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remember a couple of weeks ago i had the good fortune to attend the cream event? at the very last minute, a thought occurred to me: maybe i should bring some calling cards with me. you know, with my name, blog name, and other such useful information...just in case. of course, i had this thought the day of the event. (so typical!) lacking any time to get professionally made and printed calling cards, i decided to just make my own...at home. i proceeded to head to paper source (my absolute favorite store for anything stationery related) to purchase card stock and other fun supplies.

when i create any type of stationery, i love really thick card stock (think book cover thick). however, because my home printer would choke on  a piece of paper that thick, i had to devise a work around. here's how it all went down:
  1. purchased cover weight paper in the color, slate, from paper source. 
    • cut down paper to 2 x 3". (note: typical business cards are 2 x 3.5", but i love a smaller, atypical shaped business card. it's whimsical and unexpected.)
    • took two pieces of the 2 x 3" paper and glued them together to make the paper even thicker (told you, i like my paper to have some weight. same goes for any type of invitation.)
    • i also really love when business cards and invitations have painted edges. to replicate this look, i took a red marker and lined the edges of the 2 x 3" card. voila! painted edges.
  2. used white sticker sheets to print the design and copy of the actual calling card.
  3. cut down the sticker sheets. 
  4. scored, folded, and adhered them to the 2 x 3" slate cards. 
  5. calling card complete. i am now an official blogger. (heeheehee.)
one day, i will get these cards professionally made. i'm thinking letterpressed would be so, so pretty. for now, these do the trick and cost me a total of $10 for 50 (not including my time, of course). 

do you have calling cards for your blog? are you in the habit of telling people you have a blog?

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You know I adore your sketches! I've been meaning to order Moo cards for ages, but I've finally resigned myself to the fact that it won't happen until summer. Or near summer. I'd like to have some more photos under my belt anyway.

    I think letterpress would be perfect and really "go" with your aesthetic. In the meantime, these are pretty darn close.

    Oh, and I do tell people about my blog. I didn't used to, but I've gotten much braver about that. :)

  2. Theresa I love these! They look so professional and tie in so perfectly with your blog. Very well done. I wish I was arty like you.

    I will tell anyone electronically but I find it very hard in person. I just feel a bit embarrassed and think no one will be interested in my silly little blog. Dumb huh?

  3. Holy cow!! Theresa those are incredible. So memorable! Someone could collect 50 business cards from an event and yours would be the ones that would stand-out the most. Well done! I can't believe you did that on your own, I wouldn't even know where to start! Though Paper Source is always a good starting point, for anything. Love that store! I love letterpress, too. And thick, hefty card stock!

    Did you hand them out at the event? What were people's reactions? Have you noticed an increase in traffic since distributing them? I've thought about getting cards made but with the rate I change my blog header it would be dumb to get a bunch made that wouldn't match the blog a week later, you know? Haha, I'm too fickle. Yours seriously are incredible though.

  4. These look so good T! Such a great idea, so creative!

  5. Hoorray!! Your official!! I am not ..yet. I love how you were able to create a seamless printout to go from the front to the back of the card...nice!! You've just motivated me to get moving on creating a calling card too, thanks! I've been thinking about it for some time, I think this is the push I needed to get started. And no, I am not in the habit of telling people about my blog. What about you?

  6. those. are. amazing!

    you are so creative lady! the creativity of those is sure to make a lasting impression on whoever receives one.

    i don't have a business card but feel like I should have a few in my pocket, just in case.

  7. My goodness woman, these are fantastic! So smart.

  8. I love how creative you were at the last minute! You did an awesome job.

    I occasionally tell folks about my blog but I think when I get the old shop up and running it wil be a lot easier for me.

    I'm curious about your answers to the questions Erin has asked...do tell...

  9. amazing. better than you could have had made. such detail and care. i have no blog cards, no card for being a teacher, no cards! maybe one day you can make me some?

    joy to you!

  10. holy moly!!! these look AH-mazing!!! i need some of my own...but haven't gotten the chance...hopefully soon and hopefully we meet in person so i can ask you for one :)

  11. Look at you creative maven! How great are these? I love how you just pulled it together. Very very nice indeed! It makes me think that for any creative handmade really stand out.

    Moo.com is best for printed versions. They just released new cards called "LUXE". These are super stylish and have the letterpress printing style. Totally awesome. Have got some.

    Yes, have my business cards but printed also blog cards. I used to feel exposed in the beginning. Now, I just got over it and my blog has become part of me....

    Can you keep one of your cards for me?

    Really nice.. and good tutorial!

  12. I love how you just decided the day of to make calling cards, and they turned out so AWESOME! You captured your blog logo so well, and truly Incorporated inspiration and creativity :) I am so proud of you!

  13. Umm....amazing!!!!! Seriously, save those for Alt next year!!! So impressed - I love paper source too. My problem is that I go, buy a ton of pretty paper, get home and end up never finishing any of the projects I had envisioned while in the store:) I actually just ordered some simple cards from Tiny Prints, which will do the trick. I don't really tell anyone about my blog, still getting over the fear factor. Not sure why I decided I needed calling cards. I guess I just felt like I legitimized myself a bit, even if I never hand them out:)

  14. Hey, thanks everyone for your kind words. Glad you liked.

    @LAUREN - See, it's so good that you tell people about your blog. I'm trying to get better about it. Though, even when I do tell someone, I find myself looking down and kicking the ground. I'm a mess.

    @ANNIE - It is dumb...I mean, we're dumb to think that way. We put so much hard work into our blogs, we should be proud of them. We'll get there. Good thing we have this bloggers anonymous group.

    @ERIN - Here's the rub (and don't laugh) I didn't hand out one. Well, I gave one to a friend, who is also a fellow paper lover and so she liked them. But, other than that, I just ate cake, drank wine, and danced. Such a lush.

    @HAYDEE - Thanks, H! I totally forgot to give you one. Next time. ;)

    @LIZ - I am so not in the habit. I'm trying to get better about it. Lauren mentioned MOO cards above and I've heard good things about them. You should check them out. I think their pricing is good too. What about for CHP, do you have business cards?

    @MARIT - Those were my thoughts when I was making them. I didn't know if I really needed them, but just in case...You never know.

    @BIANCA - Thank you, thank you.

    @TORI - Yay! Do you have a launch date yet?
    Well, I wish I had a great tale to tell about handing out the cards at the event. But...Crickets.

    @NOREEN - You deserve cards most of all. Your title can be, CEO of Teaching Future Citizens of the World and Running Marathons

    @JIN - I'm saving one in my pocket for you. Hopefully, we do meet soon. That would be fun and fantastic.

    @TINA - Thanks, T! Well, here's another vote in good favor for MOO cards. I am really considering them when the time comes to get these cards professionally made. (Of course I will save one for you. My pleasure.)

    @MICHELLE - Thanks, Meesh! That's my sister everyone. And, no, I don't pay her to say these nice things. ;)

    @JENNIFER - I'm the same way when I go to Paper Source! On this last trip, I bought book paste and tiny, mini clothes pins. Didn't use either. OH, Tiny prints, another favorite. I bet they're pretty. Hey, the fact that you work on your blog so hard is reason enough.
    PS~Alt Summit or bust! :)

  15. Love your calling card design! I bet if you had handed them out at the event you would've gotten lots of compliments for it.

    I don't have any cards yet but I started to think about it and have an idea on what I want it to look like. Unfortunately I am a little bit shy about telling people that I have a blog...Guess I have to work on that ;)

  16. They look fantastic! I love doing this kind of handmade paper stuff. It's so much work, but it's definitely worth it.

  17. absolutely LOVE your cards :) You are a very creative lady! Great work.

  18. These are so cool! One of the best calling cards I've seen! Love that they're so budget friendly too.

  19. T, they are divine! Creative and uber stylish! You have done a brilliant job. So awesome that you had an *idea* and then brought it to fruition. So lovely honey x

  20. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. You are a very talented lady :-)

  21. so clever and creative. i wish i had more patience for diy's, etc. i have a big box of tools and paints and stuff, but have yet to use them. one day! Teri

  22. Theresa, these came out AMAZING!!!!! Great job! Did u get a lot of ooohs and aaaah (u def got it from me!!!!). Can u create me some hahaha! I have business cards with my website/blog, but urs is def a show stopper. Oooh, how can I squeeze in time to make these ...maybe if I hide in a cave for 1 full day! :) I sooo need a new card design too, I usually peint mine using staples biz stock but with my kodak printer my lipstick red looks burdangy (so not my logo). Have a beautiful CREATIVE day!!! and thanks again for the inspiration.


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