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if you are at all interested in these sorts of things, then you undoubtedly know that fashion week descended upon new york (last week) and london (this week). this is the time when well-known designers present their fall 2012 collections. yes, fall. 2012. i know, i know, we haven't even finished winter or started spring yet. i don't make the rules. i just celebrate the results. 

it was difficult to narrow down, but below are three of my favorite looks inspired by elizabeth and james, burberry, and j.crew (of course! keeping it real.) 

the elizabeth and james collection (designed by sisters mary-kate and ashley olsen) was masculine with just the right amount of feminine touches. they even had one look that was clearly inspired by mens silk pajamas. talk about just rolling out of bed. i could definitely get behind that trend.

i loved so many things about the entire burberry prorsum collection. head designer, christopher bailey, was inspired by the idea of melding two worlds - town and country. that said, there were gorgeous tweed coats, sophisticated platform booties, pageboy caps, beautiful lace pencil skirts, and, the piece de resistance, stripes. for me, the color palette was also really pleasing: lots of navy blue, loden, and gray.

as you know all too well, i couldn't do a fashion week favorites without mentioning j.crew. as always, the collection had everything that i love about j.crew - stripes, cigarette pants, knitwear - in new color ways. plus, to give your horizontal stripes a breather, they introduced chevron stripes. another thing i noticed, no chunky heels. they moved back to the always classic pointy stiletto. i tell you, that jenna lyons definitely knows how to please her followers.

do you follow fashion week at all? if not, i'm glad i could be of service [wink]. if you do follow, what were some other trends you noticed? do you consider fashion design another form of art?

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  1. I think you and I must have a similar aesthetic because all of this appeals to me SO MUCH. I lurve me some J. Crew and the Burberry sounds stunning. I don't follow fashion week that closely (although I should!), so I appreciate your recap!

  2. Yay for gray! So glad to see some yellow in there. I was afraid I missed that trend and I just bought some yellow sandals! Only 3 more months and I can wear them, lol!

  3. Jenna Lyons is one of those love her/hate her kind of ladies, and I happen to think everything she touches turns to gold (with stripes.) My best friend, who is far more fashion-aware than I am, doesn't really like her. But that's her loss. More stripes for us!

    I've been following Fashion Week over on The Moment blog, the NYTimes' fashion blog. Do you read that? You'd absolutely love it, if you don't already. http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/

  4. Hi Theresa-
    Yes, I'm consumed with fashion week in all the cities. I can't get enough. J.Crew is my forever fave, and in my dreams I wear Oscar de la Renta! Teri

  5. @LAUREN - Yes, I think we love a good, classic look. If you get the time (har-har), the whole Burberry collections is definitely worth a look.

    @MICHELLE - It does look like yellow is sticking around. Good news. The color is so happy. I have yellow sandals too - Saltwater sandals, so comfy.

    @ERIN - I didn't know some people didn't liker Jenna Lyons. I wonder why? She definitely does have the Midas Touch.
    Thanks for the link! Style.com is my go-to for fashion news, but you have to peruse through a lot of images to for what you're looking for. I will check out your link.

    @TERI - Oh, Oscar. That would be a dream, wouldn't it? I also really like Celine and Alexander McQueen. Though, I don't think they have presented yet.

  6. Hiya. I follow some of it. I was actually invited to London Fashion Weel (friends showing) but can't think of anything worse than spending time in a place full of wannabe girls:)

    Am I detecting your lovely illustrations? Did you put this together for this post? Really nice T.

    I saw some of Vivienne Westwood which is always inspirational.

  7. i love masculinity with feminine touches, lace, stripes and chevron! looks like i will be doing lots of shopping for the fall :)

    btw...did you know that manolo blahnik is doing a collaboration with j.crew?!?!?!

  8. love your graphics... very cool... i was blown away by the burberry collection... love, love, loving those colours and layers and patterns and snow!!! will check out the j crew one now... thanks for the post! sue

  9. Hey T. I also wanted to say how much, as always, I love your sketches. xo

  10. I always follow fashion week and I always love seeing what Marc Jacobs comes up with. although, isn't he under fire for using two 14 yr old models?

    Enough about other designers let's talk about how much I love your sketches! They are always so wonderful. Do I see a stationary line in the near future?!?!

  11. @TINA - Yes, spent some time sketching which was part of my just "being" therapy. ;) Vivienne Westwood would be a great show to see. I like how you always keep it real.

    @JIN - I think that's why I always really love your looks. You've got the masculine meets feminine formula down.
    I heard a tad about the Blahnik & J.Crew collaboration. Can't wait to see! I wonder if that's what the models are wearing in the Fall collection?

    @SUE - Thank you, Sue. Yes, I forgot to mention that the show had snow, or was it rain? Anyway, at the end of the show, all the models came out with these beautiful striped umbrellas. Talk about show stopper!

    @LAUREN - Oh, thank you for coming back to write that, L!

    @TORI - I didn't hear about that! Scandalous!
    Hee-hee, thank you! I actually use to own and operate a stationery business. I think you can still see my stuff if you Google, Townsend Sakai. Closed shop when the kids came along. I am currently formulating my re-entry in the money-making world...Just don't know what that entails yet. Hoping the blog will help shed light and give me clarity/insight.

  12. hello theresa - i'm thinking report cards, montessori meeting, marathon training. i need to replace my ripped men's levis. so you are an education! thank you, and your art is so beautiful - calm and perfect - not stick figure women. hooray!

  13. I checked you out around the web (Townsend Sakai) you were getting your hustle on huh?

    I love the work you have floating around in cyber space you are very talented! I hope that you do start another line of handmade cards, You have a lot of talent : )

  14. @NOREEN - Thanks, Noreen. Well, your dance card is full, so I'm happy I could help. ;)

    @TORI - Oh, I'm so flattered you took the time to look. Thank you, T. It was a lot of fun!

  15. I love your illustrations! You're so clever. Wish I could draw like that.

    I love Burberry. Love it. It used to be the WORST brand, so tacky and naff but now it's supercool and so London. Fabbo. wish I could afford it. The boyf is rather fond of it though.

    Love that you included J.Crew. Would have been so disappointed if you hadn't!

  16. I love the pared down aesthetic of your illustrations, Theresa - so striking, so very chic! :)

    I used to have a keen interest in all the major Fashion Weeks (as an employee) but not anymore. I don't want to risk it influencing my collection subconsciously! :D


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