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in this morning's post, i promised that i would later reveal the hidden message under one of the instagram photos. on day 6, the prompt was "makes you smile." i jotted down this little note and shot it. my apologies if you're seeing this photo twice (if you follow me on instagram, some of you may have already guessed the reveal from this morning), but it was too perfect not to use for today's post - sharing blog love liebster style. 

the liebster blog award is an award given to smaller blogs with 200 or less followers. along with myself, the lovely tina of colour living bestowed the liebster award on erin of like / want / need, chi of carousel, annie of insideology, and lauren of still + life. the rules of engagement are as follows: send profound thanks and gratitude to the person who gave you the award [thank you, tina!!] and then pass the award on to five additional blogs...and so on and so forth. (sort of like that faberge shampoo commercial from the 70's.)

i would like to pass the liebster blog award on to the following blogs (and if they choose to keep the link love going, thank you):
sorry, i'm cheating. these awards trip me up. i hate to leave anyone out...honorable mentions:
i selected these fellow bloggers for their continued support, camaraderie, and consistently great content. of course, there are others that possess the same qualities (ada, teri, haydee...), but i know they have more than 200 followers. so, i'll stop there. i will stop there.

so, friends, i leave you with a little blog love as we embark on another weekend. make it great everyone!

ps~i believe it was either noreen or leah that gave me a bloggy award back in december and i totally dropped the ball. my apologies, and my olive branch to you.

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  1. Awwwwwwww, spreading the blog love! What a great idea and a great surprise. I had no idea, honestly. I am lying in bed trying to fall asleep, yet anticipating yours and Erin's revelations! Glad one of you put me out of my misery:)

    Hhmmmm, is cheating allowed? You couldn't quite keep to 5, could you now? I shall go and visit your multiple nominees over the weekend:)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your handwritten note. Makes it extra special. Have a great weekend, lovely!

  2. You're right, I don't think cheating is allowed. So, I'm letting the five know and if the honorable mentions happen to pop by and want to play along, the more the merrier. Just want to make sure everyone knows how much I truly appreciate their support. Thanks again, Tina. Have a great weekend!

  3. You big softie! Congratulations to your deserving winners - however many there are - and have a super weekend! :D

  4. I'm really glad I got to discover you thanks to this little award :) Congrats!!!

  5. theresa, i'm lucky to know you! it's been wonderful sharing our adventures. thanks! it's 0 degrees here with the windchill. we're bundling up and heading to columbus and my lovely in-laws. happy weekend!

  6. Thanks for thinking of me! I love everything we have going on! It's a very supportive community! I can't wait to see how we've blossomed a year from now!

  7. I've been seeing this award around quite a bit... so sweet that you're sharing the link love! will have to check them out. happy weekend!

  8. Thank you for including me and my lil online space :) It's been so nice having you in my circle of online friends! Thanks for making my weekend a bit brighter:)

  9. yay blog love! =] loving the community that comes together.

  10. @CHI - I know, I am a big softie (or indecisive). Either way, my apologies for all the links. Though, I do hope you enjoy.

    @HOLLY - That's right, we did discover each other through the Liebster award. Goes to show this award has many, many benefits.

    @NOREEN - I feel the same. Zero degrees?! I'm cold just thinking about it.

    @TORI - Ah, a year from now. The possibilities are exciting. I can say I think we are all moving in the right direction.

    @JEANNE - Isn't it a great idea? You know, I would have totally bestowed this award on you, but you're Varsity now [hee-hee]. In one year, you've managed to take your blog to the next level and I think that's amazing! You go, girl!

    @LIZ - My pleasure, Liz! I actually wasn't sure if you had less than 200 followers (I suspect you have more), thus the honorable mention. If you want to play along, please, please join the fun, but no pressure.

    @JENI - ME too, me too. For me, that's when blogging becomes really exciting - to see the beautiful community that comes together. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Um, your handwriting is basically perfect. Is there anything you cannot do?? You pick up a pen and it's like magic. I'm in awe.

    Thank you for sharing the love! Now I have more lovely blog to check out! sorry I was late to see this reveal! What a sweet message to start the weekend. You're the best, girl. xo

  12. Congrats o the award .. you + ur wonderful blog deserve it (yeaaaah!). Oh, and thank u for my mention (how sweet of you). It is so beautiful and magical beign surrounded by so many creative and inspirational bloggers :)

  13. What a lovely, lovely photo! I'm so glad I got here today (finally! I've been snowed under by work and a field trip and I DO NOT LIKE IT) on Valentine's Day. Because I loooooooove all of you so much! I'm with Erin. Is there anything you can't do?

  14. I'm with Erin (as usual) I lOVE your handwriting! It's so creative and beautiful, I'm really jealous.

    I'm curious about this liebraumlich award, how do you know if someone has more than two hundred followers? I was going to do a post on this too but couldn't work out how I'd know?

    Your photo is amazing too. I basically want to be you.


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