{skeletons in your closet...}

lately i've been noticing the use of skulls in home decor. i've seen the iconic motif on pillows, artwork, and sculptures.  i'm a huge fan of adding an element of surprise to a home - one thing in a room that is a conversation starter. i think, if done right, a skull could do the trick. as you can see from the interior shots above, each room is vastly different from the next, but they all have managed to incorporate a skull into their decor, and make it work.

still not buying into it? ok, what if you started with alexander mcqueen's savage beauty on the coffee table? baby steps, and a beautiful coffee table book, i might add. it seems mcqueen has cornered the skull market. on mcqueen's site, you can find beautiful silk scarves*, bangles, rings, wallets...all designed with a skull and with great taste. who knew skulls could go from death metal rage to haute couture.

so, how do you feel about this look? too morbid? too pirates of the caribbean?

*holler, annie!

image source: lonny jan+feb 2011 / lonny may+june 2011 / painting by toru kamei / lonny jul+aug 2011 / quote

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  1. Loveeee my AlexMcQ scarf that R got me for Christmas! Zadig & Voltaire put skulls on pretty much everything so R and I have rather a lot. And so do All Saints. I have a tshirt with a giraffe with a skull's head.

    Question: Why is it that skulls go so well with dark red roses? Maybe becuase they're the colour of blood?

    I'm not so sure about skulls in interiors though, freaks me out a little, not sure I'd want to sleep alone next to one!

  2. Hi Theresa-
    Yeah, not so much into the skulls. I have the Alexander McQueen's book though which is one of my favorites, as is he. I think some people do skulls really well whether it's in their home or with clothing. I just don't happen to be one of them. Happy Wednesday! Teri

  3. I have to agree with Teri on this one...skulls kinda freak me out. I'm always for seeing them in a body worlds exhibit any time!

  4. I'm with Annie, I don't think I'd want to sleep alone next to a skull pillow, but I do think they work really well when incorporated into a a room. It's surprisingly one of those creepy things that doesn't terrify me. Have you seen Damien Hirst's jewel encrusted skull piece "For the Love of God"? It's apparently valued at over $80M. It's an actual human skull covered in diamonds, and it was just exhibited at the Tate Modern last fall. That's too creepy for me, haha.

    I didn't get a chance to see the Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met when it was there, but a friend of mine went and said she was genuinely freaked out by the whole thing. I still want to steal Annie's scarf :)

  5. I love skull motifs on clothes/jewellery but I'd never considered them for my home. That said, I learned a looong time ago to never say never. Who knows? It could have been a natural progression from wardrobe to interiors.

    I've actually slept with real human bones in the vicinity before. As a med student, my brother regularly brought them home to study with and I once shared university accommodation with a med student who did the same.

    I was forever picking up the skull and making it "speak"! :D

  6. if it weren't for alexander mcqueen...i don't think i would ever consider buying anything with a skull on it! but, he really did a good job of making me look at skulls to be high fashion!!

    as so for the home...i wouldn't mind a gold skull because i love anything gold :)

    btw..those alexander bangles are gorg! i think i may have to snag one up :)

  7. Yes, I quite like them. They became hip after Damien Hurst did his skull with diamonds. He also painted a whole series of paintings with skulls which were exhibited in London at The Wallace Collection a couple of years ago. I quite liked those too.

    Fashion wise. Yes,on accessories or jewellery. There is a cool jewellery shop in Covent Garden that has always specialised in the unusual like skulls etc. They've been there for years.

    Interiors. Not sure!

  8. I'm not that into the skulls. But my main reason is that sometimes things become too fashionable, too over used and become cliched. They lose the impact that they were originally designed to have.
    Happy wednesday honey xxx

  9. I'm undecided on skulls. On other people I quite like the clothing/jewellery with skulls but can't picture myself in it. Around Halloween I always look at candles in the shape of skulls but never buy them. Maybe next time I should pick one up, would be a great starter piece and not as expensive as Damien Hirst's. Btw there is a kit to make your own "diamond" encrusted skull.

  10. I must admit, skulls in a home are not my thing. I do like skeletons a lot. Quite fascinated by them. Just not in my home.

    Interesting post Theresa! Xx.

  11. Great blog title .. haha! Personally, it's a no way that's going in my home; but hey that's the beautify of people ... we all have different personalities and styles so what 1 person loooves another may not. For those that like it, I suggest adding it minimally .. like the toss pillow on the sofa ... subtle and casual so it doesn't overpower the room or scare guests!!


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