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before i launch into this post, let me first preface it by saying that i am in no way a make-up maven. quite the contrary. on most days i don't wear a lick, which i'm sure the public adores. it's why i never leave the house without sunglasses, and sunscreen. don't forget the sunscreen, especially on the backs of your hands (they show the first signs of aging the quickest). however, when i do wear make-up, i wear laura mercier. i love their products. for many years i was a MAC girl, but made the switch about two years ago. (on a really good day, i would love for my make-up to look like du juan's above. just enough to bring out your best features.)

i usually skip or skim the beauty section of most magazines and instead rely upon recommendations or personal testimonials (especially from my sister-in-law) when making beauty decisions. are you the same way? well, if your like me and appreciate a good recommendation, let me share some things that i'm loving from laura mercier right now:
  • foundation primer - a lotion you put on before you apply foundation or powder. helps to set the skin so it doesn't get oily hours later.
  • mineral pressed powder - gives you a nice matte finish and beautifully evens out skin tone.
  • black ebony eyeliner - this eyeliner is applied with a damp eyeliner brush. it takes a little extra time to apply, but i love the result.
  • flat eyeliner brush - to apply the eyeliner.
  • sundown eye shadow - has just a hint of shimmer, which is nice for night.
oh, i'm also a huge fan of over the counter beauty products. maybelline still makes the best mascara and neutrogena washes my face. what do you rely upon when making your beauty purchases? do you have any favorite beauty products? things you swear by and would recommend? i would love to hear because girlfriends know best.

image source: du juan photographed by wee khim for style singapore january 2012 via fashion gone rogue

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  1. Hooray for makeup! I have some Laura Mercier lipstick (hello red!) which I love, and I really love my BareMinerals foundation too much to give it up. I'm intrigued by your eyeshadow recommendations, although I'm worried that black eyeliner might be too heavy for me. Hmmm.

    I use Jemma Kid eyeshadow almost exclusively (tried the BareMinerals and I have tons of colors, but I just can't love it or get the hang of it.) But just moments ago, as I was putting it on, I was thinking that I really wanted to branch out. I'm due a Sephora trip with a girlfriend...maybe time for some experimenting!

  2. Eekks, I always forget my age. I'm probably the only woman in the world that has never worn foundation or mascara.

    Instead I wear a tinted moisturizer (I know LM do a good one). I have stuck with Lancaster sun screen 15spf for ever (since I was 15). I don't use mascara but dye my eyelashes.

    When Mac first launched in London, in Harvey Nics, we were all possessed. I so loved them. That was years ago. I still think of them as the first trendy fashion shoot make-up range.

    I used to use their lipsticks until a couple of years ago.

    Now I switched to Giorgio Armani lipsticks (lasts for 8 hours) and must say it is brilliant. Bit pricey but always buy stock at airport duty free.

    I use a black coal pencil by GA and that's it for me. I must re-think. In a few years I'll be 50:(

    Oh, no I have a cool eyeshadow by Mac but use it twice a year or so.

    I am the women who once spend £200 on Bobbi Brown make-up stuff and NEVER used it... I learned to just leave it and only use the few products I use daily.

  3. Theresa-
    I always wear some kind of sunscreen and a hat (which is so not stylish), but I like tinted sunscreens from Dermologica and I have used Laura Mercier too. I change all the time! Teri

  4. I will have to go with Tina on the whole foundation thing. I've never been a really big fan of it. I always feel like my face is suffocating when I have that stuff on.

    I try to keep my makeup regimen simple: My day make up usually consists of lipgloss/lipstick, and mascara. If I going out at night I'll add eyeliner & and a hint of eyeshadow.

    Products I SWEAR by are from Philosophy
    Hope in a Jar
    Microdelivery exfoliater

    These three products are heaven in a bottle and make my skin feel so hydrated and pampered! I've been using these products for about 6 years now and still loving them!

  5. I'm with Tori! I only really use mascara (Covergirl lash blast; amazing, cheap, and doesn't rub off under my eyes) and softlips chapstick. At night I'll go for eyeshadow, liner (both from Smashbox) blush (Clinique), and lipstick (Sephora brand). My coworkers were shocked when they saw me at our company Christmas Party.

    I wash my face with Cetaphil gentle cleanser, which I swear by. After I shower, I use Clinique astringent and Even Better moisturizer with spf 25. That moisturizer changed my skin for the better. It evens out skin tone and fades dark spots and blemish marks. It's also like, $50 a tub, unfortunately. But I couldn't live without it.

    I actually wrote a post about my Swear-By beauty products a long time ago, well before we met! It pretty much repeats everything I've said here, but here you go: http://wp.me/p1DBqT-1X

  6. Um, in contrast to you ladies I'm a total make up devotee! I don't buy a lot, but I love wearing it and i've found some products that I just buy again and again as they're so brilliant.

    I just look so much better with make up (sorry Tina you were subjected to me without make up when you came round).

    I don't have much makeup but I do have 834 lipsticks and I have really dry lips so put lots of lip balm on which means my lipsticks only stays on for about ten minutes and I'm too lazy to reapply. I'm in constant envy of girls who are dedicated enough to touch up during the day.

    Erin's post about handbags yesterday, my voyeurism would definitely be photos of girl's make up bags!

    I've tried many many products and this is the list of the ones that I will never stop using.

    Nars blushers. Deep throat and Sex Appeal. Nars do the best blushers in the world, they are just so flattering and natural. Sex appeal is perfect for girls like me who are so pale they look dead.

    Bobbi Brown Everyday mascara.

    Carmex lip balm. I would die without this.

    Chantecaille stick foundation. This is expensive but it's the best foundation I've ever found. And I've tried a lot.

    Bobbi Brown undereye concealer & corrector. I suffer from very bad dark circles and this is the only thing that covers them without cracking.

    Sorry, I got a bit carried away there but I got so excited!!!!

  7. @LAUREN - I love that you go on makeup trips with your girlfriends (and occasionally mom). I forgot to tell you that I tried the LM Truly Red lipstick at the counter, but didn't pull the trigger (was in a hurry). It's creamier than the MAC one. Think I'll go back. Oh, I bet LM makes that eyeliner in a lighter color, like brown. Forgot to mention that you are suppose to apply this eyeliner directly to the lash line, so it creates a very natural look.

    @TINA - I don't wear foundation either. I haven't found one light enough. I have heard many good things about LM's tinted moisturizer. I'll have to check into it.
    MAC was the first fashion shoot makeup to hit mainstream, them and Shu Uemura. I totally remember that!
    PS~I'm very intrigued about this dying the eyelashes!

    @TERI - Hm, tinted moisturizer with SPF, sounds like killing two birds with one stone. What do you mean a hat "not so stylish". I bet you look great in a hat. Happy belated birthday, T!!

    @TORI - I'm always afraid that foundation is going to break out my skin. The LM pressed mineral powder never does, and it also feels very light on the skin.

    @ERIN - You peaked my interest with the Even Better moisturizer. I need the most help with even skin tone and brown spots. For $50, I hope it lasts a long time, like a year ;) The good thing is that you're starting early so you're going to look 30 when you're 40.
    Thanks for the link on your swear-by products. You know I'll be checking it out.

    @ANNIE - Yay, a makeup devotee! Now, you can share all your trials and errors whenever we need advice. I have recently been looking for a new blush. I heard so many great things about Tarte's cheek stain. When I went to try it, I didn't love it so much. Aveda use to make a cheek and lip cream that was wonderful, but I can't find it anymore. Thank you for the Nars recommendation, and that name - Deep Throat and Sex Appeal - is outrageous!
    Though, I swear by Great Lash now, I use to have a mascara by MAC with rose water in the ingredients. It smelled and worked terrifically.
    No need to apologize for getting carried away. Your info share is most appreciated and helpful.

    Thanks for playing everyone!

  8. oh, i am out of my comfort zone here. i very rarely wear make up. occassionally mascara and eyeliner. i have never worn foundation. i really wouldn't know where to begin.
    most of the products i use are chem free... i'm a bit of a fan of natural products!
    i have heard sephora is good. at 36, i probably should start thinking about makeup a bit more. the top pic you showed is how i like make up to look. enhancing but not "made up"...
    happy week end love xxx


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