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gosh everyone, can you believe the month of march is almost over? was it just me or did this month fly? it seemed like the days poured out slowly while the month went  by in a snap.

so, let's see, what happened this month? well, i did jump back into the photo a day challenge created by fat mum slim. if you follow me on instagram then you undoubtedly have seen many of the photos above. if you don't, then i'm hoping this will be a nice little treat for your eyes. (i try.)

what else? we had this wonderful mini-view, we had a great discussion about (blog) growing pains, i had the pleasure of doing this fun interview, and i did a little guest post over here. whew! the most important thing that happened this month was saying good-bye to winter (blues) and welcoming spring. this month certainly had it's ups and downs, but overall i would say it was pretty good. would you agree?

on wednesday night i participated in my first ever alt design summit online workshop - growing a readership. the course was taught by nicole balch of making it lovely who had a very relaxed teaching style that i appreciated (or perhaps all the courses are taught this way?). the course was one hour long and covered many of the things i think we are familiar with (leaving comments on other blogs and engaging your community), but it was refreshing to hear these tips again. next up: i have my eye on "how to use facebook to grow your readership."

oh, and last night i saw the movie everyone is talking about, hunger games. here's my verdict: the movie was better than the book. i know, i know! how often do you hear someone say that? i am also one of those rare birds that didn't love the book. please don't send me hate mail.

sorry my thoughts are so scattered today. i suppose i'm having a random-thoughts kind of day. well, everyone, please enjoy your last weekend of march and your first weekend of april...half and half, as it were. any fun plans? my husband signed us up to do a mud run on saturday with his office (to build office camaraderie and team spirit). if i'm not here on monday with musicality, you'll almost certainly know why. i have mud on my face. have a great weekend!!

**happy birthday to my dear friend, t!!**

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  1. Yes and we're ending March with blazing sunshine and summer weather. Although apparently it's going to be freezing cold here over the weekend :(

    I love your photos T, want to see more of your neighbourhood, it looks so American, in a nice way I mean. All those palm trees!

    What is hunger games? I keep reading about it. I could just google it of course.

    I'd love to do the facebook course too, post us all a link?

    Have a great weekend lovely Theresa xx

  2. I left a comment on your post yesterday but it seems to have disappeared! Wah! The gist of it was that article you linked to is still so relevant and will be even if I read it a million more times. I took a look at my life and was forced to say, "Laundry is important to me. Calling my grandmother is not important to me." Which, obviously made me bristle because that's not how I feel at all! It definitely helps reprioritize your life, and i'm glad you're carving out space to read. Another thing that I've done has been trying to play the Positive "What If" Game. Taking all those negative thoughts like "What if they lose my bag on the flight to Brussels" and turning them into positives, like "If they lose my bag on the flight to Brussels I get to go shopping for a whole new European wardrobe!" It sounds cheesy but it really does help, since our emotions are all based on our thoughts. If you think crummy, negative thoughts you end up in a bad mood. Positive thoughts have the opposite effect!

    Anyway, when you finish that behemoth, let me know how it is! I don't think I'll be able to shlep it on the subway with me everyday but it has caught my attention.

    I can't believe it's almost April! This month really did fly by. I think February felt longer for some reason! Have a great weekend and good luck on your mud-run! What, pray-tell IS a mud-run??

  3. Your photos are so cute, T! The smiling pom poms are my personal favourite. :)

    Yay for Alt Summit! I'm all booked to attend the Organized Blogger class and I can't wait! :D
    I'm considering the Facebook one too. We could all sit in the back giggling and passing notes to each other - ha!

    Everyone's talking about The Hunger Games, aren't they? I must be the only one on the planet (apart from Annie!) who doesn't know what it's about.

    A mud run?! I only ever run when I'm chased so better you than me, honey! Have a fun weekend! :D

  4. pictures of the mud run, please! although you might not want to carry your camera...

    happy adventuring!

  5. P.S. Congratulations on your guest post, honey! How exciting!!! x :D

    *scuttles off to read it*

  6. Can't believe it's nearly April.
    I follow you on Instagram:) cute pics!

    Alt Summit. Not sure. Didn't enjoy the one I attended. Don't even ask me what it was about.

    Actually went to a workshop today on Social Media which was really good. Probably prefer live training. It doesn't feel like someone is talking at you.

    Mud running. Hmmm. Interesting. Well, if all fails, just rub it into your face and body. Women pay good money for that in spas all over the world. Enjoy:)

  7. Your photos are terrific! Beautifully shot and love your imaginative interpretation of the prompts.

  8. So great you did one of those workshops! I've been meaning to sign up, but when I go to do it, the one I'd had my eye on seems to have already passed. I wish they would do them at like 9:00 at night - then I would know I won't miss it! I'm a total outsider on Hunger Games - I had never heard of it till the movie came out and am still a little confused about what I've heard - poor kids killing each other while wealthy people watch - whaaaaat? We had E's 2nd birthday party today and luckily just missed the rain. Sunday = recovery time:) Have a great weekend T and hope the run was a ton of fun!

  9. Your photos are so beautiful - I suffer from Instagram envy quite often (no iphone here) but these kind of take it to the next level. :)
    I took an Alt Summit workshop on how to bring home the bacon when your blog isn't huge, which was kind of interesting but made me realize it's not what I want to do (which is helpful in itself). What was great, though, is that I met a local blogger through it - very unexpected and we had a nice chat over coffee a few days ago.
    Your blog is beautiful, I came over from One Eleven Studio and am so glad I did!

  10. @ANNIE - It was cold here this weekend, as well. Oh well, can't complain since we didn't have much of a winter. Here's the link to FB ecourse -
    Though, I'm wondering how the class times coincide with your time zone. Chi took a class so it must work out somehow.

    @ERIN - I like your "What If" exercise. It's a great way to put things quickly into perspective. When I'm grappling with a decision, I also sometimes ask myself, "What's the worse than can happen?" Oftentimes, the "worse" isn't so bad.
    That book is a behemoth. I thought about buying it on the Kindle, but I still like reading (holding) actual books.
    Mud run: You actually run a 5K in mud, over hills and other obstacles. Some of the mud was like tar (sticky and thick) and some was watery mud. Either way it was messy!

    @CHI - Do the FB class...I want to pass notes with you. :) As I was wondering with Annie, how does the class times work with your time zone?
    Oh, thanks for popping over to read my guest post on Happenstance. Hope you enjoyed.

    @NOREEN - Thought you might get a kick out of the mud run. It was crazy! I just tried to do my thing and get through the race, but I always ended up running next to the guy who wanted to do canon balls right next to me into the watery mud. Why do the crazies always post up on me?! :)

    @TINA - I think I prefer live training (when I can manage it), too. Will you be able to share any pointers from your social media workshop, or are you sworn to secrecy? ;)
    I thought about you and your suggestion to rub mud on myself, pretending I was at a spa, during the race. The only thing holding me back was the smell. The mud smelled something awful...Like where horses go to die. (TMI?)

    @BRANDIS - Thanks, B! I bet you would be good at this challenge.

    @JENNIFER - Yes, it does seem that most of the classes start at 6PM, which is dinner time. It does seem odd that they wouldn't offer some courses later to accommodate working folks and/or folks with family obligations.
    Yup, you pretty much summed up That Hunger Games. It is a tween novel after all so the story line can't be too complex.
    Happy birthday, E! (Now you can breath a sigh of relief. ;)

    @JADYN - Hi! Welcome. Glad you popped over from Tori's space. (Isn't she great?)
    I love that you ended up meeting another fellow blogger in real life from the Alt Summit ecourse. That meeting was definitely worth the price of admission. ;)

  11. Great pics. I love that fruit one! I can't wait to see the hunger games (but I did LOVE the book-couldn't put it down). I think we're going to see it this weekend. Glad you liked it!


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