spring just around the corner (next tuesday everyone!), i'm thinking of introducing some colorful stripe happiness into the mix. i think it's an immediate way to add spring into your wardrobe while still embracing the pattern we all love so much. 

  • 10 crosby (derek lam's younger, more spirited line) is mixing stripes in this casual cool look.
  • love the colorful stripe lining of that coach handbag. plus, did you notice the woman's nails? i love the idea of painting each of your finger nails a different candy colored hue for spring. how playful. (source: tommy ton for style.com
  • lemlem...enough said 
  • j.crew is getting into the action with their version of a colorful stripe tee. on trend without breaking the bank.
  • oh, kate spade, how we love thee. 

how do you plan on introducing spring into your wardrobe? in addition to colorful stripes, i've got my eye on some colored denim/cigarette pants. i'm thinking green or hot pink. viva la spring!

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  1. I plan on wearing more color for spring. Everything is about color right now in fashion and I'm loving it. I just bought a couple of J.Crew jackets and striped tees in pink, yellow, and greens. Also, looking forward to wearing more skirts and dresses when it warms up a bit. Teri

  2. I just saw a woman on the bus with that striped J Crew top this morning and was 99% sure it was from there! Thanks for confirming my suspicions. And now I'm off to buy it... :)

    I love the lining of that coach bag. I have a wallet in that print that my aunt got me for Christmas a few years ago that's absolutely lovely. I might swap to it for the new season! Love the color bursts you found, Theresa. You're making a color lover out of me all-white heart. xo

  3. You'll be so proud of me T, I ordered a blue stried Tshirt from J.Crew. Yeay!

  4. I'm looking forward to wearing my most colorful green denim ciggy pants from Ann Taylor Loft. And trying new nail color trends that are hot right now like tangerine, mint, and coral! You should go for the hot pink pants! They would really go great with your skin/hair color! Then again so would the green :) Decisions, decisions!

  5. I'm trying hard not to spend money, BUT. It is really hard not to add some color to my wardrobe. I need a brightener, no question. Some cigarette pants, yes please. Stripey shirt? I'll take two.

    And I love the surprise stripes when you open the flap of a bag. SO glad you ordered a shirt!

  6. Stripes are such fun, uplifting things, aren't they? I can't get enough of them, especially in the delicious shades you've chosen! You have such a great eye, T.

    I ADORE the lining in the bag, the top (and trousers!) on the left, the Lemlem scarf ........
    Heck, when can we move to Candyland already?!!! :D

    A quick glance at my daughter's wardrobe the other day had me thinking that I may have taken my fondness for stripes a tad too far, however ....... :)

    I'm actually adding some darks to my wardrobe as I don't really have any so I guess that's how I'm preparing for spring! :D

  7. Oh my, I'm totally in *love* with that Coach bag! All these stripes make me so happy. Even though the weather isn't cooperating, it makes it feel like warm sunshine is right around the corner...

  8. Colorful stripes are so fun and a great way to break away from the traditional stripes. Love the lining in that purse!

  9. I was just thinking that today. Actually nearly went out in wedge sandals when the weather turned and it started being freezing.

    Need to shop for some colourful tops. Thanks for the reminder. Must be the only woman who doesn't like coach.

  10. Love the J.Crew tee! I'm eying bright yellow skinny jeans from Madewell. And with the temperature reaching 70 today I will definitely have to dust off my yellow and green ballet flats soon...

  11. @TERI - Yes, also looking forward to wearing more skirts and dresses. I love when you take Instagram photos of your outfits. It's always a delight to see what you're putting together. You're great at including color.

    @ERIN - So fun that you saw that J. Crew top IRL (in real life), as they say.
    I think Coach also made some ballet flats using that colorful stripe. I agree, you need to break out the wallet for Spring.

    @ANNIE - Yay, Annie! I'm all kinds of happy that you've jumped on the J. Crew train. I tell you, they have some genius people working for them who really understand their clientele.

    @LIZ - Green cigarette pants, how fun! I'm leaning 70/30 towards the green rather than hot pink.
    Women have been getting so creative with the nail art. Ahh, mint...Still loving it.

    @LAUREN - Don't you hate when you're trying to save money and a new season is about to start? It will take some iron clad will power. You can do it.

    @CHI - Aren't those trousers cool? With everyone welcoming Spring and all the color that is happening, I could see going the other way, as well. I do love a black linen.
    Ha-ha, my kids both have tons of stripes too.

    @KATIE - I hear you on the weather front. Here in Southern California, one day it's warm and the next day it's cool. The weather can't make up its mind. In your parts, you actually still snow!

    @JEANNE - That's what I was thinking: Break up the routine a bit. Don't you love a great, fun lining in a handbag? Adds that little extra something.

    @TINA - The same thing happened to us today. I was convinced that it was a warm day until I opened the front door and a blast of cool hit our faces. The weather really is going through an identity crises right now.

  12. Loving all the bright colors everywhere - great round-up!! Now to narrow it down and figure out what to buy..I'd love a pair of Kelly Green skinny jeans. When I got the new J.Crew catalogue in the mail a few weeks ago I thought about writing just about that...so many amazing things, so little $$ :)

  13. LOVING those 10 Crosby pants SO MUCH!!

  14. Yay for stripes! That JCrew shirt is to die for! A girl after my own heart!

    Can't wait for spring/summer. Just not bikini season... :)


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