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once upon a time, when i lived and worked in new york, my boss' favorite restaurant was le bernardin. the restaurant is world renowned both for its seafood and celebrity chef eric ripert. (you may recognize ripert's name from his many guest appearances on top chef.) during the time of our frequent visits back in 2001, men were required to wear a sports coat (if a man arrived ill-prepared and didn't have a sports coat, one would be provided) and a deposit was required to make a reservation. i don't need to tell you that the food was the best i've ever had, then and since. i always meant to take my boyfriend (now husband) to le bernardin, but for whatever reason we never got the chance to dine there together. in honor of valentine's day and our third installment of wear in the world, we are going to le bernardin today in this little outfit. may even apply a touch of makeup and toss up a messy bun a la keri russell. a girl can dream, right? 

what are you all up to? whatever you do, enjoy, love, and happy valentine's day!

image source: le bernardin / striped shirt / poppy flower pin / t-strap flat / bracelet / ring / pencil skirt / keri russell / clutch

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  1. A deposit for a reservation?? Swanky Swanky : )

    I love the striped shirt (of course) and the flower is perfect for a dinner outing!

    I see you with your photoshop skills!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Awww! What a perfect date that would be, Theresa! I really hope you get to do it for real someday. :)

    I've never been to a restaurant that insisted on a dress code but I love the idea of seeing everyone looking their absolute best. I imagine it must be great fun to people-watch there! :D

    I love the outfit you've chosen - classic with fun accents. Being a flats devotee, I absolutely adore those Mary Janes!

    Happy Heart Day!! :D

  3. Hi Theresa-
    Happy Valentines Day back to you!
    We are in Vegas planning to go to dinner at Bouchon which I've been looking forward to for a while.
    Le Bernardin sounds lovely. I'll have to put it on my list. It's still there/open ?
    Have a great day?

  4. meant, have a great day! Teri

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!! Love that striped shirt, and knew instantly where it was from ;) Love your outfit, especially the image of Keri Russell; why does she always have the best hair?

    Eric Ripert also has a restaurant in Philly called 10 Arts, it's in the Ritz in Center City. The head chef there, a woman named Jen, competed on Top Chef a few seasons ago. I haven't been yet, but we tried to go for restaurant week but couldn't get a reservation. I guess that's telling enough! I dont know how it holds up to Le Bernadin, whose reputation is world renowned, but I'm curious to find out now!

    I want to hear more about your time in NYC! So far I know your boss loved this restaurant and you once met Qtip at a cafe? Was it Qtip? Questlove? I can't remember. For some reason, my brain is stuck on "Q." xx

  6. I would love love love to go to Le Bernardin. Love to. I love Eric Ripert, and there's little I love more than a wonderful meal out.

    Needs red lips, yes? Even if you have to reapply after every course!

  7. You know what they say, if you want it bad enough it will happen.

    It will happen, right?

    Who knows we could all meet up and go there. We could be like the girls in Sex in the City, except there are more of us? What fun!

    Happy Vday to you and yours x

  8. Haha, I second Tina! Truthfully, how fun would that be! The interior of the restaurant looks A.MAZ.ING! I hope you and your love can make it back there someday, perhaps for an anniversary? Joe and I are staying in tonight and making our fav Chicken coconut curry with soba noodles! Oh, and we'll pair it with a yummy vino too! Cheers to a lovely day to you and your loves Theresa!

  9. that quote has my name all over it!!! hahaha! love your picks~~

  10. sounds wonderful. lovely outfit. we cooked at home tonight, but better than usual. happy valentine's day!

  11. Those flats are so cute, and the clutch is perect!
    Happy Valentine's Day xxx

  12. That restaurant sounds divine! I like it all fancy that the men has to wear sports coat :) Love the outfit you put together. So very cute and chic. I can't believe those are J.Crew shoes... i keep being amazed by them season after season! Hope you had a great Vday too!!

  13. Ah you must go there! Again, with Erin, I want to know more about your time in NYC! I've never been to a restaurant with a dress code either. Claridges there was a girl in jeans and a t-shirt slouching about which I thought was a bit off! xx

  14. Love this outfit! Especially the ring! So sweet.

  15. Great outfit! Love your 'wear in the world concept' - very creative :) Xx.


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