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 note: originally posted on 9/15/11

i'm liking the idea of displaying artwork of underwater images in your home, like that large photo in the living room shot above (top, left). i think the large format adds that needed twist to an otherwise traditional room. i imagine the art would be more precious if the people underwater were your children or people you knew. (imagine art directing that photo shoot!) can you believe the image on the top right is actually a painting (by samantha french)?! i am a sucker for photorealism painting (hm, that topic could be a separate post) so, i'm loving her work. as i ventured on this quest to find underwater artwork, i struck gold when i stumbled upon elena kalis' photography - absolutely beautiful!

update: i am feeling a bit under water today. swimming against the tide, i am. how are all of you feeling on this hump day? when you feel under water or ho-hum what do you do? do you have a good meal, take a nap, go for a walk/exercise, or challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone? one thing i do know, all this talk of water has me thinking that a spa service might in order.

source clockwise: top left lonny mag / top right samantha french / bottom row elana kalis

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  1. I'm feeling under the weather too. Physically more than emotionally. I wish my go-to was exercise, but sadly it isn't. Hot baths soothe me, water and rest.

    I think a spa day is a brilliant idea. I do them so rarely and feel SO good afterwards. I always remember that I should do it more often.

    When Callum was a wee one, he took 3Xweekly swim classes at at wonderful swim school in San Diego. Every so often they'd bring in an underwater photographer and we have some great photos of C. from one of those sessions. Love them.

  2. Love the painting by samantha french! There's something about underwater images that come off as peaceful and airy.

    When I'm feeling a bit under water music always lifts my spirits or doing something creating- for me it's sewing. But you can never go wrong with a good pampering session.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Ugh, I hope you feel better! When I start to feel like this I literally force myself to do nothing. Watch some mindless television (there's plenty;) and fall asleep on the couch or in bed in you have a TV in your room. Rest:)

  4. You're clearly on the same mental wavelength as the folks over at Young House Love. They posted this morning about that top left artist, Samantha French. They bought a similar print. How funny! Obviously her work is so popular because it's so exquisite. I can almost feel myself holding my breath to go underwater. Great collection of images, T!

    I'm sorry you feel like you're swimming against the tide. Just remember you're almost to the weekend! Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed I curl up under a blanket for a little bit and take a bunch of deep breaths. Hard to pull off in a cubicle, though. Definitely treat yourself to a massage or something else equally as calming!

  5. Was thinking the same as Erin, when I saw the underwater painting over at YHL. Love that painting! The light underwater is always so beautiful.

    Hope you'll feel better soon! If a spa treatment would cheer you up go for it! If I'm feeling down food always gets me or if the weather is nice I take a walk. A nice walk also works wonders during my lunch break if something got to me at work.

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  7. i've never seen underwater pictures like these. i wouldn't mind hanging any one of these on my wall! well..with the weather being gloomy today....i'm with you on the spa! and of course shopping always bring a smile to my face :) hope you feel better!

  8. Ah, you guys are the best! I love that I can talk about how I'm feeling, throw the question out there and get so many great suggestions.

    @LAUREN - Rest, rest, I think that's the answer. I think spas should offer siesta rooms where it's lit only by candle light, smells like eucalyptus oil, and ocean waves are softly coming out of a sound machine. I would take the best nap of my life.
    PS~I bet those underwater photos of C are so cool.

    @TORI - Thanks, T. Yes, music. Hold on, going to turn some on right now...Doing something creative is also a good go-to. Tried to take photos yesterday, but nothing was coming out right. I will try again later. Just keep swimming...

    @HADYEE - Yes, I can totally get behind this one. Put a little Gossip Girl on, pull the duvet up to my chin...Done.

    @ERIN - Well, you know where I'm going after this...Need to go check out YHL. All of French's paintings are incredible. I would love to own one, even a print.
    I agree, I think some rest and centering myself is in tall order.

    @NINA - Now, I'm starting to wonder what I've been missing by not knowing about YHL. Guess I've been under a rock on this one.
    Yes, walking, or just getting outside, is a great mood booster.

    @JIN - Thanks, J! Funny you should bring up shopping. I bought myself a little pair of black and gold earrings from A Merry Mishap yesterday. I can't wait for them to arrive. They weren't even expensive, just a little something to make me smile. You're tip is right on point.

  9. Despite being scared of being totally immersed in water to the point of near-phobia, I love these images!

    They look wonderfully serene (bottom left) and almost balletic (bottom right).

    Singing along to my favourite songs always makes me feel great, especially when I dance around my house with my daughter. Best pick-me-up ever!!! :D

    Hope you get your mojo back soon! :)

  10. theresa - really beautiful art! i would hang any of them on my wall. i was going to do a triathlon this time last year and took swim lessons. ugh. not my thing - all that holding your breath stuff. i applaud people who love to swim laps.

    sorry you feel under the weather. more sleep is my cure. less worrying and more sleep. joy and good health to you!

  11. Hi T, great images. Not sure would want one hanging in my flat as it might freak me out.

    What do I do? Not sure, struggling myself at the moment. Too much on, not eating as I need to so I try and rest as much as possible and do sports. When down I go to a Zumba class and that lifts me.

    Hope it passes quickly x

  12. underwater art is magical, i love the bottom 2 images!
    honey doing nothing, stopping for a bit, is an art form. it takes practice! give back to yourself! a day spa treatment sounds like a perfect thing to do.
    take care xxx

  13. @CHI - Sorry, Chi. I hope I didn't conjure any feelings of suffocation.
    Ah, dance parties are another good mood lifter.
    That's the word I was looking for! I feel like my mojo is missing and I need find it. (Thanks, Chi!)

    @NOREEN - You're so funny. I am a terrible swimmer too! I blame it on my lack of buoyancy.
    I'm sensing a very healthy theme here: Rest and sleep.

    @TINA - Yes, I am also not eating well right now (reaching for the sugar too much), which basically means I'm tired. There is a woman in my pilates class that swears by Zumba.

    @LEAH - I am so glad you said that. Taking care of and nurturing yourself is an art form and it DOES take practice, esp. when you're a mom because your needs are secondary (even tertiary sometimes).

  14. Theresa-
    Sorry you're feeling that way. Hopefully the day got better for you. I'm sure taking care of two little ones is the most exhausting and difficult job on the planet. I don't know how you find time to consistently blog. That's pretty amazing. Don't be so hard on yourself, and make sure to take a little time for yourself when you can as hard as that may be. It's important! Teri

  15. Theresa! Hope your week has gotten a little better and I'm excited to see your earrings from AMM! I love their jewelry too! Sad to say I don't have a cheer myself up routine anymore...seems like there is no time for that these days. I do know that a hot cup of green tea with honey and a DVR'ed episode of Gossip Girl makes me smile. I'll even admit to pulling out my old SATC DVD's on ocassion..I'm not really a TV gal and I loathe most reality T.V., but I know lots of people who can really relax with it. A spa day is always a great pick me up too. Have you been to Terranea in P.V. yet? Gorgeous spa with huge private pool and gym all within 25 yards of the ocean.

  16. I have just emerged from an 'underwater' mood. This weekend will be relaxing with no plans, but I am ready for the week ahead. My cure for such states is acceptance. Once I stop fighting it, it usually starts to lighten up. Then I feel that I can allow myself some down time and do some yoga, meditation,or a trip to the spa.

    Great art finds!

    Wishing you a peaceful emergence from your 'underwater' state :) Xx.

  17. These photos (+ painting) are GORGEOUS! I wish I had photos taken UNDER water when I jumped into the lagoon with my wedding dress (I have going in, swimming, comign out .. yep, all in my white gown), but none underwater. It would had looked sooo cool!!


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