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you guys, are you ready for this? as i mentioned earlier, i was able to attend the cream event last night with two fellow bloggers, happenstance and little rabbit print. if you're planning a wedding, get ready to be inspired (if you see something you like, make sure to go to the cream event blog for a list of all the participating vendors). however, even if you're not planning a wedding, there was plenty of inspiration for any type of celebration you might be planning. the talent at this one event was unbelievable. as the organizer's tagline states, "one hell of a showcase event featuring the raddest crop of people in weddings." enough said. without further ado, let me dazzle you. (caveat: please excuse my photos. the event took place indoors and at night, so the photos are a bit grainy. i tried my best.)

the event was held at the bookbindery and above is a photo of the entrance. (by the way, the event was only blocks down from the wedding we attended in january!) there were layers upon layers of threadbare asian throw rugs scattered around the venue. i was in heaven.  above are a few amazing business cards that i picked up. you can't tell from my photos, but most were letterpressed on the heaviest card stock. think matting board or hardbound book cover thick! 

also got the chance to chat a little with the ladies behind joie la la, taryn and shelby. their wedding photography business is blowing up! make sure to check our their beautiful work on the joie la la site.

there were flowers everywhere! there were flowers hanging from the rafters, flowers in vases wrapped in twine, flowers in wooden boxes, and flowers in antique vases and urns. it was a flower lovers paradise. all my favorite types were represented, as you can see above.

last, but certainly not least...

i wanted to get you more photos of the beautiful dresses that beholden presented (anthropolgie's wedding line), but the ladies were moving too fast. above is a little back shot of the final presentation. 

can we just talk about how cute that ice cream cart is above? sweet lucie's is available for any type of party your hosting, sweet old fashioned cart included. cute idea for a kid's birthday party, right?

i took a few shots of all the amazing stationery that was present at the event, but the photos came out blurry. i'm so disappointed because stationery is my favorite part of any celebration. well, it's a tie with cake!

so, there you have it. hope this recap inspired you or, at the very least, gave you some eye candy. with the delivery of this post comes the end of a very busy week. whew! this week we had this great mini-view, we had insideology take us to the french alps, we talked skulls, we marveled at a merry mishap, and finally we went to the cream event. as always, thank you for joining all the fun! i say this all the time...i hope it never gets old...i mean it every time i say it, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! 

any plans for the weekend? we've got a special friend's birthday and maybe a museum visit! make it great everyone!

(i will skip "what i was loving this week" as i think i've accomplished it above...;)

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  1. i'm officially jealous! looks like you had an amazing time. i stalk the cream event from twitter and their blog but have yet to attend. hopefully next year! such pretty pictures and yummy looking food (and drinks!). <3

  2. What a fabulous event! I'm actually planning my daughter's birthday and there are lots of pretty details (like the super gorgeous Geronimo balloons) that I just might reinterpret and pass off as my own! ;)

    I have to disagree, though - your photos are lovely, honey! I think we've pretty much established that, creatively, you can do no wrong.

    Thank you so much for sharing and have a super weekend! :D

  3. Thanks for this recap with plenty of pics T! I will definetly be checking this blog out soon! Love all the florals and ice cream cart (how fun!) It's pretty reassuring that DIY projects for weddings can be found all over the internet these days... the hard part now is editing which ones will make the final cut! Have a great weekend :)

  4. T, that looks gorgeous. Your photos are great. It's really difficult to shoot at night.

    Love the ice cream cart! For my 30th I had a big warehouse party with a falafel van and fresh popcorn cart. Was really fun.

    Anyway, your event looks stunning and I'll check out some links.

    Your weekend sounds great. I'm so behind with work that I'm afraid apart from a quick movie, some gym and tennis I'll be working non-stop.

    Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Wow! What a great recap and your pictures turned out lovely! I love all the punches of color, and those hot pink and yellow vases are too cute! I'm glad you had a great time last night. I will check out all the links in your post : )

    Have a great weekend!

  6. wow - awesome, beautiful shots! i'll have to come back when I have more time to enjoy your adventure. happy weekend!

  7. Whoa! Now I'm even more excited about getting married than I was before. Note, I am not engaged, but just crazy obsessed with my future wedding. I've had my dress picked out for years. That pink velvet gardenia cake sounds like the most delicious thing in the world. Thank you for sharing these pictures! What a fun event to attend! Did it make you want to get hitched again? BHLDN actually has a lot of non-wedding-y home decor, as well on their site. I bought a great rustic wooden crate with a chalkboard front to store mail by my front door. I think it was intended to be a centerpiece, but hey. :)

  8. so many pretty things. I was following my friend Fallon's Instagram shots of all the great dresses. I love stationary too, and I've always wanted to rent the the sweet Lucies' cart for something (the striped awning gets me!). Have a great weekend! Teri

  9. Looks like it was a fun event! I MUST find a reason to rent that ice cream cart. Have a great weekend!

  10. Woo hoo! Totally industrial girly. Also loved the retro short wedding dress complete with headwear.

  11. T, that looks gorgeous. Your photos are beautiful, what an amazing event!

    I am jealous too! This looks like such a great night out!

  12. Hi Everyone! Well, I'm glad everyone thought the photos turned out ok...I was worried about the lighting. It was a fun event and I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance. I'm not even planning any kind of event right now, but I was just so inspired by all the small, creative businesses at the event. The Cream Event blog and the women who organize the event (Bash, Please) are full of amazing party planning ideas. Check out their sites if you're in need.

  13. Wow! That looks like an amazing event! I think your pics looks pretty great for indoors at night! That is quite a challenge. I love all the decorations and lights hanging from the ceiling.

  14. Looks like you had a pretty cool time and yes, that ice cream cart rocks. We have some like over here with bicycles attached and handsome young posh boys called charlie in stiped hats cycle then around pretty villages in the summer, it's cute! If a little twee.


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