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my love is your love by whitney houston. by now i'm sure you have heard the devastating news of ms. houston's passing on late saturday afternoon. crushing and tragic...her demons finally won the battle. i heard the breaking news via twitter, of all places. it makes perfect sense really - the power of social media. how did you hear the news? where were you and what were you doing? it seems that is how we mark these untimely deaths. in the end, like mj, i hope houston will be remembered for her amazing gift and not her personal struggles. at last, she has finally found some peace.

my apologies for starting monday off on a somber note. on the bright side, it's a new week, so let's make it count.  

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  1. Oh T... I was really upset yesterday.

    Wherever I went, Whitney's songs were belting out from radio stations. I found myself in tears for most of the day.

    I have many memories, having seen her in concert a couple of times, and generally crying over broken relationships etc.

    Sometimes, the pain is so deep and people don't manage to pull themselves out of it. It's tragic and I can't believe that lately so many have lost battles with their demons. Always such incredible talents.

    Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney. What about Alexander McQueen?

    Thank you for this post x

    PS. Heard it on twitter early in the morning.

  2. I'm so devastated about her passing. She was an unmatched talent, and I'm sad she won't be making music any longer. Think of all the songs she won't get to write. It's such a shame. She had a huge impact on my childhood, thanks to my mom always playing her music around the house. I swear, she listened to the "Waiting to Exhale" soundtrack every morning for 2 years. I found out at dinner from our waitress as the restaurant was clearing out. Kind of crazy, and it put a little downer on our otherwise lovely evening.

    I read a comment on some article about her death from someone who said, not to take away anything form Whitney's death, but why do we have compassion/pity for celebrities and the rich and famous for their struggles with drugs and alcohol, yet we judge and despise the homeless people on the street for the same thing? It's an interesting thought, and I guess I don't have an answer. It's almost like Whitney's battle was okay because she was so talented. I don't know. It's all sad.

  3. Whitney's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody Who Loves Me" was the song I performed at my 5th grade lipsync/talent contest (2nd place) and I bought every album (well, tape:) she released when I was growing up. She will be missed. It's so sad to see someone with so much talent and success struggle with all other aspects of her life. In the last 20 years she seemed so tormented - I hope she is at peace now.

  4. I know, I was so sad. I got the news through Twitter also. She will be missed.

  5. Twitter seems to be where I get my news from these days too. Hope you have a great start to your week and we can enjoy our lives and not sweat the small stuff. I'm particularly saddened for her daughter and how her life will forever be changed. Always makes me sad to think about how children are affected by their parent's actions. Teri

  6. I heard it about 1am, I couldn't sleep so was flipping tv stations than spotted the news .. I was so shocked that I woke up my hubby. So sad, but agreed .. she is now at peace.

  7. Such sad news - I can't imagine what her family must be going through right now.

    I found out on Twitter when I happened to glance over at the trending section.

    I remember dancing around the living room with an imaginary microphone in my hand (trying to match her as she hit the high notes) like it was yesterday.

    My Mum was a huge fan, too. RIP Whitney. :(

  8. I too found out on Twitter - it's weird isn't how now those moments of "where were you when you heard the news" will often be sitting on my lounge surfing Twitter. Such a shame and loss of awesome talent.

  9. i missed it all until yesterday afternoon. we traveled this weekend. it's very sad. but you're right - we need to make our time count. it's short, too. happy monday!

  10. my memories are from primary school socials...
    "I Wanna Dance with Somebody Who Loves Me"...
    i love your love for music!

  11. It's so sad! Have such fond memories attached to some of her songs...

  12. i actually heard the news from a friend and i had to google it and there it was. it was pretty shocking!

    p.s. on a more positive note i am loving your blog :)

  13. @TINA - It was such sad news to receive on Saturday. Earlier in the day, I was at the grocery store and at the check out counter one of the tabloids had Whitney on the cover announcing she had relapsed. I just thought: When is the madness going to stop for her? Will she ever get better? It's so very sad and tragic.

    @ERIN - Wow, to find out from your waitress at dinner. Did you ask either of these questions, "You're kidding, right?" or "Are you serious?!"
    That is an interesting point you (or rather that other commenter) posed. It's so telling and endemic of our culture, isn't it?

    @JENNIFER - That's all I keep thinking: A talent/gift gone too soon but at least she is at peace now.
    PS~I love imagining you winning 2nd place in your lipsync contest.

    @HAYDEE - I had just gotten off the phone and decided to quickly check Twitter. There it was, breaking news. My mom was sitting next me so I immediately told her. She gasped and we both just sat stunned.

    @TERI - Yes, I thought about her daughter too this weekend. If you think about Whitney's struggles, imagine what her daughter endured.

    @ADA - Ah, you suffer from insomnia too? Well, that was probably not the type of news you were expecting at such an early/late hour.

    @CHI - I bet many of us share that same memory of trying our best to belt out a Whitney song. Mine was "I Will Always Love You" while driving in the car.

    @JANINE - It is strange how social media is marking these events. I found out about MJ and Amy Winehouse via the internet, before I had a smart phone (think I was still using a flip). It is a great loss.

    @NOREEN - Better that you were doing something more pleasant than hearing this tragic news. These untimely deaths are such a poignant reminder that life is short, so make it count.

    @TORI - Exactly how I felt right when I heard the news.

    @LEAH - Ah, the school socials...That really does bring back memories.

    @NINA - Yes, and every one of her songs is a hit! That's the truly remarkable part.

    @JIN - You know, when I first read the Twitter post I thought it was a hoax. Something her publicist or people would later have to correct. But, when I saw that the Tweet was from a reliable news source, it was shocking.
    PS~Thank you, thank you! So happy you're here.

  14. Moving tribute and such sad news.

  15. I heard on twitter too. I must say I didn't like her music at all (don't hate me!) but I think it's really sad, esp for her daughter.

    To your point Erin, I'm not sure if this is different in the US, but over hear celebs only get sympathy for addictions when they die. When Amy Winehouse was still alive she didn't get a lot of sympathy in the magazines and then suddenly they're all in mourning. Hypocritical.


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