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i was looking back at all my instagram photos from january. i think i mentioned to you all that i was participating in the fat mum slim's photo a day challenge last month. in the challenge, you are asked to take one photo per day using a list of prompts that fat mum slim provides. i was doing really well, humming along and keeping up with the challenge. then, i stopped...at day 26. the prompt: lunch. i have a terrible confession, on most days i don't eat lunch. unless you call a handful of dry cereal and a balance bar lunch. i know, i know, please don't scold me. i realize i desperately need to remedy this situation.

in addition to not having a proper lunch to beautifully capture for the challenge, i also just had to let something go. remember we talked about balance and how to attain some of it amongst all the social media outlets? instagram is what i decided to set free. i also wrote down a blogging schedule that i'm going to implement and adhere to beginning next week. (wish me luck.) perhaps, once i have these wheels properly greased and a solid schedule in place, i can pick up instagram again with fat mum slim's march challenge. i really did enjoy the challenge as it forced me every day to stop, look at something differently, and shoot a prompt in a clever way. it encouraged me to be a little creative each day. we shall see...

can you guess which photo was the most popular? oh, regarding that black box on the top right, come back later (today or over the weekend) where i will reveal it's message. it will be something fun, i promise!

have a great friday everyone!

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  1. i love that! i wish i had known about it. i follow her on instagram now, sorry you're letting it go for now. i get it though! can't wait to see your blogging schedule because i wake up everyday with a plan to make one, and i haven't yet. happy friday! Teri

  2. These photos are simply beautiful! And I love the angles you took!

    I'm going to guess that the sky picture was the most popular.

  3. Love your collage and I can't wait to check back for the big reveal! Your daughter is so adorable, and I love that Eames wire chair and that pile of gold confetti.

    I love that you're finding a good balance and setting a blogging schedule. It's surprisingly liberating giving yourself a super rigid schedule. And just like everything else, it gets easier the more you do it! Don't take your abrupt stop on the instagram challenge as a personal failing. Look at it as you are lucky enough to have enough real-world distractions to pull you away. But you should definitely eat a real lunch! Look at me getting all mom on you :)

    Have a great weekend, T!

  4. Great pics. Yes, blogging schedules. Still struggling:) Sometimes we can take on too much and I know that feeling.

    I hven't yet explored Pinterest. Will do so when I feel ready. Some things just have to give for others to emerge:)

    No comment on the non-lunch:)

  5. hi theresa, i love the way you use direct light in your photos - the glass of water, the honey, the shoes, and what you bought - really interesting and beautiful light. i hope you are able to balance your life more. i'm typing standing up b/c we had a 3-hour meeting at school ad i can't sit down another minute! happy weekend!

  6. Oh, I love your photos. I'll miss you on instagram, but smart woman. I'm super curious about the reveal (I'm a totally impatient person by nature, and I don't eat lunch either. Of course I'm STARVING now!)

    Sounds like you're making all sorts of good choices these days. xo

  7. Love your photos! I wish I had instagram. Arg. Instagram just makes everything look so fascinating. Good luck on the blogging schedule. I try, but I just end up being all over the place.

  8. I love these bite-sized glimpses into your life! :D

    I'm incredibly fascinated by Instagram - it's the one thing making me long to own an iPhone. That said, like you, I don't think I can cope with one more time consumer in my life.

    I completely understand and sympathise with your no-lunch scenario. As Mums there's always something we have to let go of in order to look after everyone and everything else and that "something" changes from time to time.

    Right now, I have breakfast so late that it's actually brunch and therefore eliminates the need for lunch.

    I'm currently contemplating what has to give in order to have a sensible, attainable blogging schedule. Watch this space! :D

  9. I guess I don't need to tell you again that balance and peace are of high priority for me too these days. This online world can be all consuming, there's jus no way we can ingest all the information being thrown at us and there's no way we can be present everywhere all at once. I think it is a wise move on your part to prioritize things. For me, I jus can't seem to get around to being more present on Flickr and Colour Lovers. But like you, I put them to the side for now. No use getting stressed about it. Have a lovely day :)

  10. oh ya! and your images are such a pleasure to look at! I especially love something old, sweet and close up. Your hand written note (on your next post) is super sweet too. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. oh sweetie, how i miss you on instagram... but i know that feeling of needing to pare back.
    i am loving instagram way too much... but i think that's ok. it gives me moments to capture things that make me happy, that i'm grateful for.
    i'd love to see your blogging schedule some day. need balance in my life too.
    love your photos!

  12. @TERI - I do miss Instagram. Though, some of you share your photos via Twitter so it reminds me to pop over. I think you would like the photo challenge.

    @TORI - Thanks, T. The 'Something Old' was my most liked photo. People love their Eames, I suppose. Second to that, was the palm tree/sky photo.

    @LAUREN - I'm the same way - I don't eat lunch and then I'm starving by 3:00. I also sometimes get cranky and don't understand why. Then I remember I haven't eaten anything. Duh! (It's a really stupid cycle.)

    @MICHELLE - Oh, Instagram, how I love thee. It does make things look twice as good. I think the developer is working on making the app available for other devices. Fingers crossed for you.

    @CHI - Hm, am I convincing you to get an iPhone? Well, as I mentioned to Michelle above, they are working on making the app available to non-iPhone users.
    Well, for our sake, I hope we do figure out a more sane schedule. There's just not enough hours in the day.

    @HOLLY - Something's always gotta give, right? I just don't know how other bloggers do everything, and do it so well. I wish they would give us the secret.

    @LEAH - I miss you too. I do still pop over from time to time so I can like and send some love. You were made for Instagram! Your photos are always so beautiful. They bring me some peace and calm whenever I pop over.

  13. Oh boo I'm going to really miss you on instagram! Wish we were all on there. I have a blogging schedule too, I try to get my posts out by 9am which more or less works, during the week anyway. I thought it'd be impossible to stick to but Erin's totally right, it makes you focus and just get on with it and stop faffing (that's me, not you by the way). Sure your posts are very regular anyway aren't they? You post every day anyway.
    Love photos, your daughter is so cute?


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