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i can feel spring in the air. can you feel it? days are getting longer, weather is getting warmer, and flowers are blooming. i think i'm also suffering from an acute case of spring fever. in my case, a fever more appropriately called writer's block. (ok, i admit, not the best segue.) i sat down to write my friday post and no words would come. i even stepped away from the computer and took a long walk with my daughter. we bought some flowers and got some frozen yogurt. i came home and proceeded to style and photograph those flowers. still nothing. isn't that what all the blogging experts and  tips suggest: get outdoors, step away from the computer, do something creative...? to no avail. then it occurred to me to stop fighting the block and just talk about it. see if any of you have suffered from such a block and see what you did to overcome it. have you ever decided not to blog for a day (or more) until you felt inspired again? well, send your suggestions my way. i'm all ears. i will collect your suggestions and refer to them when this mood strikes again.

so here we are at another weekend. any fun plans? in these parts, we are in for another glorious, warm weekend. hope you all are able to get out and enjoy yours. make it a great weekend everyone! by monday, i hope this little blockage is gone (ew!). 

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  1. I'm actually going through that right now except it's not some much of a block that I have. For the past week I've been feeling like a change is about to happen so I try to stay away from blogging and blogs to listen to that change. When I do this ideas just start pouring in! So I say don't force it. Relax. If there is nothing to say then there's nothing to say. Embrace it and eventually things will clear up and only for the better : )

  2. Your photo is lovely and I think the perfect thing to post when you aren't inspired to write. I love photos and I think most blog readers do to. Every post doesn't have to be a masterpiece! (I tell myself these things too when I'm not feelin' it!)
    Have a nice weekend! Teri

  3. Spring is definitely here and I'm so excited! Especially for this weather we're supposed to have today/tomorrow. Don't forget to move your clocks forward this Sunday for daylight saving time.

    I've definitely walked away from the blog for a day or so just to recharge. Or sometimes I'll just go through photographer websites and something usually inspires me with its beauty, humor or interest factor. I'm a visual person. Have a great weekend w/the fam T! xoxo

  4. Billy balls! Yay! I think you have to give your writer's block some credit. You got to use it as a topic! Way to turn it on its head and use it to your advantage. It happened to me too this week. Can't figure out why, but I guess it happens to all of us! That picture is lovely.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy some more walks with your little ones. And while you're at it, mail me some of those flowers, kay? ;) take care, darling! xo

  5. I feel your pain. I've been the same this week. I feel like my posts haven't come from the heart at all, they've been much more 'technical'. I think because I'm ill and my brain's not working and I feel miserable that I just can't write anything personal. So don't worry, we all feel like that! I feel like mine's been really lacklustre.

    I find when I wake up and can't think of anything to write I end up writing something that's been on the list for ever. Like the post I wrote today I've been trying to write for two months and then today I had little choice but to just get it out. And that felt good.

    And like Erin says, the really good thing about blogging is that you can write about blogging and talk to bloggers about how you feel. It's a self supporting, self sufficient industry!

    Remember what Holly said about meat and potato posts! And I agree with Teri, sometimes a photo and a couple of lines of text is enough.

    So glad Lauren's back today I've really missed her. But where's Chi gone??

    have a great weekend T x

  6. The block is a tricky thing...hhmmm. I agree with Teri and to just try to stay away from the blog for a bit until ideas come flooding back. I also carry a camera with me (even a phone one) and take pics of anything that catches my eye to look at them later and sometimes it sparks some ideas, otherwise I head to Pintrest or Instagram, or if that doesn't work there's always a book on my shelves that I've been wanting to share... Have a nice weekend T!

  7. @TORI - Sage advice. I like that you can feel a change and you remain present for it to come. I sometimes get this feeling, but then proceed to run around trying to decipher its meaning instead of just sitting and being present.

    @TERI - "Every post doesn't have to be a masterpiece"...Made me smile. It's true. We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes. You have a great weekend too, T.

    @HAYDEE - Thanks for the reminder! (What would I do without you? ;) Totally forgot to remind everyone to spring their clocks forward this weekend.
    You too, H. Have a wonderful, warm weekend with the fam. Let the bday celebrations continue on!

    @ERIN - DOH! I meant to dedicate those Billies to you. I tell you, I was in some kine of weird, foggy bubble yesterday. Maybe it's all the pollen in the air. I think you're full of phlegm and I'm full of pollen. Here's to us both clearing up this weekend. Have a great one, E.

    @ANNIE - Well, I'll tell you that is comforting to read. Your posts are always prolific and wonderfully written so it's reassuring to know that sometimes you're just not feeling it. What's going on with all of us? This too shall pass. (And, yes, where is Chi?!) Enjoy your weekend, Bird.

  8. Here you go.. this will help:

    Anyway, your posts are always inspirational and like Erin said a photo speaks volumes and I always enjoy your photoshop skills:)

    It is incredible that all of you write everyday anyhow. Hats off to you ladies.

    Have a good w/end. And btw, I have that book.

    From what I remember, Chi has her mother coming to stay. That might be a reason for the silence.

  9. @LIZ - Those are some great tips. I think I'm going to work a bit more and then I'm going to head out...Step away, take some pictures, get inspired, and live life. That's what it's all about, right?

    @TINA - Thank you so much for the link. I have a cart open right now on Amazon (it's been open for a couple of days now). Think I'll add this and then check out. And, thanks for the PS compliment. I try.
    Good to know about Chi. I have been checking her site for a new post. Happy to know she's spending QT with mum.
    Have a really great weekend, Tina!
    PS~That's Orla Kiely wrapping paper I got from Paper Source. Pretty cool, huh? I'm thinking of framing it for my daughter's room...It's so beautiful.

  10. I've been having the same deal with writer's block. Can't wait until BYW 2 starts and hopefully we can be refreshed! Your photos are beautiful and speak clearly for themselves. Happy spring. I say don't worry about it and it will come. When it does, it will be amazing from you, as always!


  11. hi theresa, i'm uncomfortable talking too much about me on my blog, so i pretty much stick to the photos with a little comment. sometimes i wonder if i should talk more, but ...

    i haven't had writer's block, but i've had overload of work in my teaching job, with the montessori board conference we're planning, and marathon training. so i just do my best to keep going. not perfect, but still here.

    happy to hear you chat about your experience, and have a great weekend! n

  12. You photo is beautifully styled, sometimes that's all you need. I've found I've had massive time constraints recently... reading with the kindys at school, canteen duty on top of all the other stuff. I'm finding it hard to fit in all the bloggy stuff...
    It is a juggling act, and sometimes you do have to step away for a wee break. xxx

  13. Isn't interesting that we all got stuck or sick or down around the same time? I'm actually really curious about that. I've missed you guys! I think taking a break is okay, but I hate to do it. I didn't take a break as much from writer's block as from being totally overwhelmed by work (and not in a good way). When I get blocked, I go to a photo. If not one I'm taking, I dig through my archives. See a story in an old picture that needs to be told.

    Now. I need to go listen to your song for today. xo

  14. Oh I get blocked all the time! It's why I had to stop blogging everyday. It was just burning me out. Your posts are always so interesting and well written though, it's ok to have a block every now and then. It happens with constant creativity.

    Our weather is wonderful too! Imagine almost 70 degrees in Chicago in March! Crazy! And it's supposed to last for almost 2 more weeks. We'll see, I think they're full of it.


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