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well, i've gone and done it. i added a facebook page to this blog. why? because everyone is doing it and the experts all say it's part of the social media trinity - blog, twitter, and facebook. ok, i'm half joking. the real reason i'm trying facebook is because i realize some people (namely my non-blogger peeps) are more comfortable using that platform. some people like connecting through twitter, some people like connecting through blogs, and some people like connecting through facebook. i figure, i'm covering my bases. so, i'm going to try facebook on and see how it goes. can i ask a huge favor of you? can you click that little "like" button over on the right hand side? i would be forever grateful. as a token of my appreciation, i will happily share any insights i gleam from this new platform. i will also gladly lend you a cup of sugar or an egg whenever you come knocking on my door. in fact, stay awhile and have some coffee. that's what neighbors do, right?

what do you all think about facebook? do you use it? have you thought about using it for your blog? would love to hear your thoughts.

ps~facebook fanpage is what i worked on all day yesterday. (once i start trying to figure something out, i get kind of obsessed.) sadly, it kept me from visiting and commenting on my favorite blogs. where is lisbeth salander when i need her?

image source: rue magazine jan/feb 2010 issue / photo by teri lyn fisher

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  1. Congrats for adding Facebook ... now we are 'neighbors' :) since I use Facebook too. There is a way to automatically roll your new blog posts to facebook and twitter (I can't remember exactly how now), it is GREAT (I use it), so we don't have to retype our posts to facebook, it rolls over all by itself :)

  2. Yay for facebook! And if that's your house, I'm not just going to be your neighbor...I'm moving in! xo

  3. Me too I want that house and the dog and the book that has my surname on it.

    Congratulations on your Facebook page! Yeay for being everywhere on the internet :)

    I have a Facebook page, I set mine up as I felt I was spamming my personal Facebook page with daily posts and thought this must be annoying for people who have no interest in my blog. So now I spam them with Instagram photos instead. ha!

    I will like your page now, and please anyone reading can you like mine too (insideology) as it needs a bit of love!

    I haven't been very good in adding content that's outside of my posts on there. I need to be better at that but there are so many things to keep track of. I've really set it up as a different way to receive post notification, other than Twitter, email and RSS.

    I'll be really interested to see how you go with this as your blog is becoming more awesome each day!

  4. Man you remind me of myself! I thought I was the last person to get a facebook page and then along came you!

    I have a facebook page but haven't put any luv into the site yet. I'll use you for inspiration. I'm just starting to get the hang of twitter. Babysteps right?

    Of course I'll click the like button! Anything for my friendly neighbor : )

    P.S. I might be over to "borrow" some eggs real soon!

  5. I have been struggling with the same decision lately -- curious to see what you think in a little while. Good luck!

  6. had to get used to Facebook, but now it's a separate place for me to add links and photos that don't fit my blog. SO for that reason, I like it now! Teri

  7. Hawaii is very "facebook" preferred, especially on Maui. Not many born and bred locals are on twitter, none yelp and just a few are blog obsessed. But everyone is on FB.

    I use my fb page to share links, quotes and I also put pics of Maui life up from time to time. But I do feel like I could be doing something more original. I'll be happy to like ya...my page is Mauishopgirl, I'll be your neighbor.

  8. I made a FB for LWN, but don't really know what to do with it. I only have 11 "fans" on it and they're all on my normal friends list, so I feel like I'm just double-spamming them when I post links to new posts. I'm rushing over now to like your page! Yay!

    I totally get what you mean about become fixated on something until you figure it out!

  9. hello neighbor! i don't have a page for my blog, just for me. either or both is fine. i already like you, so..

    congrats for figuring this stuff out. i need lessons.

  10. I hear you! I am seriously finding all of it trying sometimes.

    I have a facebook page (please like;) and don't do ANYTHING with it. I need to start looking into it so any tips would be appreciated.

    Blogging, twitter and linkedIN is so time consuming that sometimes I want to switch off all together:( Of course I don't... we are neighbours aren't we?

  11. T, i'm not a fan of facebook... i have trouble juggling blogging and twitter and facebook... it is hard for me to balance my home life with my online life, and i don't want to be online all the time... {the exception being instagram!}. i can't wait to hear your social media reviews! i'm off to "like" you xxx

  12. Yes and I just liked you :) I don't have a dedicated Facebook page, I just post to my regular Facebook page...but I'd love to hear how it works out for you. And I wish I was your neighbor! I'd even babysit cause I'm going through an I want a baby stage right now!

  13. Wow, I didn't realize how many people have Facebook pages! Goes to show, you don't realize it's there until you're using it yourself. I will definitely return the love, just give me time. Thanks for the support everyone!

    @ADA - I would love to know how to import my blog feed into FB. I was trying last night, but couldn't figure it out. For now, I'm just manually linking.

    @LAUREN - Ha, I wish that was my house! I thought about taking a photo of my house for this post, but then ran across this photo and it put my house to shame. ;)

    @ANNIE - There is SO much to keep track of and keep updated! Even now I'm thinking, "What have I gotten myself in for?" If that little "Like" box goes away one day, you'll understand why.

    @TORI - Yes, I am totally a late adopter on the FB thing. I still don't understand it's full potential/power. We shall see. Come on over for those eggs anytime.

    @Gwyneth - Thanks for popping in. I will definitely let you (and everyone) know how it goes. As someone who also has littles, you can understand if this isn't manageable for me. I've already told you, but I love your (new to me) site.

    @TERI - Well, it's good to know that you are liking it and finding it manageable. Puts me at ease a bit.

    @MAUISHOPGIRL - See, that's what I was thinking - I want to cover those people who prefer FB. I'm glad you commented and reconfirmed that notion.

    @ERIN - Totally obsessed working on this yesterday. I was shvitzing! (Did I use that right?) I almost picked up the phone to call you [Lisbeth], but then realized I didn't have your phone number.

    @NOREEN - Ah, I like you too. In the real sense. I will try to share whatever I learn from this experience.

    @TINA - My sentiments exactly sometimes. When is enough, enough? I guess we can only answer that question for ourselves.

    @LEAH - I totally hear you. Didn't we just talk about balance? I'm torn. Instagram is great because you compose, snap, and post. Done. Manageable.

    @LIZ - Ok, will keep you updated. Wait, and what's this? Baby on the brain? Are you going to go celebrity style and have a baby before the wedding? [I kid!] I know what this is about: Someone's in L.O.V.E. Happy for you, girl!!

  14. I'm happy to find your blog, and already liked your FB page :)

    I have to admit I have the same feeling as you towards the FB page ... it just seems that some people prefer to get updated there about new posts. I have a list of blogs in my reader that I try my best to keep up with ... I prefer my goole reader for information. I am really liking twitter though for connecting with people. Since I get notified on my phone when I get a new message on twitter it's sort of like text messing, which makes me feel closer to that person ... wherever in the world they're writing me from. The word limit thing is kind of annoying sometimes :)

    I can also relate so well to getting obsessed about figuring something out or starting something new. Hy husband says I get "crazy eyes" when I'm in one of those moods, Lol!


    ps. love the interior image you chose :)


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