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boy, have i got a treat for you. for this installment of wear in the world, annie of insideology is taking us all skiing in the french alps! in annie's own words...

Skiwear has come a long way since the 1980s when we had no choice but to buy coordinating lilac outfits from C&A (long defunct bargain basement UK fashion retailer). Today we can mix and match to our heart’s content, with Salomon, The North Face, Oakley, and super cool Finnish brand Napijiri. Warmth is, of course, the order of the day but that’s no excuse for a lack of imagination. For me, it’s hard to resist adding a little Nordic tweeness, a little folksy Sarah Lund-ness to the ensemble. Inject a little eccentricity to your outfit to show that you’re not taking yourself too seriously. Thermals are a must, but they have to be merino wool, no icky synthetic fibres please, and although I think red lipstick on the slopes is going a little too far, surely a bit of tinted lip balm wouldn’t hurt anyone?

in real life, annie recently embarked on a skiing holiday in the french alps to celebrate her birthday. the trip looked equal parts amazing and dreamy as she provided real time updates via her blog. if you want to read more about annie and her faulous trip, make to sure to visit insideology.

thanks for playing wear in the world, annie! now we are guaranteed to look stylish on our next snow trip. did we forget anything? what are your must-haves for snow weather?

image source: two mountain photos, annie bird / hat / goggles / lip balm / jacket / pants / gloves / boots

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  1. Oh HOORAY! I squealed with excitement when I saw this! OF COURSE! Annie would take us to the Alps! Of COURSE! What a perfect Wear in the World! I love it! And I bought snow boots for the first time in years and we had barely a flake. I swear I'm traveling to snow for Christmas this year.

  2. EEEE!! It looks wonderful! What a treat!! I had no idea, and it's like we were all let it on an amazing secret. It's so fitting for Annie to take us to the French Alps. I love that pompom hat, and I don't even ski. Plus who can go wrong with a little Laura Mercier lip tint? What a great collection, Annie. Well done, both of you!

  3. I love, love, LOVE this! The surprise element makes it extra special, too.

    You've done a sterling job, Annie! Great outfit (especially the hat!) - and I don't even ski! :D

    Excellent work, you two and well done for keeping it under wraps (tee-hee! Geddit?) until now!

    Where to next, I wonder?

  4. Ha. Had no idea. Great ladies.

    You know the funny thing about skiing or any sport is that the people who are not so good at it and like to pose ALWAYS look the best.

    I can ski as well as do many other sports but always keep it real. In my fantasy I would look glam and sexy, but hey, you can't have it all!

    Many years ago I took a boyfriend, who had never skied before for a weekend skiing. When he came down for breakfast (I got fed up with how long he took to get ready) he looked as if he was going to a shoot for Vogue. Everything was expensive and matching plus the cool white lip balm.

    Me in jet trousers and jacket looked like the poor relation. Well, it wasn't so funny up the mountains. By mistake I turned the wrong side off the skiing lift and we ended up on a black piste. He didn't speak to me for a week:)

    Yes, quality thermal, merino wool etc are all musts!

  5. This was so much fun and I loved us having a little secret. When Erin did it it was such a fab surprise and I knew you guys would love it.

    I would like to say I look this cool on the slops but I don't. I do have a napajiri pullover though, they're amazing, so snugly and warm. I particularly love that those trousers are called fantasy pants. As you all know I've pretty much grown out of my Topshop trousers so I might get these ones for next year.

    Glad you all liked it & thank you Theresa for the opportunity! xx

  6. I loved following Annie's ski bday! I never get to the snow. I didn't grow up skiing, but I love the idea of being in a great cabin while it's snowing. It's a fantasy I have as long as I don't have to drive in it and there is plenty of food (and internet!).
    Love all her pics. Teri

  7. A lovely Wear in the World! I have only seen snow a handful of times... cold weather is my preferred weather... The Alps, so stunning. Love the injection of twee into any outfit!

  8. hey theresa, i'm in! let's go! well, to the local ski hill anyway - wait, there's not any snow at the moment. it was 58 degrees today. BUT i do ski, and all her recommendations are great. don't forget the extra skin protection - spf and something for the wind. joy to you! (ps. so happy your orchid is blooming!)

  9. I've never been skiing but that is on my list! Love it: )

  10. Annie - job well done! I love it! I'd love to visit the French Alps someday! I used to really be into snowboarding, but haven't been in almost 5 years. Whenever I go to the snow, I usually wearing something from the North Face - their jackets and waterproof pants are my favorite.

  11. FABULOUS outfit Annie, love the bobble hat!


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