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maybe you've noticed that i love a pop of crimson. whether in a home, fashion, makeup (hello, red lip!), or graphic design, adding a touch of red is my idea of adding vibrancy and color. (though, in the summer i do like a nice tangerine orange.) when i spottted this tommy smythe victorian makeover in the january issue of house & home, my eye was immediately drawn to the pops of red smythe used around the home. i fell instantly in love. (plus, valentine's day is next tuesday, so this makes for perfect timing.)

i realize a strictly black, white, and red colorway can get 80's real quick. i think what helps to modernize this black, white, and red home is the gray that smythe smartly added to the color palette. i also love the traditional finishes of this home, especially the beautiful moldings, casings, and built-ins. there is all kinds of goodness going on in this entire home, so make sure to check it out. need more convincing: a zig-zag painted powder room, a black painted room with glazed finish, and chevron drapes, among other things, are a must see. the home is full of pattern, but it all works beautifully together. (the talent of mixing patterns is one i just don't possess.)

what kind of interior design catches your attention? do you have a favorite color palette or designer? i know i've got some all white, scandinavian lovers out there. [wink-wink]

source: all images from january 2012 issue of house & home / designer tommy smythe / photographed by angus fergusson

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  1. [wink-wink] Guilty as charged! I love me some all-white rooms. White floors, white walls, white furniture, tons of huge windows letting in streaming white light....perfection. Though I do love a pop of color here and there (especially if it comes as the knobs on a Viking range stove. Hello, dream appliance! And I don't even cook!).

    I'm really drawn to shades of gray, with pops of yellow. Surprising, right? I just love the way white, gray, and yellow play with each other. I'm with you on the mixing patterns dilemma; I don't know how to pull it off successfully, either.

  2. I love pops of red too ..... my kitchen has white cabinets and red door knobs (our lil splash of colors).

  3. I love Tommy Smthe. Everything he does, I could move right in!

  4. My interior style is more on the eclectic side. I love things that don't match, and love shopping for things that look like I've traveled the world but haven't gone anywhere.

    I think every house needs a bit of red!

  5. Great minds DO think alike ;) I love red - it's my favourite colour actually - but in an interior space, I'm like you, I prefer pops or accents. Grey / red combo is so my thing right now!

    Happy to find your blog! Till next time Xx.

  6. I am afraid to say that as 'Colourliving' colour is my thing. Patterns are my thing and I do know how to mix and match (thanks to the fabulous Missoni family, who have inspired me for the past 32 years).

    Colour fills my everyday life with vibrance and abundance. Here's to red, pink, yellow,.........I better stop here.

  7. love love love! your eye is so perfect. i'd just move in and keep livin'!

  8. Ooooh scarlet! My favourite pop of colour. It wasn't always, though ...

    As a child, my Mum dressed me in red and (for a little while) I wished so badly that she would dress me in pink like the other girls' Mums. I had a tomboy streak a mile wide but I guess I was going through a phase when I just wanted to look like everyone else - blend in. How times have changed!

    That said, lately I've been drawn to citrus. In general, I tend to go for mostly white interiors so that I can have the pop effect.

    As for my clothes, well ...... that's another story! :D

  9. i love the pics you've chosen! my style is kinda eclectic. i love white, light, i'm loving yellow and grey... which will probably carry through into our australian winter. i love items with character/age/a story... and i like spaces to tell a story about the person who lives there. that being said, the top right image is divine!

  10. Great subtle use of red (my least fav color, by the way). Right now I'm loving the mints and corals together. It's really a lot of color for me right now...I'm usually more chill with neutrals, greys, and browns, but it's nice to have color to perk your day up when it's gloomy out.

  11. @ERIN - I'm going to have to do a home post about a) an all-white modern space or b) a gray and yellow space, both with lots of light.

    @ADA - Your cabinets sound cute. I actually think I remember seeing a post about your cabinets.

    @TERI - I actually hadn't heard of Smythe until I ran across that H&H feature. Now, I'm so glad I found his work.

    @TORI - Yup, our house is a little eclectic too. Especially since my dad loves to pick up old things he finds and give them to me. I must say, 9 times out of 10, he does get some pretty cool stuff.

    @HOLLY - Thanks for stopping by. Great to have found you too. I saw your post on red and loved it. I agree, a little dab will do you.

    @TINA - You should do a post on how to mix patterns. I love the look, but don't know how to achieve it without looking like the circus came to town. So, I have a patterned rug, but everything else is a solid color. I think that's why my home looks like it's missing something. My home needs that one last trained eye to put the finishing touches on it.

    @NOREEN - I agree! I wouldn't change a thing about Smythe's home.

    @CHI - Isn't it funny how people in our environment can influence us to like something we otherwise know is not our thang. Guilty. I so wish I could do the all white thing, but it would just make me all kinds of nervous and not fun to live with.

    @LEAH - I also love for a home to have character, age, and a story - perfectly said. I prefer an old home to new construction any day. They are calling that look American Rustic over here. I quite like it.

    @LIZ - I love coral and mint green together, right now. The color combo just seems fresh and happy. Perfect for a wedding (wink).

  12. Love colour! I'm really into Art Deco palettes at the moment and also lots of orange. But not together. Hate all white, but you know that about me already x


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