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have you seen the little treasures that are handmade by a merry mishap? i've had my eye on this jewelry collection for some time now. i love all the geometric shapes, and the black and gold color combination instantly won my heart. 

i must say, when it comes to online purchases i always hem and haw because i'm a very tactile person - i need to feel the quality of an item and hold it up to myself to see if the piece really suits me. however, after reading this post by a well nurtured life - which encouraged women to spoil themselves a little with jewelry - i felt inspired and pulled the trigger.

i purchased the black and gold earrings above and, can i just tell you, i'm so happy with my purchase. the quality is very good and there is a beautiful handmade feel to them which i love. in fact, every single piece in the collection is reasonably priced (which aided in my ability to finally pull the trigger). i mean, for the amount of happiness the jewelry delivers i would even call it a bargain. since receiving my earrings in the mail, i have wish listed a few more pieces. i'm thinking that little ring will be mine soon.

if you're so inclined, check out the entire collection here. oh, and to get a sense of the artisan behind the jewelry, check out a merry mishap, the blog. it's all good stuff people.  

do you have your eye on any special pieces of jewelry right now?


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  1. I love her blog and her jewelry! I am quite fond of online shopping and if it doesn't work out I just return it. It may seem like it's a hassle but it's actually not that bad. I always have my eye on jewelry. I like to shop for my jewelry at anthro & j crew but My interest has peaked quite a bit in handmade jewelry.

    Love your purchase : )

  2. Wow, what an amazing find, had a little wander on her site... gorgeous jewellery!
    And loving the blog btw, will be following along on bloglovin :)
    x kat

  3. Those are very pretty! I do purchase a lot of J.Crew pieces, it's good seasonal pieces that aren't too expensive. But, then I have my real gold that I always have on and never take off which would be my special jewelry that means something. For a long time I didn't buy or wear any jewelry, now I can't get enough! Teri

  4. I love her blog! I have to admit I hadn't really given her jewelry much thought or attention, but I do love that necklace you posted. Your earrings are beautiful! They look like they go with casual or dressy outfits. Can you believe I don't my ears pierced? I don't wear a ton of jewelry, maybe one piece a day, and most of the time it's my watch, haha. But it's so pretty it totally counts as jewelry. Plus it takes me a while to read face clocks. Anyway...

    Love the geometric layout you created!

  5. I remember Jennifers post and actually linked to it on my post. Not sure whether she never saw it or just ignored.

    I love treating myself but honestly, I do need to see items like jewellery, touch them and try them on.

    However, having just checked out that site, I would also pull the trigger. Those prices are very reasonable for jewellery and it really stands out. Love the geometric shapes. In fact, want the neon yellow ring!!

    Not sure jewellery on top of my list as I have many other expenses first. We've painted the front of the house and now we are doing the back. I want a new Mac laptop, iPad 3, iPhone 5, etc etc etc. Is your head spinning? Yep, mine too!

    Nice post lovely and agree with Erin, nice graphic touches there.

    Must really think how to get you guys guest posting. I'm really busy at the moment but give me a few weeks and I will come up with super plan:)

  6. Lovely earring Theresa. Are you going to get the necklace too? The peach one would look rather nice with my new jeans I think!

    I've just read her post, it's so sweet! I love that idea.

    Hope you're having a great day x

  7. I love your choice, but I have the same pair so I'll admit I'm biased:) I can't tell you how much affordable and well-designed jewelry I've been finding on Etsy lately. It can be a rabbit-hole, but the reward is great. Tina - I just read your comment and realized you had mentioned my post which is so sweet and thoughtful of you! I'm headed over now to catch up on your blog!

  8. Such gorgeous earrings, Theresa! Are they as pleasingly chunky as they appear in the photo? I do love a meaty piece of jewellery but they are stunning just the same.

    You're absolutely right, Jennifer! I find that buying myself a little something regularly makes me feel wonderful. Etsy has been such a haven of yumminess for me, lately. :)

  9. i love anything gold!! especially when it's paired with black! something about the color combo makes it so chic.

    i think i'm going to have to make a purchase :) i'm digging the mint & the pale pink gold dipped!

    i love how you make my wish list longer with every post ;)

  10. I have a few of her pieces- great for the price and she has a good eye for color.

  11. I'm not much of a jewelry person - except when it comes to earrings. I wear earrings everyday, no exception. And I'm really loving the ones you bought! Congrats :)

  12. hello theresa, they are lovely, and i'm happy for you. i'm not a jewelry person, but feel the same way about buying books online. i just bought one and was sorry. in a bookstore, i could tell in two seconds if i liked it, but online it's much harder to tell. happy almost-friday!

  13. I love your purchase! I loved it when i saw it on IG!
    I love online shopping, maybe a bit too much. Living in the bush, 2 hrs from a city, shopping online gives me amazing access to amazing products.
    T, your layout is awesome! AWESOME!!!


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