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happy monday everyone! hope you all had a great weekend. to help kick off this new week, i asked what would gwyneth do (wwgd) to stop by for our second mini-view. wwgd curates the most beautiful, stylish products and talks about her life as a mama, wife, and working woman. she does it all in a voice that is sometimes funny, sometimes heartfelt, but always like you're talking to a good friend.

wwgd in her own words...
[i am a] 30-something striving for style in the land of sippy cups and see-saws. PR by day, mama to two by night. Fashion, design and dessert in between. I blog to answer the question "I don't know how she does it." This is how she does it. And this is how she does it in style...well, most of the time.

please help me welcome wwgd and herewith is her mini-view: 

thank you so much for playing, wwgd! it's been so much fun having you here.  
and to get even more, you can find what would gwyneth do on facebook here and follow on twitter @wwgwynethdo.

say, do you guys want to play along? let's start with, what is your greatest fear?

image source: stella mccartney for gap

16 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. Welcome Gwenyth! Great interview! I can already tell that you're a pretty entertaining gal! : )

    Everything happens for a reason...one of my favorite mottos too! I use it ALL the time!

    Love it Theresa!

  2. She's really entertaining on Twitter too. It was brilliant when she got retweeted by actual Gwyneth Paltrow. She must have been so chuffed!

    My words that I live with are "what's the worst that can happen?". As long as I know how I would/could deal with the worst eventuality, I go for it. If I can't, I work on that until I can go ahead.

    Greatest fear? Commitment. More specifically making decisions that cut off future options.

  3. She seems very honest and funny. I haven't read her blog but I will add it to my google reader.
    Happy Monday! Teri

  4. What a delightful way to start my week! Love her answers and the phrase "This too shall pass." Those four little words are so, so powerful. Love your layout for this, T! And that Stella McCartney collection made me want to pop out children immediately so I could dress them in those clothes.

    Biggest fear? Spiders, elevators, sand, and infertility. I'm a big scaredy cat, as you well know :)

  5. What fun... she seems down to earth with a little required pizzazz.

    Her motto/words are exactly the same as mine.

    "This too shall pass' has soothed me through many tough moments. It gets easier with age, well, that's my humble opinion. There is less 'existential angst'.

    I also believe everything happens for a reason. We just have to figure out why and then act accordingly.

    Fears: Not to fulfill my potential!

  6. thanks for sharing this! now i have another blog to add onto my list! :) happy monday.

  7. Loving these mini-views. So inspiring!

  8. What a fun mini-view, Theresa! Your layouts just get better and better. I wish I could be more creative with mine, that's for sure! :D

    I LOVE Gwyneth so anyone with the good sense to name her blog "What Would Gwyneth Do?" clearly has impeccable taste and a great sense of humour. Note to self: Must Check It Out. :)

    My greatest fear is pretty obvious but it's the fear of harm coming to my husband and child or any of my loved ones.

  9. Thank you all so much for reading and for the lovely comments! And huge thanks to Theresa, of course, for allowing me to play. Happy Monday!

  10. What "a little birdy told me" said :) These are really inspiring!

    Ok so ... my biggest fear: sleepwalkers.

    ...and losing my loved ones. I'm adding that because it doesn't really count as one since I think it's everyone's ultimate fear. :)


  11. Heights, speed (unless I'm in my car, wink wink), talking on the phone, being left out of the fun, not making this blogging/photography thing "work"... I won't add losing Neel and Callum, because, well, duh.

    Awesome mini-view! I just love these, T.!

  12. hello theresa, what fun! she sounds lovely and interesting. happy almost tuesday!

  13. Wow! Thanks everyone for helping to make WWGD so welcome here. Love her! Say, follow WWGD on twitter and you'll really be hooked.

    I've got another really fun thing planned for tomorrow. Another Wear in the World post. Make sure to come back.

  14. Loved this mini-view:) I too wish I could be more inventive with dinner!

  15. this is such a great series. thanks for the introduction to WWGD. happy new week to you honey xxx

  16. What a great second mini-view! I love this series so much! Hope you are having a great week :)


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