{stripes forever...}

stripe mania is still in full effect and i do believe the look is no longer a trend, but has now entered cult classic status. a few things are happening in the layout above. 
  • i found the top left stripe-on-stripe image via the beauty file. when i saw the image, i was immediately taken by how striking the image was and (of course) the stripes. i couldn't pin the image fast enough and, as soon as i did, my pinterest account started going crazy with repins! goes to show that stripe mania is still going strong. (by the way, make sure to check the beauty file for a plethora of beauty and fashion inspiration.)
  • i found the lower right image of marissa webb (former j.crew head designer of womenswear) wearing her version of stripes on stripes via happenstance. did you catch that? ms. webb resigned from her position last september. she is responsible for taking j.crew to the next level, think more sophisticated and fashion forward. it will be interesting to see what kind of effect ms. webb's absence will have on the women's line. so far, no noticeable difference.
  • did you notice what i did with the layout? i used erin's photoshop tutorial*. pretty cool! (it's not as pretty as i would like it to be, but i'm still learning and practicing. practice makes perfect. a year from now, we can look back at this layout and see the evolution of my PS skills.)
  • last, but certainly not least, all of this is leading to what i'm really dying to know: are you still loving stripes? what say you about the stripes on stripes look?
ps~were you able to catch the anna wintour interview on 60 minutes? i found it really interesting and left me wanting more.

*update: totally inspired by this cool PS trick and annie's.

image source clockwise: vogue paris may 2011 via the beauty file / february 2012 j.crew catalog / new york post via happenstance / february 2012 j. crew catalog

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  1. It is SO funny that you posted about stripes today. I got my Garnet Hill catalog yesterday, and read it in the carpool line. Lusting after a striped shirt and wondering, of course, are stripes *done*?

    Yay! You say, "no!"

    I missed the Anna Wintour interview, need to try to track that down. Have you seen The September Issue. LOVE.

  2. I am still obsessed over stripes .. and I do agree that it has now turned into a classic look, which is why 'in trend' or not ... I will cherish stripes forever!!!!

  3. I love stripes. (i think I have most of the j.crew items pictured). Teri

  4. So many things I want to say, but my brain sees stripes and just starts going: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    YES I love stripes. I have an entire section of my shirt drawer that is all stripes. It makes me happy whenever I open my dresser. I'm so on board with your stripes habit! I really don't think anyone does stripes better than J. Crew.

    I did catch that Anna Wintour profile on 60 Minutes on Sunday (I managed to wrangle the remote from Boyfriend!). If you're left wanting more, I recommend watching "The September Issue." It's a documentary available on Netflix that looks at the production of Vogue's biggest issue. Lots of awesome behind the scenes stuff and a lot of detail on Anna. She's surprisingly candid in the film. You'd love it.

    And YOU GO GIRL with those Photoshop skillz! It looks amazing, you did such a good job! I'm so proud :)

  5. Stripes, I love them but more in homeware, stationery etc. Reason: you have to big like a stick to pull off stripes in fashion and I am not a stick! Fact!!

    I agree, it's definitely a classic and is always in. The sailors look etc.

    'The September Issue' is worth seeing. Very honest and real.

    Great PS skills. Like!

  6. 'big like a stick'. Freudian slip or what?

  7. That top left sweater is BEAUTIFUL. Love your photoshop tricks as well. I think I finally need to learn photoshop now that Picnik is closing...eek.

  8. Theresa, I know deep down in your heart you were thinking of me when you were writing this post! (i kid). But seriously though I have a stipe problem and yes, like erin said J.crew does it best! They're like stripeologists or something!

    Oh I just had an idea post...you know how Erin did what's in your bag? Maybe we should all do what's in your closet/drawer/home as it pertains to stripes! Hmmmm how could we pull that one off?!?!

    Missed the 60 min interview but will have to check it out on the web!

    Lovin' the PS skills!

  9. LOVE stripes...my whole closet is black, grey and stripes right now, it's a little ridiculous. Shoot! Missed AW on 60 Minutes. Hope I can find that somewhere! Thx for the reminder!

  10. for me stripes will NEVER be out. love Love LOVE them! the top left pic has me swooning!
    i always feel a little parisian chic in a classic striped boat necked top. i love it!!! whatever your body type go the stripes...
    and my darling, your p.s skills are awesome. i'm still balking at the idea of learning p.s... i will have to try soon! have a great week xxx

  11. @LAUREN - I totally forgot about The September Issue! Just when I was needing more Wintour, you came to my rescue. Thanks for the reminder.
    PS~Get that stripe shirt. As you can see, you'll be wearing it forever.

    @ADA - I like your sentiments..."In trend or not". Exactly!

    @TERI - That silk, stripe shirt is on my radar. Though, maybe in cream/black rather than the green. That little coat is also very cute.

    @ERIN - I agree, no on does stripes better than J.Crew (quality and price point wise). All my Zara and H&M stripe shirts get ruined in the wash.
    So glad you and Lauren reminded me about The September Issue. That 60 Minutes interview was such a tease.
    PS~Thank you again for the tutorial!

    @TINA - I bet you could rock the stripes. Ok, how about peeking out from under a sweater or coat? I also dig the pattern in paper and home goods.

    @MARIT - Get on the PS, it's fun. It's true, it takes a lot of practice. But when you create/accomplish something, it feels really good. Another program I've been hearing about is Pixlr (?). Maybe check them out if PS seems too daunting and/or as an interim fix.

    @TORI - I was thinking of you ;). I love the word, "stripeologist". That is the perfect description. Yes, maybe we could all take a photo of our neatly folded, stacked striped shirts. I did it once in one of my posts, but seeing all of ours together would be fun.

    @KRISSY - Your closet sounds exactly like my closet. Come Spring, I think I may need to remedy that situation. I've been seeing lots of cool floral patterns hitting the fashion scene. I've even seen some girls mix their stripes with a floral pattern. Now, that's a mixologist and stripeologist all in one!

    @LEAH - Isn't that top left photo so striking? It's what started this whole post for me. The bigger stripe of the tunic worn with the mini stripe of the leggings...That whole outfit looks so chic AND comfortable. Happy to share a love of stripes with you!

  12. hello theresa, i'm sitting at my breakfast table in a dark pink/light pink cotton vneck sweater-type-thing. comfy and bright for these winter days. i love the stripes on stripes - esp. the woman from j. crew. she looks great. also love your ps layout!! good for you!

  13. p.s. wait on harry for the little one. too scary yet. i've known first grade students who had nightmares. he'll get there when he's older. joy!

  14. I don't what I'll do without stripes in my life. It literally rules my wardrobe! Cute layout!

  15. Stripes forever is right! Love that photo of Marissa Webb. Funny, I think she left J.Crew shortly after that editorial.

  16. @NOREEN - Thanks so much for getting back to me regarding Harry Potter. Back on the shelf it goes until later.

    @JEANNE - Thanks so much for stopping by. (I'm having so much fun following you.) I agree, I wear something stripe every day. I'm thinking this Spring calls for pastel colored stripes, like tan and pink. Fun and feminine!

    @HAYDEE - It just never gets old, does it? I was really surprised to read that Webb had resigned. I'm dying to know what she's up to.

  17. hey thanks for the shout out! I love what you've done on that first picture, the green see through banner. Good job T! Can't wait to see more x


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