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as i mentioned on friday, we attended a wedding this past weekend (more on that later). i thought it might be fun to share the inspiration board i put together for my outfit and my daughter's outfit. (it's only fair since i shared my son's outfit, right?) my daughter pretty much wore what i have on the board - a dress from crew cuts in shadow (cool color name. is it someone's job to create color names? where do i apply?), striped tights, and desert boots. yes, i put my daughter in desert boots instead of fancy party shoes. what can i say, i'm a tomboy at heart and passing it on to my daughter (poor thing). 

my outfit, on the other hand, is pure fantasy. except for the earrings (those are the ones i wore), the dress, booties, and bracelet were used purely for inspiration. one day, christian louboutin, you will be mine. i'm really loving black lace right now and i found a similar dress to the one shown at...j.crew. i did a little diy project on the dress and added lace trim to the back and hem. i also found some less expensive booties and painted the bottoms red (just kidding!). the whole look was made complete by a red lip.

i'm curious, when you're getting ready for an event, where and how do you get inspiration? do you tear out pictures from magazines? do you use inspiration boards? do you use pinterest? maybe a favorite celebrity inspires you? or do you just wing it? sometimes i wing it too.

image source: lace dress / bracelet / lipstick / booties / crew cut dress (sold out) / striped leggings / dessert boots

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  1. I love your daughter's outfit. I scrolled down and thought 'yep, nice dress for wedding' and then saw the tights and boots! So cool and unexpected, I bet she look awesome.

    And the black is lovely. Beautiful earrings too. Are we going to see photos of you and your super-glam family at the wedding? Hope so!

    I just go out and find a dress I like and go from there. Of course it's not always that easy. Generally I try to buy as little to go with it as possible as it gets so expensive to have to buy shoes and bags and jewellery too!

    Hope you're having a good day T xx

  2. For a second there I thought you really owned a pair of Loubiton booties and I was going to have to hate you. Whew! Crisis averted!

    All kidding aside, both outfits are just adorable. I love the striped tights and the little boots for your daughter, and your inspirational outfit is so glamorous. I wish I had some sort of method to my madness when I get dressed to go out. I usually just wing it and hope for the best, but I never really get too crazy. I stick to a LBD and a heels, and I've recently been incorporating red lipstick into the mix, as you know, and that definitely brings the whole look together. You're right about that. I

    've found that Polyvore is a great resource though for outfit inspiration. You can search by sets and type in things like, "pumpkin patch" or "Parisian girl" or "Gossip Girl" and get thousands and thousands of moodboards of outfits. Pretty helpful!

  3. I'm with Annie, I just go out and find something I like but I'm loving your approach to figuring out what to wear! I love the striped leggings you put with the dress (as you know I'm a sucker for stripes) and what you wore sounds like a very classy number. Oh the suspense!!!

  4. Your outfits look so chic!!! I ADORE desert boots on girls too being a tomboy myself! I've never really been a fan of the stereotypical girly look.

    I'm so looking forward to seeing the photos now - sounds like the makings of a great print ad! :D

    I'm definitely a winger. Now, more than ever, I don't seem to have the time to be any other way.

    Of course, the downside is that I often catch sight of myself in a window/mirror (halfway through an event) and think: " Wow! Got that wrong!!!" :D :D

  5. Wow, the research and preparation is inspiring. I do none of the sort.

    The only time I do research and mood boards is for interiors. Hmm, maybe that's where I go wrong.

    I certainly wing it and have some key pieces I accessorise over and over..

    I have never been girlie, to my parents huge frustration. Well, c'est moi! Love your daughters outfit and no doubt will see pics of you in your best attire:)

  6. hey theresa,
    beautiful inspiration. i haven't dressed up in a while, but i just shop. what you do is a really good idea! love both outfits!

  7. You're so smart! I'm definitely in the Erin category...I wing it and hope for the best. Red lipstick has helped, but I tend to get in a panic, go shopping at the last minute and buy something completely useless.

    This. Now this is a much better idea, and I bet you both looked completely adorable. Can't wait for the debrief!

  8. @ANNIE - There are definitely times when I just work with what I got. Sometimes I don't have the energy. I'm planning to put together a wedding mash-up on Friday. I may or may not make an appearance picture-wise ;)

    @ERIN - I've heard about that site, Polyvore. I need to check it out, especially since you can input a descriptor and receive full outfit ideas. That's genius. I think all of us have found love with the red lipstick. Does a girl right.

    @TORI - You know, the stripes were a request made by the groom. Can you believe it? Don't have to twist my arm. Stripe love for life!

    @CHI - Oh, Chi, I bet you look fabulous every time. You can't fool us. I'm a definite winger sometimes too. Though, winging sometimes equals happy accidents, which are always nice.

    @TINA - I'm getting a sense that many of us are tomboys at heart. Glad to be in good company.

    @NOREEN - Ha! I just shop too...At J.Crew. Such a horrible creature of habit!

    @LAUREN - Gosh, we have gotten some good mileage out of our red lipstick, haven't we? Money well spent. Speaking of useless...The heels I buy. Half way through the wedding, I traded those booties for flats. (At least the booties weren't expensive; I know better. ;)

  9. is it bad that i want those stripey tights in my size? love them. i always struggle with choosing clothes... issues... x

  10. I totally wing it. I'll browse for months and months and something will just strike me! It's a little fun that way too


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