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i'm really feeling the layered rug look right now. doesn't it make a room look lived in and cozy? i'm also loving the look as a solution to a small design dilemma i have in our living room. last year we picked up a flat woven, hand knotted rug that i absolutely love. the issue: i think it may be a tad too small for its current space. for a hot second, i thought about going the cowhide route. however, in truth, i don't think it fits our aesthetic. i'm leaning in favor of purchasing a larger sisal rug and layering our current rug on top. i think it would create a nice effect in the living room, which is very large.

i am actually having all sorts of design dilemmas with this space. for instance, where do you put the flat screen when the fireplace is the focal point? how do you furnish a really large living space? do you divide the room up into two separate seating areas? what about you guys, do you have any home design dilemmas right now?

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  1. I've always wanted to mount a tv above a fireplace, it seems like a way to draw even more attention to the wall without having to compete if placed the tv next to it or on the opposite wall or something. That way, all the chairs face it, and assuming the mantle isn't too high, you can enjoy tv and the fireplace at the same time. Feel free to disregard my advice entirely, though! :)

    I love the look layered rugs, but would be curious how one would stay put on top of the other without sliding around. Plus, I'm having enough trouble finding ONE rug for my living room, let alone two! xo

  2. This is tough. While I like the look of a tv over the mantle, it can present some problems. Hard to "dress" the mantle, for one thing, and for another, it can put the tv too high for comfortable viewing. I guess if there's a way to put the tv just to the side of the fireplace, and perhaps a bit lower, I'd do that. I don't know. Tough, no question.

    Our living room isn't huge, but it's long and narrow, which can be tricky to address. We ended up creating a seating area around the fireplace (our tv is in the family room/kitchen which has no fireplace, even though I've been begging for SOMETHING for that room) and making a path/hall-ish area for the rest. I always think two seating areas, while beautiful, can look a little hotel-lobbyish.

    You clearly have some (fun) problems to work on!

  3. I vote for 2 separate areas/ tv & fireplace.
    I love rugs and layering them, my problem is always people tripping on the corners of them. hmmmm that's my issue with rugs. Teri

  4. Yes have an area around the fire that's a 'grown up' place and then a tv area at the other end where the focus can be the tv? Difficult to say withouth seeing the floorplan. And do as Abigail says and move the furniture away from the walls. Rugs are perfect for creating spaces.

    Oh and T? I'm so in awe of your collages, that lovely strip at the bottom! You've really taken the little lessons and run with them. I want to be as creative as you!

    Home dilemmas? Um yes. How to buy a flat in NW1 for the money we have. We're £100k short of what we need to get anything decent. Anyone care to lend me any?!

  5. There are different options to divide a large living room. One is like Annie said and make it a formal and less informal seating area.

    Other is to use movable screens so that sometimes you want to be cocooned and cosy and at other times you want the whole outlook.

    I like creating niches so that a large room gets divided up. An architect friend of mine created a whole self- contained separate round structure withing a large living space that was used for books, watching tv and generally family time. There was a small opening to it so when in the main space you just looked at a really interesting feature purposely build. Of course, that comes at a cost but just trying to give you ideas.

    In terms of TV, putting it above fireplace easiest option but also most predictable one. Without seeing space difficult to comment.

    Not easy, but am sure you will find and answer:)

    Not sure about layered rugs, Cowhide does not go with your present rug but a larger rug beneath your existing one could be interesting.

  6. Funny, I've been toying with the idea of layered rugs, too! :D

    You could divide your living room with open shelving like Ikea's EXPEDIT. That way, you can have designated areas without losing the feeling of light and space.

    Also a different but complementary rug in each zone (as opposed to layering) or even a rug in one zone and none in the other could help define them.

    Home dilemmas? We don't have a fireplace so our TV is our focal point - bleurgh! :(

  7. We have tried separating our 2 areas.... but ultimately, in winter i love watching tv and snuggling by the fire....
    Our solution is to place the tv off centre and to make the fireplace the feature. i love layering rugs. I'm so looking forward to winter and cosying up our home.... thanks for the kind words that you wrote to me xxx

  8. hello - i have no advice. layering rugs sounds wonderful. your photos are lovely. i understand the tv problem, and agree - make the fireplace your focal point. but how to solve it? you'll find a way.

    joy and happy thursday!

  9. I'm not a huge lover of rugs, but I do think them necessary and pleasing from time to time. The layered look is great, because it's versatile and gives off this easy going, effortlessly stylish, message, I find. A friend I have went for this look with 3 antique Indian wedding hand made rugs, all with different patterns and colours, in their winter garden. It looks amazing. My favourite room in the house now.

    As for the tv dilemma - I empathize. Often we try to figure out how to incorporate them into a space, hopefully blending them in - ugh, aggravating. I came across this idea the other day:

    Look at the first and second images and you'll notice a good tv dilemma solution.



    Wouldn't that be nice :)


  10. Thank you so much everyone for getting involved and sending your advice. I like the idea of dividing the large space into two seating areas. I think this option will most likely be the solution. We also have another room that we could technically use as a family/tv room, making the large living room a nice sitting/talking area.

    @HOLLY - Oh, the hidden television option in such a clean, modern space is awesome. That was definitely a good decision. Thanks for the links.

  11. Really like the look of the layered rugs and would have never gotten the idea by myself. Also like the idea of diving a larger living room into two seating areas...

    Like Erin I have a hard time finding a rug for our living room. Actually it's not so much finding one I like. Usually the ones I do like are just way too expensive.

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