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i'm thinking about this past week and all the wonderful comments you left on wednesday's post about how you all nurture yourself. leah said something that really resonated with me, "taking care of yourself is an art form and it takes practice." clearly i need to practice this art form more. if you asked anyone close to me, they would agree that i always push myself to a breaking point. as moms...no, as women, we constantly put others before ourselves. it's just the way we are wired. so, this weekend i'm taking care of myself by getting centered and gaining perspective. i wish for you all the same. do something nice for yourself this weekend. because you deserve it and because i said so.

speaking of perspective in a different sense, those dishes are a bit of an optical illusion. the dishes look like they could be stacked right in my cupboard. however, upon closer inspection...
the stack is actually about 10' tall! a museum patron suggested we walk circles around the stacked dishes and they would start to spin. the kids had a lot of fun with this task and thought it was hilarious. i immediately got motion sickness and had to stop. #GettingOld!

well, i will let you go and get your weekend started. have a really great one everyone! remember to do something nice for yourself this weekend and then let's report back here on monday. deal?

ps~almost forgot i wanted to share some things with you:

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  1. T, very apt and inspiring. Yep, onto it now myself. Took me a good week to get back to my good self. Got up really early, spring cleaned flat (ready to welcome the weekend), waiting for client to arrive shortly. Then weekend of self care starts..can't wait.

    Love the image with your gorgeous kids being photoshoped into it... divine!

    Have a really good one and enjoy some well deserved self nurture!

  2. Hi Theresa-
    Glad you are working it out and getting some perspective. Congrats on the 'noteworthy newbie.' That's so great. I loved the California Design exhibit at the Lacma. In fact I bought the arts & architecture print you showed.
    Have a great weekend! Teri

  3. Wow Theresa your photoshop skills are amazing! they look so stylish. As do your kiddies. Have a great weekend lovely I'm having my hair done and my legs waxed and that's about as exciting as it gets for me x

  4. PS forgot to say 'awesome' on the newbie award, that's great news from a great site! Well done x

  5. I get motion sickness way too easily to have walked around those dishes! But your kids look like they had fun! And seriously, tell them to stop being so adorable.

    Take care and indulge yourself this weekend. I agree that we tend to put everyone else ahead of our own needs, and I also feel guilty/selfish about really ever looking out for me. I hope you get comfortable with it, my dear!

    Have a wonderful weekend! And congrats on your award!

  6. Thank you for this lovely post. And congratulations!

  7. Congrats on the award! Could you kids be any cuter? I think not. Hope you get some more 'you' time this weekend! I'm hoping to take advantage of this three-day weekend and hopefully rest up! Happy Friday! xo.

  8. Congrats on the award!!!! I love that you took the kids to LACMA and I think it is awesome to expose them to art from the time they are little! Sculptures that you can interact with are always a treat..we took my little one to see a Richard Serra sculpture and she loved running around and around through it:) Hope your spirits are up! It's a gorgeous day here in Long Beach - P.S. I've got Monday off so I'm going to take E to music class! P.P.S. - The Long Beach Flea market is on Sunday. Maybe an early morning solo trip with your camera and a latte could be an inspiring break for you?

  9. Thank you so much for the share, this weekend will be one of relaxation and reflection over here, too. Oh and maybe a glass of wine... ;)

  10. i think we all deserved this long weekend!!! hope you have a great one theresa!

    p.s. thanks for picking my diy as something you wanted to share ;) and congrats on being a noteworthy newbie!!

  11. theresa, now, you have to take care of YOURSELF, too - because i said so! isn't it amazing the power we take when someone else tells us to take care of something? congrats and enjoy your 3d weekend!

  12. It's so true that as a mom it's hard to take care of yourself first. I often feel guilty... but at the same time, it is so important to do that for yourself to be happy. Umm, are those your kids??! They are soooo adorable. Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for the link love!

  13. Congratulations on the 'noteworthy newbie'. I agree with erin, take care and indulge yourself this weekend. Be kind to yourself, unplug and enjoy xxx

  14. OMG, Theresa! Your kids just broke the cutometer - again! :D
    Their little faces are just too adorable for words!!!

    Congratulations on the mention (from Apartment 34, no less!). May it be the first of many more!

    I loved your links on love and friendship - I found myself nodding in agreement to the sentiments expressed in each one.

    I also LOVED the art taped to walls with washi tape - great for an indecisive creative aka moi. ;)

    I've done a lot of lounging so far and I'm now craving some activity or other. I think I might make my favourite tart .......

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xxx

  15. Thanks everyone for your well wishes! Planning on taking all your positive thoughts and enjoy this long weekend. Hoping you all do the same. xoxo!
    PS~My kids are officially blushing. :)

  16. Great post! So true. And Leah is just very wise indeed! Love the big stack of plates. Something about ordinary objects in giant size is so magical.


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