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i wanted to thank everyone for their comments on last friday's post. there was some really great advice and support of one another going on over there. it was so helpful to hear your thoughts on the topic of (blog) growing pains and finding the right balance. one tip that really stuck with me and that i tried to put into practice was the idea that not every post needs to be the greatest one ever written in the history of blogging. though, we certainly strive for that pinnacle each and every time [wink], a beautiful photo and a few simple words is sometimes enough inspiration for the day. surprisingly, this very simple tip took some pressure off; pressure that is self-inflicted, mind you. now, i don't think the tip implies throwing any old thing up. i think it implies that hours shouldn't be wasted trying to perfect every last detail and word. anyway, not to beat a dead horse, but thank you everyone. (special thanks to annie for this blogging through the blah article and to teri for first mentioning this simple tip to me.)

moving on, can we talk about a funny little thing that has plagued me since having children? i like to call it momnesia. as in my brain is so fried that i will forget your name even after knowing you for several months, i will lose my train of thought mid-way through a conversation, i will forget my purse on the counter of a boutique store, and i will leave a case of water at the bottom of a shopping cart. most of which i won't realize until i get home and give it some thought. i'm exaggerating a little bit, but you get my point. i like to think that i have so many things swimming around in my little head at any given point that my mind is simply overstimulated and can't keep up. (i AM getting old afterall. the first signs of which are memory loss, right?) ruling out a full-frontal lobotomy, i am in desperate need of a memory booster. any suggestions? i've tried ginkoba, but it didn't work, or least i can't remember if it did. maybe i should eat more blueberries. i've heard they have memory boosting qualities. all of this is to say, if you ever meet me in real life or if you already know me in real life, my apologies in advance. i'm just suffering from a mild concussion.

in other news, how was your week? did this one go by in a blink of an eye for you, too? i feel like i was just here yesterday writing my "at this moment" post! well, here were some things that i was loving this week:

  • larger blogs get writer's block, too. plus, some tips on how to get past the block.
  • i really loved the message of this post that urges moms to stop judging other moms. even if you're not a mom, i think it's a great message for all women, and humankind.
  • did you happen to catch the little interview i did for the lovely tori over at one.eleven.studio? pop over, if you can. (thanks again, tori!)

as always, a million thanks for spending another week with me. have a really great weekend everyone! 

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  1. I love that we can discuss the not-so-good days openly on our blogs and support each other even though we live thousands of miles away from each other! It's truly magical and my absolute favourite thing about blogging. I've really "felt the love" from you all especially these past two weeks, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! :D

    As always, I thoroughly enjoyed your links. They always make me want to be a better person, as corny as that may sound!

    Have an awesome weekend!!! xoxo

  2. Happy weekend, dear. Absolutely gorgeous photo that made my heart sing of summer and sunshine. It is just around the corner, right?


  3. Hmmm cures for memory loss... Well they always say keeping your mind active will help so us bloggers should have a leg up on that one right? Don't worry I have a bit of momnesia too, I just took my daughter to her dentist appointment on Thursday and it turns out that it was actually on Wednesday! How did I get so mixed up?

    Thanks again for doing the interview! Have a great weekend!

  4. Are you playing words with friends? Sudoku? Crossword puzzles? or picking up a new hobby or how about trying a new class at your gym? Anything new helps to stimulate the brain and get it thinking in new ways...which in turn can help it retain more information...or so I hear!

    BTW, loved your interview you did over on Tori's blog this week! I loved getting to see and read more behind of the behind the scenes of you and your blog! Oh and I'm always a sucker for seeing where all the magic happens (your workspace)! Congrats on this awesome feature!

    Have an amazing weekend T! See ya next week :)

  5. I loved your interview over at one.eleven.studio! I feel like a butt for forgetting to say that earlier in the week! And I'll forgive you in advance if you forget my name later in life if we meet in person, haha. You're not the first person I've heard talk about momnesia, and I bet you it's a real thing! I agree with Liz above, definitely start doing sudoku or some crossword puzzles! Keeps your mind sharp. Wasn't there a Nintendo DS game marketed specifically to adults to increase their memory and brain function a few years ago? I'll have to look into that!

    But to make you feel better, I'm 25 and I've been walking into rooms for years and forgetting what I went in there for. So I don't think it has too much to do with your age or anything ;)

    Have a great weekend! xo

  6. glad you found some tips helpful, and the blogging through the blah article is really good! although I don't have kids, I'm finding my short term memory to be horrible lately and if I don't write it down- I lose the thought! I think it's just being on overload! maybe it's too much being in blog world and in real world and keeping them separate. anyway, I have no tips for memory to add to the great ones you've gotten here.
    have a great weekend! Teri

  7. @CHI - I agree, feeling connected with other fellow bloggers is the best perk of blogging. It makes me really happy to hear that you have felt supported over the last two weeks. That's a great feeling, indeed.

    @LAUREN - Thanks, L. Yup, before we all know it summer will be knocking spring out of the way.

    @TORI - Your little story made me laugh. Been there, or something close to it. Do you mean if I wasn't blogging, my memory would be worse?! I might forget who I am! (Ha-ha!) Thanks again, T!

    @LIZ - Those are some great tips. They also sound like great tips for getting over writer's block (wink). I think whenever you can step out of your comfort zone and try new things, the result is always good.
    Thank you for your awesome comment on Tori's blog. Wish we all lived closer too so we could meet here for coffee.

    @ERIN - Oh, I just realized, the way I worded that sentence implies that I made that word up. I surely didn't. I use to be addicted to sudoku, and Scrabble! I love Scrabble.
    Well, it is comforting to know that at 25 you're walking into rooms and forgetting why you went there. Though, not to scare you, those were my first symptoms. ;)

    @TERI - That is such a good point. It definitely helps if you can manage to keep the two worlds separate. Right now, they're spilling all over each other. I'm shopping at J.Crew and it reminds me about an image I want to use on the blog or a funny phrase I want to add to a post. It's so true what 'they' say: Women are forever multitasking.

  8. Remember meat and potato posts! I love that blogging through the blah article, I've read it so many times when I've been feeling poo.

    Richard was suffering from memory loss badly last year, he had brain scans and stuff. Then he started weight training twice a week and they've gone. He's convinced it's because hard exercise is so good for you mentally.

    Have a lovely weekend T xx

  9. I think assigning memory loss to age and having kids is a modern world malaise:) there are many things one can try.

    Some involve seeing whether you lack in certain enzymes or nutrients. Others involve some sort of hobby or project that will get you very focused.

    Annie's example above is excellent. Hard training focuses us in unimaginable ways.

    To touch upon a more psychological angle: sometimes it's because we don't want to look at something and tackle it straight on. Fuzzy is better than naked clarity.

    I'll stop now for fear of being ex-communiticed :)
    Is that a word?

  10. @ANNIE - Hm, thank you for letting me know about Richard. I'm starting to think what I was tolerating as a funny quirk may be remedied utilizing these tips.

    @TINA - You will never be excommunicated. I welcome your point of view. They're valid and give me food for thought. I'm thinking some kind of new project, one that I can really set my mind to and gets me away from this bloody computer, would be a great start.

  11. i have to agree with you that the "perfect post" sometimes comes so naturally, but at times it just doesn't and you hesitate if you should publish or not. if you have a writer's block starring at the computer is no fun! so, step away and go do something to distract yourself so that when you do come back to the screen your brain is refreshed.

    but if it doesn't i think that's totally ok too. no one is perfect and neither is a blog post ;)

    hope you have a great weekend~

  12. T, I've just signed up to this: http://the30daychallenge.com/new/

    I know John as I did a course with him a few years ago and his book is very good.

    Have a read. Am thinking your 30days play project could be how to overcome memory loss:) and you'll know me in the forum. x

  13. happy weekend, theresa! that week did fly by, and this weekend is the conference i've been planning, so i'm working all day tomorrow, and then supposed to run 18 miles sunday. whew.

    so my thought about memory - remember the saying, "if you want it done, give it to a busy person"? well, she can do it only because she writes it down!

    sometimes i even send myself an email, so that i'll read it and remember when i get home from school!

    happy weekend!

  14. I can really relate to having bad memory, although I don't have kids yet! Oh gosh. But I think I've always been like that. I'm especially amazed at people who have many childhood memories - vivid ones, at that. My childhood memories are kind of blurred and vague. I started writing them down so I could preserve them somehow, but it takes a lot of effort and maintenance to keep such a thing up and I'm a bit lazy, I guess. Too much to do in one day...

    Loved the interview with you over at one.eleven.studio! Fun stuff :)


  15. I think there's also a phenomenon called bridenesia too. My friend for 15 years who I was a bridesmaid at her wedding...called me Stephanie at her wedding. It was so weird.

    But, I would say once a day at least I forget why I came into the room. And ginkgo makes my tummy sick. I can't wait to read the links you posted to writer's block. I'm currently in that state right now!

  16. I've heard that Brahmi is good for helping with memory.
    My kids are older and i still have momnesia. Not as bad as when i had milk brain... i breast fed both my kids for 2 years and i was so vague.... but happy : }
    Maybe in society there is TOO much stimulation. TOO much to do and TOO much social media to deal with.... But FOMO* has us trying to do everything! xxx

    *{fear of missing out}


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