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i'm trying on a new post series titled, wear in the world, whereby i talk about a place/event - sometimes real, sometimes pretend (meaning i pretend i'm going there) - and pair it with an appropriate outfit. sound fun? want to play along?

the first stop is real. our very good friends are getting married this month at the royal/t artspace here in southern california. both my husband and son are in the wedding. for our son, the groom requested that he wear something stylish with stripes. with stripes?! are you kidding? no problem. as you can see from the photo of the venue, the wedding aesthetic will fall into the artsy camp, which leaves lots of room for sartorial license. (yay!) above is what i put together so far for inspiration.

these days, weddings for us are far and few between. this wedding should prove to be a fun affair given the space and the couple's creative sensibility. tell me, what's the coolest and/or most memorable wedding you've attended?

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  1. Oh WOW! This is awesome! Awesome idea for a series and what a cool wedding you having coming up. More importantly, what are *you* going to wear?

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this series already! What an amazing idea. I can't wait until you start doing European cities and such. I'll do one for Paris!! Or Stockholm!! Pick me pick me pick me!!

    Your son is going to look darling in the wedding, especially if he's in stripes. Why are kids clothes way cuter than grown up clothes?

    The craziest wedding I went to was a Wiccan wedding (seriously), where the groom belonged to a biker gang (seriously), and it was held at the Mummer's museum (seriously). Though it just occurred to me that being a West Coaster, you probably have no idea what Mummers are. Oh dear. Start here, but just understand that as a lifelong Philadelphia, this tradition baffles even me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mummers_Parade

  3. Great idea for a series and I love the title:) How cute is this outfit?! Penelope's in a wedding this summer and I hope I have some sort of striped free range with her outfit as well!

    The most memorable wedding was on an estate in Arizona on acres and acres of land. It was really in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. We had to all be bussed in from the hotel. But when we arrived at the grand gates to enter the property it was absolutely magical. It was an evening wedding so the lighting and candles were beautiful and the stars were out in full force. Amazing.

  4. Love this idea and I can't wait to see more : )

    The most coolest wedding I've been to (I have Two)
    A roof top wedding Soooooo much fun! And a beach wedding!

  5. Great idea. Love the play on words and can see it already has everyone reminiscing on which favourite wedding venues they've attended... great talking point and rather fun. Love the idea of Erin wanting to be picked to do Paris or Stockholm. You could have guest bloggers fighting to report on various places around the world. Erin seems the girl. She obviously gets invited to the quirkiest places for weddings. I rest my case!

  6. love your idea! it will be fun to follow along and travel with you. this wedding looks like a great time. right now, with so many people sick, and some passing away, a wedding or a new baby seems what we need!

    the wildest wedding i went to was held at a modern art museum, in the lobby, and people walking by outside could look in on it. very interesting to be in a museum after hours!

  7. @LAUREN - Hm, Might have to do a part 2 to this venue to discuss my outfit AND I just found out my daughter is now in the wedding too! What?! It's all good fun.

    @ERIN - Oh my goodness, that's a brilliant idea. I never thought about asking other bloggers to contribute. Sounds fun. I love it. Ok, if you're serious, you can totally have Paris. I'll have my people call your people.
    PS~Wiccan, Mummers...That's zany. Kind of reminds me of the Medieval Arts Festival.

    @HAPPENSTANCE - Penelope is going to look so cute! How fun. That wedding - on the Arizona estate - sounds incredible.

    @TORI - I agree, beach weddings are really fun. The attire and mood are all a bit more relaxed, and the weather (fingers crossed) is always nice.

    @TINA - Yes, I think Erin wins for most unusual wedding. ;) I am hoping this series will have some mileage. Looking forward to the places we'll go.

    @NOREEN - Cycle of life. :\ (Been thinking of Leah a lot also.)
    Being in a museum after hours would be so interesting. Almost like you were getting away with something. Nice.

  8. This looks like it'll be an amazing night!! Take photos so we can be wedding crashes :) And how awesome that it'll be a family affair too! This space looks perfect too! The best wedding I've been to was my sisters. She got married in Mexico on the beach. It was so beautiful and intimate... I think I cried more than she did :) Have a wonderful time!

  9. Hi Theresa! I'm rediscovering your blog for the first time since my review during BYW and it's certainly looking better than ever.

    I just love your new series and the great wardrobe choices you've made! Love the bowtie and the shoes, especially ...

    I can't to see the photos!

  10. YES! Thanks Tina for coming to my defense :) Theresa, I'll tell my assistant to be on the lookout for word from yours ;)

    And seriously, it was the weirdest 5 hours of my life and I still sort of hate my mom for dragging me to it. It was her best friend's daughter's wedding and we were by far the most normal people there. Which actually didn't take all that much.

  11. My friends had their wedding in the front yard of their parents beautiful old house. The bride arrived in a vintage limo, it was incredibly elegant! She walked down the aisle to gorgeous music. The memorable part was that as soon as she got to the groom, the pastor spoke for all of about three minutes before he pronounced them man and wife, the live band started playing and the celebrating got underway! It was such a surprise, but so much fun!

  12. And this is definitely a great post idea! I can't wait to see what the whole family wears!

  13. What a wonderful idea I love it! And I LOVE your collage on this post! What did you use to make it? And the white backgroud? Awesome!

  14. i love this series already too! great idea!! the wedding i went to last summer in cabo was amazing... it was gorgeous but all of my BFFs were in one place, which made for a wild, fun weekend. it's so rare to get everyone in the same place these days!

  15. Erin would marry a macaroon if it would have her. And don't let her have Paris, you'll only encourage her. Give her Birmingham (UK one) instead.

    I loveeeee those cute little boots! Can we have photos please after event?

    In September I went to a wedding here http://www.aynhoepark.co.uk/ It was a mental place. There was taxidermy everywhere and I don't mean foxes and badgers. There were giraffes wearing bowler hats and polar bears with clocks around their necks. Needless to say there were security there who bollocked the groom's cousin for taking a photo of his wife who happened to be riding a giant turtle.

    And in the girls' toilets there was a rack of real fur coats that you could put on in the evening to go out on the lawn. It was like Narnia!

    The most unbelievably bonkers place.

  16. artsy camp! i love it! and this is am awesome idea for a series. so fun!

  17. I LOVE your title ... "wear in the world'!!!! :) And I love the bow tie in ur collage, I have been telling hubby that it is goign to turn into a stylish 'everyday' fab .. but he's not buying it. I think I may have to bride him to wear a bow tie that is not connected to a tux outfit :) Most memorable wedding ... in Hawaii (a beach wedding ... so peaceful, romantic, and beautiful).

  18. Really like the new series, and was wondering if I could pose a question. I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in Vegas in April. It'll be my first time visiting Vegas, and I am in serious need of suggestions.


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