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if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that i am a sucker for a great, inspirational nike ad. in a previous life, i spent 15 years in the advertising and marketing world. thus, i still love seeing really great advertisements...the kind of ads that evoke an emotion rather than slapping you in the face with their product. this particular nike ad was directed by david fincher, and falls squarely into that category.

since yesterday was the super bowl - only the single biggest sports event in the world - and where the world watches as much for the event as it does for the half time show (madonna) and commercials, i thought it would be appropriate to share this ad. did you watch the event? what did you think of madonna? or, if you didn't watch, what did you do instead? i guess you could say i half watched with one eye on the television and one eye on the kids.

happy monday everyone!

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  1. If we're talking commercials, my favorite was the French bulldog in Sketchers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovPYFXqesBg I'm a total sucker for cute dogs. Though a David Fincher directed Nike ad? Sign me up.

    I blogged pretty much the entire game! Haha, except when we took a break to eat during halftime, and we put on an Office rerun. Boyfriend was also kind enough to let me watch Puppy Bowl leading up to the game and during halftime, too. Puppy Bowl is my favorite part about Superbowl Sunday. So many cute puppies!

  2. I love the Nike ad. I liked the VW ad and a couple others, but all in all I was disappointed this year. Too bad. But the Dorito ad where the dog is keeping witnesses quiet with bags of chips was from a local guy so that was cool.

    As you know, we watch the game. But we watch it all. Madonna seems to be getting mixed reviews, but we enjoyed it, and now Callum wants to download some old school Madonna.

    T., I keep thinking about your make-up post. I think I'll need to go back and say some more.

  3. Watched Madonna and ads, fast forwarded the game.
    Love Madonna always! T

  4. Oh, must admit never watched the super bowl ever.... All everyone keeps talking about are the ads and how expensive per second. Apparently a 30secs ad set you back $3.5M...

    Of course, had a peek at Madonna's. On Friday they had a worldwide exclusive on radios of the song so I heard it there first. Felt mixed about it and preferred it with video...not sure what I think. It's catchy and might grow on me.

    I always love Nike's ads as well as Adidas. Sports ads are so vibrant. You feel the endorphines jump off the screen. Full of life and colour. Brill!!

  5. Nike seems like one of those companies who always gets advertising right. My husband and I are both business majors so we love discussing marketing and advertising with one another.

    Madonna was pretty good actually. Or I should say it was better than I though it was going to be. Totally missed the controversy of M.I.A. flicking off at the camera. Wasn't a big fan of the two teams that played but I'm glad the Giants won!

  6. Madonna is beautiful! I couldn't get over how great she looks at 53! Smokin'! Loved it!

  7. What a great video .. thanks for sharing!!! I love the ending - flashback to them as kids laughing!! I watched only the last liek hour of the game, but did zoom to the living room to view all the commercials (I luv the Doritos one). I lived Madonna's vogue performance, nice surprise seeing LMFAO :)

  8. @ERIN - That's a great BF, indeed! You're so lucky he gets you.

    @LAUREN - Hm, a local guy in the Dorito ad. Might have to YouTube that. That's so funny that you have makeup on the mind. I can't get the Nars blush that Annie mentioned off my mind. Might need to remedy that.

    @TERI - Yea, didn't really watch the game either. It seemed like an exciting game as there was much yelling at the party we attended. Ear-drum-blowing yelling.

    @TINA - Yes, I forgot to mention that a 30 second ad cost $3.5M! Thanks for writing it here.
    Totally agree - Adidas also has amazing ad campaigns. Adidas is also pronounced very differently overseas, right?

    @TORI - I like the idea of your husband and you discussing ad campaigns. Really good ones are worth a discussion. Missed the MIA bird, as well.

    @KRISSY - I have to say that it is pretty amazing that Madonna is 53 and still looks amazing. The whole time I was watching, I was praying she wouldn't fall. Those boots she was wearing looked slippery.

    @ADA - Ok, you're the second person that mentioned the Doritos commercial. Have to check it out. Yes, all the guest appearances were a surprise - LMFAO, Niki Minaj, MIA, Cee-Lo...That was pretty cool.

  9. i love this ad. it is brilliant! the music is so emotive, i had goose bumps. i also love the lycra peddle pushers the guys are wearing at the end! i can't comment on the game... but some of the players look pretty cute...


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