{musicality, dance attack...}

well, i totally forgot today was a holiday (president's day). hopefully, you all will take this extra day (your weekend annex) to continue just being. whatever that may mean for you - being relaxed, being entertained, being grateful...being present. i did a lot of those things this weekend, just what the doctor ordered. so, i'll keep it short and sweet today so you can get on with, well, being. 

speaking of having the day off from work, this made me laugh and made me want to work for ellen degeneres. i find it absolutely hilarious to see people getting scared.* i know, i'm wicked. now you know i have a dark sense of humor. happy monday!

*right, erin?

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  1. Great video! I too find it extremely funny to see people get scared! That, and when people trip (I know, I know)
    Have a great president's day!!

  2. The funniest thing about that for me was the guy's dance moves and the look of intense concentration on his face despite his "victim's" screams - go figure! :D

    Happy President's Day!

  3. Theresa, thank you for this a million times over. I am perhaps too sick for my own good, but I found this hilarious and actually had tears rolling down my face. What an amazing way to start my week! Now I want to go back and look at those Halloween pictures of people being scared out of their wits.

    The sad thing is I react the exact same way as these people when someone jumps out at me, or even startles me. If I don't notice someone in the room when I walk in and they say hi...forget it. It's like they're an axe wielding maniac.

    (I'm really happy you had such a nice weekend. present & grateful, so wonderful!)

  4. So glad you had a nice weekend, Theresa. And thanks for this video! What a terrific (awful) thing to do! My mom, when once scared by her partner like this, responded by calmly saying, "I'm about to get reactive!"

    Happy annex day to you. xo

  5. Happy presidents day to you Theresa! whatever that means. Do you bow at the altar of Obama? We have a shiny new (unwanted) statue of Ronald Reagan in a park out side the US embassy so I might go say hi for you guys.

    So glad you had a lovely weekend. Being present and grateful is the best thing isn't it? Although not as good as being grateful for presents perhaps.

    Gonna watch the video when I get home as don't want to freak everyone out at work! xx

  6. Funny vid!!!! My "wicked" sense of humor rises with people falling ... the uncontrollable moving-forward-and-can't-stop type of falling (get's to me all the time!) .. ummm, unless it was me haha!

    p.s. Happy Monday too!!!

  7. ellen is awesome!!! thanks for sharing :)

  8. Are you guys really patriotic? Everyone wishing each other a happy presidents day? Isn't it just, err, a day off from work?

    Cute video. More cute is ED. Now there's a girl crush. She gets better with age and I adore her humour.

    I often refer to 'just being'. Most people look at me like I'm from Mars so happy you get it. I once had a B/F who was rather unsuitable. We were like chalk and cheese but the amazing thing was that with him I could just 'be'.

  9. Thanks! So funny! I love scaring people, but once got in a huge argument with my husband about it. (He almost assaulted me thinking I was a robber and got real serious about boys who cry wolf, or girls who pretend to be bad guys jumping out of closets or something). I scare other people now.

  10. Funny video to watch while stilling at my deck at work today :( wish I could have it off today like so many. But I'm glad to hear that you took time for yourself this weekend! I did as well and am SUPER glad I did! I got a haircut and deep condition for my dry (not anymore) strands and then I spent Sunday shopping with my mom and sister! It was a great weekend that was long over due! Hope your having a great day off with your cuties :)

  11. She is hilarious! I know she loves to scare people, and it's such a funny emotion to be scared by something that's not really scary, but you don't know it at the time. Pretty funny. Teri

  12. The video is so funny! I like being scared in a funny way, would have probably laughed my butt off if that happened to me. After the video finished I got stuck on youtube for almost two hours and watched everything from music videos to cute and funny animals. Today was so unproductive but just hanging out at home and just hang out around the house felt great. Usually I just push myself to finish various tasks over the weekend...

  13. LOL!!!! Amazing! I love watching people get scared as much as I love watching people fall (as long as there's no serious injury of course - it's their surprise factor that's awesome)! Yes, you have an evil sister here ;)

    Thanks for sharing the video. Xx.

  14. Hi Everyone,
    So glad I was able to make you laugh. Not that you need another time suck, but Ellen has a ton of funny videos. Whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, check her out.


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