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for this second installment of wear in the world, i have a really special treat for you all! i got like / want / need to create a paris post! i had my people call erin's people and, after much haggling over fees and whatnot, i got her to do the post. all kidding aside, erin did an amazing job putting together TWO outfits - one for night and one for day - for our trip to paris. erin does a better job than me at explaining the outfit choices. so take it away, erin...

I tried to think of a full day in Paris and all that would encompass: walking around the Louvre and the Musée D'Orsay, eating a picnic lunch in the Tuileries, macarons and afternoon tea at Ladurée, walking the Île de la Cité to see Notre-Dame, and then a late dinner at the Cafe De Flore with glass after glass of wine, multiple desserts, and cognac...one of those truly decadent meals you get to enjoy too rarely in life. My first rule of traveling is to bring pieces that can transition from day-to-night so you're not over-packing unnecessarily (obviously freeing up room in your suitcase for all those souvenirs/French men/macarons you want to bring home). I tried to include a few key elements, like the trench coat, the black shoes (perfect for walking around all day, but still dressy enough - they're suede - to pair with a black dress for a fancy dinner), the simple tote bag, and of course, the ever important red lipstick, all of which work with any 24-hours-in-Paris activity. Stripes absolutely scream "Parisian" to me, and the black dress feels very Audrey Hepburn-esque; the perfect, classic LBD.

aren't erin's picks spot on? is there anything you all would add? any requests on where we should venture next?

thank you so much for playing along, erin! it's been an honor having you here.

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  1. Beautiful post and a great, great collaboration! It just cries out of both of you in the best way!

    Go everywhere! Athens (my fave!)! London! New York! Tropical! I love your series, T. What great shape your blog is taking! xo

  2. Squeeeeeeeal! I'm so happy. This was such an incredible treat to do, thank you so much again for thinking of me! I love this series SO MUCH and am grateful to have been a part of it. I can't wait to see where you take us next!

    Somewhere tropical could be fun once winter moves out! I like the idea of London, too! You could have Annie OR Chi OR Tina do that one!

    You're the best! xoxo

  3. super cute. i think it's all wearable and not too fussy.

  4. Ah tha't soooo cool! It's like you both hung out together!

    A brilliant post, by a brillaint blogger. I can totally see Erin wearing these outfits. It's the perfect macaroon munching ensemble.

    Theresa your blog is becoming outstanding. It's really unique and you totally have your own thing going on, I love that.

    Me! Me! Pick me! Or the Alps? I could do a ski holiday outfit! xx

    Well done ladies!

    PS Chi is Oxford so she could do a university one!

  5. Oooooh! Can I play? Please? Pretty please?!

    Erin, I'm so, so proud of you - you added colour and not just any colour my all-time favourite!!! :D

    J'adore your choices! ;)

    Fabulous job, you two - what a great team!!!

    P.S. Thanks Erin and Annie - I'd really love to see your Alps version!

  6. Erin did a great job, her picks are so Parisian! And I love the layout.

    So...about the reply button that you asked on my blog. I have no idea! It just kind of showed up one day. I wish I had the answers cuz you're not the first one to ask, lol. It must be a setting somewhere that I already had set up?

  7. Well, trés Paris and trés chic!

    Girl, you rock!!! Great job! Theresa, your blog is truly sexy!

    Fab outfits and just right for Parisian style.

    I went to see Barbara Streisand in concert a few years ago. Yes, she played in London BUT where does one go afterwards? Home? So, we booked Paris, dressed up and went at 1am to Brasserie Flo, where Jean Paul Gautier and others just arrived. It was a memorable evening!

  8. hmm. for me in paris, those pants are too tight. they have amazing crepes and well, i'd not be too comfortable by afternoon! but i love the pictures and the other clothes - and shoes.

    t, how about a trip to the southwest usa? i've never been to a desert.

    happy tuesday!

  9. A job well done Erin!!!! I would wear every single thing you picked out and who could turn down a trip to Paris?!?

    Hmmm....where to next?....You have to do New York! And then maybe somewhere tropical?!? I just received the J.Crew catalogue in the mail and all those bright colors in there have me longing for those hot (but not too hot) summer nights!

  10. so trés chic! your blog is rocking honey! awesome!

  11. those red pants are to die for. makes me want to pack up and head to paris now!


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