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this past sunday, the kids, my mom, and i ventured over to LACMA (los angeles county museum of art). i've lately had this growing and deep desire to expose the kids to contemporary art museums, but wasn't sure if their attention span could handle the excursion. under the encouragement of lauren, noreen, and erin, i went for it. i figured the earlier we start, the better. i really want the kids to grow up with a love for art. surprisingly, we were able to see most of the museum, both the permanent collection and special exhibits, like wonderland, metropolis, and california design. we even had lunch at ray's! now that i know the kids can enjoy themselves, we will definitely plan a return with family and friends in tow. whose down?

at the gift shop outside of the california design exhibit, it was hard not to buy everything in the store. using some restraint, i picked up the two arts & architecture prints above.  i'm thinking i will pick up some ribba frames from ikea. what do you think, should i do black, white, or maple frames?

ps~hey everyone, thanks for popping by yesterday to let me know what you do when your spirits need lifting. there was some really great advice and suggestions in the comments. i'm adding the support of a great community to the list. :)

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  1. Black frames! All the way. Those prints are really stunning. I'm so happy your kids enjoyed themselves, or at least let you guys see most of the exhibits. My parents took me to museums all the time, and my dad and I went to the art museum in Philly every Sunday growing up. It's one of the best things they did for me. I love art museums, and hopefully your kids will too!

    One thing I read somewhere was to stop in the gift shop first and pick up a few postcards of some of the art, and then make it a fun game with your kids to find the actual paintings as you're walking through. I can't wait to have kids to do that with!

  2. Yeay support of the blogging community is the best!

    Ah that's such a cool game Erin! I can't wait for you to have kids. I'm not sure why. Is that weird?

    Richard's kids school have a motto of 'Love London' and they go to galleries and museums all the time. It's really cool Evan (5) went to a Monet exhibition recently and I love to imagine what goes through their minds when they look at the paintings. We asked him if he liked Monet and he said 'it's not Monet it's CLAUDE Monet'.

    PS yeay, finally caught up on your brilliant posts, I didn't want to miss a single one! xx

  3. love the pink, black and white!! this will be a great art piece to hang in the office!

    as for the frames i would do gold...i know it wasn't one of your choices, but i think it will really make the prints pop :)

  4. one black frame, one white, and no maple. awesome art! i know the gift shops are wonderful. at moma, there was such a line (it WAS 2 days before christmas), and we just had to waiiiiiit. good for you for going! once you start, it will become a wonderful habit. and your kids will grow up knowing that art is fun and not intimidating. joy to you!

  5. We do Erin's game with Callum! Or pick a color to find in each room or say, "look for a painting with red bowl." Now that he's older, we can just go and talk.

    Hmmm...I lean black on the frames. Not digging the maple. Not sure why.

  6. I think it's really invaluable for parents to encourage their children to learn, be curious and ask lots of questions.

    Unfortunately I did not have such parents.

    When I arrived at boarding school in England at the tender age of 15, I went to the Art Department. My teacher, called Mike, made a point of taking us regularly to all the London's museums. He made us ask questions and challenge each painting. I have no doubt that my creative spirit, endless curiosity and inquisitive mind comes from the time I spent with him.

    BTW, I still speak to him regularly and ALWAYS remind him what a huge influence he's been. Being British he still gets embarrassed and can't take the compliment! I persevere.

    All experiences rub off so by exposing your children to art and culture they will have a sound foundation in it when they grow up.

    Great posters.

  7. I'm going with the black frames! and I love that you took your kids to the museum at such a young age. It's never too early to introduce them to the arts! Where to next?

  8. love it!!


  9. Good on you for taking your kids to the museum and making it a fun day. It's really important and makes me happy to know that some future adults have thoughtful parents like you :)

    I would go with a white frame for the print on the left and a black one for the one on the right ;)


  10. Great idea, Erin!

    We took my daughter to her very first exhibition yesterday and she loved it!

    She wanted to touch everything but, thankfully, the curators had forseen this and provided little samples on child-height desks for that purpose.

    Also, the nursery she'll be going to in a month have regular visits to museums, etc.

    As for the frames, I'm more of a monochrome fan but it depends on your d├ęcor, I suppose. :)

  11. @ERIN - Great idea. I never thought to create a game for the kids. How fun! (Thanks again for the encouragement and inspiration to take the kids.)

    @ANNIE - Well, I think that's so cool that Richard's kids go to museums as part of their school program. Sadly, all those activities are being cut here in the States. Which is why now, more than ever, parents have to step up.
    Annie, thanks so much for catching up and commenting on all the posts. You're the best!

    @JIN - Ahh, I never thought of gold. That might be a fun DIY / spray paint project.

    @NOREEN - Hm, it seems pretty clear no one here is a maple fan. :) I have to thank you for your encouragement to just go for it and take the kids.

    @LAUREN - Oh, that's another good game. One I think Eames would love. Our next trip I'll be armed and ready.

    @TINA - I can't really say my parents were much involved either. (My mom a tad bit more than my dad.) So, I'm not even sure from where my love for museums stems. I love that you keep in touch with your art teacher from your teen years! NOW I remember, it was my art teacher from High School, Ms. Cassidy, who sparked my love for the arts. She was even encouraging me to apply to art school and was going to help me put a portfolio together, but I chickened out at the last minute. Thanks for reminding me!

    @TORI - Yes, where to next? I'm all full of confidence that they can handle anything now. Hm, museum visits in a foreign country?! Paris here we come.

    @LUCIA - Thanks, Lucia. Welcome to this little space/blog!

    @HOLLY - You and Noreen both favor one black and one white frame. I like this idea of mixing it up.

    @CHI - Yes, I did have to stay on top of the kids, making sure that didn't touch things they weren't suppose to and climb on things. Sometimes it's good for them to hear it from the security officer as they think I'm just nagging them, but someone in a uniform has more authority (i.e., is scary). :)


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