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last friday i mentioned that i was taking the weekend to nurture myself and get some perspective. on saturday morning i woke early, went to an 8:30 am pilates class, and then headed to the spa for four hours. i indulged in one swedish / deep tissue combination massage and then hung around to use the spa's facilities - jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, lounge, AND siesta room. did you read that? a siesta room! i had mentioned to laura in the comments last friday that i wished spas had siesta rooms...a room where the lights are dim, soft trickling water is played through a sound machine, you can grab a blanket, and you can take a nap. the spa had such a room. so, it's true what they say: be careful what you wish for. (i wonder if those women are still sleeping in there? i couldn't fall asleep because the seats didn't fully recline, but that's a different story.)

later that day, the kids had "night school" (our son's preschool offers parents' night out once a month and as our good friends like to call it ;) and we had a really great dinner with said friends. as an added benefit, for most of friday and all day saturday, i stayed off line and unplugged.

needless to say, the whole experience was invigorating, much over due, and left me with a more positive outlook. on my drive home from the spa, i think i hit every green light. coincidence or choosing to see the positive? maybe a little of both. through experience, i truly believe skewing your perspective in a more positive direction, even ever so slightly, can make your world take on new meaning. (though, i also realize this is no easy task sometimes.)

which brings me to this painting that we saw while at LACMA a couple of weeks ago. when you look at the rorschach painting by andy warhol above, what do you see? do you see an angry face, a beautiful butterfly or a...? do you think your state of mind affects what you see? 

and, just like that, we are headed into a new weekend. happy weekend everyone! cheers to new perspectives. oh, on monday, i've got mini-view numner two for you! make sure to check it.

ps~some things that i was loving this week (read what you can and if you like):

    • a courageous, heartful journey through a bout of depression from a cup of jo 
    • now you can go to alt summit via online courses (thanks, chi!) 
    • speaking of a change of perspective making all the difference, i thought this poem was really beautiful via aubrey road

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      1. One of my favorite books of all time is the Phantom Tollbooth. There's a chapter called "It's All in How You Look at Things" and a quote, which is especially apropos given your post today: "The way you see things depends a great deal on where you look at them from." Pretty deep for a kids book, right? Now I have to go read it again. I think I'll take a page from the Theresa-handbook and spend the weekend unplugged and unwinding with a book. But, it's true: your mood is directly responsible for your thoughts. Things seem to slide off you easier when you're upbeat and positive.

        I love that you had such an invigorating and refreshing weekend. And I'm even happier that you treated yourself! A siesta room?? I'm in love. I've always wanted to open a restaurant that has a similar siesta room attached to it, where you can go and rent a bed for a bit to sleep off the meal. What an awesome spa you have! I'd be there all the time if I were you.

        And as for the painting, I see a cow skull. Like something out of the wild west. Weird! Have a great weekend, T!

      2. I love the happiness poem. I'm very serious about my happiness. I listen to someone on the radio who has a happiness hours and he says, "happiness is a moral obligation." Something to think about. Have a fantastic weekend! Teri

      3. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I think unplugging and taking care of ourselves is really important. I love the poem! So true.

      4. @ERIN - The Phantom Tollbooth, you've piqued my interest. I like the little quote, and I love that you remember it without having to grab the book. I would remember part of it, have to go find the book, and finish the comment 20 minutes later. ;b
        Thank you, friend. I hope you find your own version of a siesta room this weekend. One. more. week!
        PS~Yes, I see the cow skull.

        @TERI - I think that's great! I think we talked a little about how nurturing yourself takes practice...You are definitely doing your part. I think it would be great if you shared some of the ways you practice happiness on your blog.

        @KATIE - Hi, Katie. Welcome! Noticed on Twitter that you went off line for 24 hours and got much accomplished. Woohoo! Bet that felt real good.

      5. It's a kids book, I think I read it in 4th grade, just a heads up! But it's adult enough to still be entertaining, all these years later! Lots of fun word-play and stuff. I'm excited to read it again this weekend now!

      6. Oh T, your kids will (someday, maybe not yet) LOVE The Phantom Tollbooth. It's AWESOME. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend. A spa day sounds heavenly, just what you needed.

        I could use a dose of happiness. Despite the thread of depressive that runs in my family, I am a generally happy person. However, I feel as if this year has been one body blow after another, and I'm finding it hard to keep my perspective. Maybe it's because I'm not getting sick too. Don't know. But I'll work harder at being on the lookout for happiness. Thank you.

      7. Oh my God, I'm famous!!! :D
        Sort of.
        Should I be this excited?!
        Who cares? I made it into your Friday links and it feels great - thank you. :)

        Your weekend sounds so Zen-luxe! Posting your intention to unplug and unwind was truly inspired.

        There is a lovely spa in the health club I go to for swimming lessons but I never use it unless my husband "makes me". He often tells me to be kinder to "his wife" and I think I shall. I've been spreading myself far too thin lately.

        What a wonderful poem! Oprah said something once that really resonated with me: "Your thoughts dictate your reality." So true.

        I see two rhinoceros of modelesque proportions standing on their hind legs kissing. :D

        Have a fabulous weekend! xxx

      8. your description of the spa sounds so relaxing! it's very much needed after a stressful week! but, with or without the spa...i'm just glad it's friday :)

        as for the painting i see 2 things... i see 2 symmetrical dragon and i can also see a teddy bear! funny how everyone's' perspective is different!

        have a great weekend!

      9. You seriously outdid me in the pampering department. Spa sounds glorious. Well done you for taking out time when you needed it.

        Great poem. Perspective is a funny thing.

        I see a lion. Have a good w/end.

      10. I see a man in a grizzly bear costume. Is that weird? And of course your ever so cute son.

        Spa sounds amazing. I went to Whately Manor last year which had a fab spa that had a light room which had recliners and kaleidoscope lights all over the ceiling. that was very relaxing. And then in the showers they had huge wooden bowls of crystal salt to scrub your body with. it was very decadent.

        Have a lovely weekend Theresa! xx

      11. Alt summit classes, yay! Still think we should go next year :)

      12. glad you got some time to rest and rejuvenate. the spa sounds so lovely.
        and perspective... coincidence or choosing to see the positive? i have been thinking the same thing this weekend. and i agree, maybe both!
        and i see aduck with frog eyes an two very small butterfly like wings.... perspective heah!

      13. that spa day sounds amazing and i'm SO glad you got to do that!

      14. hello theresa, i'm very happy that you took time away and went to the spa. a napping room does not do it for me, though - what if someone snores? or they stay too long. uh-uh, no thanks. but the rest sounds wonderful, and i absolutely agree that your perception changes your reality. i love the picture of your child - much more beautiful than the work of art - but i could see all kinds of things! joy and happy new week. i need to do some blog-loving, but it's report card week, so we'll see how far i get..

      15. @ERIN - Thanks for the recommendation! If you say that it's adult enough, I'll take your word. The quote does make it seem like it's adult enough.

        @LAUREN - Oh, Lauren, I know. For many, (you and Leah included) it seems an upstream battle. If it's any comfort, you (and Leah) are handling it all with a lot of grace.

        @CHI - You make me smile every time. Make sure you remedy that "spreading yourself too thin" situation real soon, ok? Happy mama, happy family.

        @JIN - It is great to see everyone's perspective. Who knew they could all be so different. I love teddy bear - I can see that.

        @TINA - Perspective IS a funny thing. It can definitely mess with your head. Yes, there it is, I see the lion.

        @ANNIE - Wow, that spa does sound decadent! You always find the best stuff so I'm not surprised.

        @MARIT - Yes to Alt Summit! I keep telling everyone to save their pennies, like 30,000+ pennies. :b It could happen.

        @LEAH - I'm sure you are dealing with a lot of perspective these days. As I told Lauren above, I think you're doing it with a whole lotta of grace.

        @JULIA - Thanks, J! It was long over due. My family benefited, as well. ;)

        @NOREEN - Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Hope you get through it all. Thanks for stopping by to give me some love.

      16. Where is this spa? I must go :)

        I spent the day at the RB Inn spa Saturday with my mom and it was much-needed and lovely. It's nice to treat ourselves to relaxation and pampering every once in a while.

        And ALT is wonderful- went this year for the 1st time and will definitely save up to go again.

      17. Sounds like you had such a lovely weekend! A great workout and a trip to the spa with some Q.T. is such a treat for a busy mom! BTW - that is one of my favorite Warhol pieces..an old boss of mine actually had one hanging in his house and it made me so happy everytime I saw it.

      18. Lucky! A spa day sounds wonderful. I'm glad if rejuvenated you. I think I definitely need that after last week (heh and this week so far).

        As for the painting, I think I see skulls after I read your most recent post, lol.


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