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i'm thinking about what a week it has been! a whirlwind, sort of like that amusement ride in the photo above. it all started on saturday morning when a group of us gathered together for our first los angeles byw meet up. i got the opportunity to meet teri (beach city lifestyle), jennifer (a well nurtured life), jennifer (bungalow 7), and judy (new philanthropy group, new blog coming soon). it was so nice to meet everyone in person. teri gifted each of us with a journal (embossed with her blog name in gold!), a gold sequined heart (from ban.do), and lovely business cards. it reminded me that i definitely need to invest in some calling cards? do you all have some? [thanks, girls, for a lovely breakfast and meeting!] 

on sunday our family ventured to an amusement park, knott's berry farm, that i haven't been to since i was 15. since i am no longer of the age that can handle roller coasters (motion sickness), most of our time was spent in the kid portion of the park. however, we did venture over to partake in this 35 story ride called, the windseeker. i don't remember wanting or needing to seek wind, but we rode it. it actually wasn't that bad if the person next to me wasn't screaming so much. (that someone would be my husband.)

then, on monday we had an amazing mini-view with happenstance, on tuesday we had a fabulous guest post for wear in the world with like / want / need, on wednesday we ventured into the facebook fan page, and on thursday we talked makeup. whew, what a week! i want to thank all the wonderful people who stopped by this week, new and old.

as i mentioned on monday, when i was brainstorming concepts for this blog, along with ideas for series, i also wrote down names, and made sketches of logos and headers. i finally settled on the name, mission: inspiration. i was so excited about this blog name. it rolled off the tongue nicely and conveyed just the right meaning for me. needless to say, when i went to register the name with blogger, it was already taken. i cried. (kidding! i so didn't cry!) i did go back to the drawing board. i still wanted to use inspiration in the name, and then the word cooperative came to me.

cooperative (noun) - an organization owned and operated by the people it serves, for their mutual benefit.

i never set out or aimed to have this blog be about me, but i quickly realized that to welcome and make people feel comfortable, you've got to open yourself up. it's a mutual give and take that adds depth and richness to a blog. however, i knew the future of this blog belonged to shining an equal spotlight on other people's talent, creativity, and voice. this week, i feel like my initial hopes and dreams for this blog were fully realized, and i couldn't have done it without you and your participation. you, my readers, are what give this blog a heartbeat and a soul. thank you so very much!

have the greatest weekend everyone! 

image source: me / jared abe

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  1. Ever since I saw it, I loved the name of your blog. Made perfect sense! And I so totally adore your sketches. They are right up my alley. And you! What a find for *me*! I love coming here each day...you do bring us inspirationCOOPERATIVE, you *are* realizing your vision, and I'm so grateful to be here for it. I can't wait to see what else is in store. xo

  2. Yes me too and I love your header! That's such a lovely thing to say it's made me feel all warm inside. You've had such an awesome week on your blog, I love visiting every day more and more each time. So glad I found you! Or you found me I think!

    I'm so envious of your meet up too, how glamorous to meet in la. And how cool is Teri with her notebooks, I'd never have thought of that in a hundred years.

    I hope you have the best weekend Theresa xx

  3. Looks like you ladies had a lovely time! If there is another BYW meetup let me know, I'd love to join. Not many BYWers down here in San Diego! Happy weekend. Cheers!

  4. Wow! You've had quite a week haven't you? Your blog gets better and better every time I visit - you have such great ideas and a fresh perspective! :)

    You LA girls certainly do meet-ups in style - what an amazing goodie bag!!! Don't you just love people who buy gifts just because?

    Did you take any photos? I'd love to see you all hanging out sipping Margaritas or something. :D

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. it WAS quite a week. i'm so happy you got to meet other bloggers from byw. one day, we'll do one in ohio or somewhere midwest. we have a windseeker here, too, and although i also get motion sick, my kids got me on it. you're right - it wasn't too bad until it went around and around really fast. i had to close my eyes. but didn't get sick, so that's good. happy weekend, and i'll see you next week.

  6. I love hearing the back story on how people come up with names! Whenever I visit your blog I always wonder in the back of my head how you came up with the name and now I know-what a great concept!

    I love visiting your blog! It's such a fun place to hang out! You have a real talent for making each individual feel like they are a part of your space.
    It's like my home away from home or blog away from blog I should say ; )

    I love where your blog is headed and I can really see the momentum here! Keep it up T!

  7. How wonderful your week has been. I don't know about you, but meeting off-line added a whole new layer for me. I love our get togethers. Very cool to have notebooks and give presents. I do have blog cards from moo.com

    Your blog is great. You have fab ideas and it's really taking shape. You're definitely an inspiration to me. All of you are. Can't believe I really started on 1st January. It's only been a month. Be fun to celebrate 1 yr!

    Have a lovely w/end.

  8. Sounds like you had an awesome week! Here's hoping your weekend is just as fun! It was so much fun getting together and talking blogging talk for a few hours! I usually have to bore my husband with stories and his patience wears thin sometimes :) Your blog is truly wonderful and I'm so happy to have met you here in the blogosphere and in the LBC!!

  9. your week was awesome! i am a bit jealous of your bloggy meetup. it is so lovely to hookup with like minded people! your vision is coming to fruition. I am so happy for you. and i do so love visiting you...
    ejoy your weekend xxx

  10. It was a great week, and I'm not just saying that because I got to be a part of it on the OTHER side. You have such a great voice and I love everything you've come up with so far. I never thought when I started blogging last February that I'd end up with a group of such incredible women like you all. Trust me, it's as much as joy for me as a reader as it is for you to have this creative outlet.

    And I'm so with you, I never intended my blog to be personal or about me, but once I stopped fighting it everything just flowed easier. The best parts about reading other blogs are when you get a sneak peek into the author's REAL life. And I'm happy to be along for the ride with you.

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  11. Theresa, I absolutely love your blog! simply beautiful. That's great you're initial hopes and dreams for the blog were already met...that means that more great things are on the way.
    I'm so glad we met last week and hope we can pull together another meet-up in the near future. also, i'm thinking sometime in march for a little letterpressing :)

  12. Thanks Theresa! Well said and your blog name is great as well as uplifting too. It was so nice to meet all of you and I hope we can do it again soon! Teri

  13. @LAUREN - Thank you, L! I was tipping my hat to you when I wrote that a person has to open themselves up to welcome and make people feel at home on a blog. I think you do such a great job at letting us into your life and making us all feel a part of it.

    @ANNIE - It was so nice to meet the LA girls in person. It was also nice to just sit and chat about blogging. I hope one day our time will come when we get the chance to meet everyone one in our little Pia Posse.

    @MARIT - Of course! Next time we meet up, we'll make sure you're there. I'm already itching to do another one. I love the camaraderie and info share.

    @CHI - I want to come to a London meet up. I bet you gals have a blast. Isn't that genius and generous of Teri?! Such a beautiful way to brand herself. Teri did send out a tweet with a photo during our meet up and I retweeted it.

    @NOREEN - You're such a trooper to get on that ride with your kids! I remember when I was a kid, my parents wouldn't ride on any of the roller coasters with me and I was so bummed. I just thought they were being bumps on a log. NOW, I totally understand.

    @TORI - Thanks, T! As long as people enjoy the posts and then feel comfortable enough to join the conversation and comment, makes it all worth it.

    @TINA - You've only been blogging for a month?! You're blog and writing seem very seasoned. Yes, blogging for one year is definitely a great feeling. Keep up the great work. Before you know it, you'll hit that anniversary.

    @JENNIFER - Yes, it was so great to meet you and the other girls. I can completely relate to trying to share blog talk with the huz. There is only so much he can listen to :). So, let's plan another meet up soon!

    @LEAH - Thank you, Leah! You, Lauren, and Noreen were my first three bloggers that started visiting and commenting on a regular basis. What a great feeling that was - I've got readers! ;)

    @ERIN - That's exactly what I want this blog to be: a mutual benefit. Fun for me to put together and fun for you all to participate with the amazing community that's growing here.
    You're right, as soon as I embraced the personal part, everything else flowed better. I'm especially good at self-deprecation above all else. ;b

    @JENNIFER - It was so great meeting you last weekend. I will be the first in line if you pull together the letterpress meet up! Let's do business/calling cards! Please let me know if I can help in any way.

    @TERI - It was so great to finally meet you, Teri. Thank you again for the journal and Ban.do pin. That gold, sequined heart pin makes me smile every time I wear it.

  14. Love this photo you took of the business cards! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend and meet and greet with fellow bloggers! It's nice to meet and chat with people who just get you and understand the whole blogosphere, isn't it?

  15. That's so great you go to meet with some fellow bloggers! There's just so many ideas to be shared.

    I definitely think it's an age thing with roller coasters too. I used to have no problem. Now there's always a chance I will spontaneous combust.

    I agree about opening yourself up. I love a good design blog, but I always love hearing about the person behind it as well.


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