i'm not going to lie, i've got bed (or more specifically sleep) on the brain right now. all i want to do is curl up in bed and hibernate.* as a result, i started looking at all these beautiful bedrooms. some are highly stylized and some are minimal. some are dramatic and some are serene. what does your ideal bedroom look like? i'll admit that our bedroom could benefit from a bit more styling, but i like to keep things pretty simple and uncluttered. my only mandate is high thread count, white sheets and duvet cover. oh, and i absolutely cannot have any repetitive noises within ear shot - no ticking clocks, dripping faucets, grinding teeth, or snoring. as soon as my ears can pick up the sound and send a signal to my brain, my eyes snap wide open. i'm also not one of those people who can fall right to sleep and i'm plagued with insomnia at least once a month. yea, you could say i've got all kinds of sleep issues. what about you? if you sleep like a baby (like my husband), you can tell me...i won't hate.

*plus, an invader came and stole all my motivation. or maybe i've got the january blues?

image source clockwise: lonny / lonny / anthropologie / room & board

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  1. Not you too! Both on the January blues and the sleep issues. I don't sleep. I once described my sleep as an egg balanced on the flat edge of a knife. Impossible to get there and the slightest whiff of anything will set it falling.

    But it's so funny, because I don't pay nearly enough attention to our bedroom. It's not styled at all, although I did paint a year or so ago, a deep nighttime blue that I love. I'm with you on the white sheets and duvet and I've been thinking about curtains. Maybe just as deep as the blue but in red. I like the first room in your collage and the last.

    My husband sleeps like a baby too.

  2. Ha, I'm like you! I cannot just decide to go to bed and fall asleep. Eric can do that no problem. As for our bedroom, it can definitely use some sprucing up. I love the images you have here. Inspiring:)

  3. I'm the opposite of you! I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. My parents used to joke that they could put me on top of a speeding freight train and I would sleep right through it. I used to fall out of bed (I'm a wild sleeper) as a kid and hit the floor and not even stir. My mom thought I was dead a lot. Once I'm out, I'm OUT. Unless I have to pee. I wake up probably 3 times a week to pee in the middle of the night. That is information you really needed to know about me.

    I love these bedrooms! The headboard and fireplace in the 4th shot are divine. And I have those bedside lamps from the 2nd (top right) shot! I love that moody blue wall color and picture rail as well. My bedroom is painted a dark gray, and Boyfriend's condo is a 2 story, but the bedrooms are on the lower floor, in the basement (you enter in on the first floor. we still have windows downstairs though!). So between that and the dark walls, it's like a little cave down there. And I sleep like nobody's business. I know I always talk about wanting all white interiors with tons of light, but I bet I'd miss my pitch-black bedroom!

  4. I've slept like a baby since I was a baby. In fact, my Mum would often wake me from a marathon nap because she'd done all the housework and was bored out of her mind!

    I've had (on average) 5 hours sleep a night since my teens but, boy, do I get quality over quantity! I once slept through a [mild] earthquake and a stampede in my dorm over a supposed ghost.

    My husband, on the other hand, wakes up when I get into or out of bed! :D

    Love your selection! Those bedrooms are just divine, mainly because there is a predominance of white - the colour of serenity. :)

  5. Chi was that the earthquake in Birmingham in 2002? Because if so that was the first night in my first flat, the first time I'd ever stayed in a house on my own and it woke me up in the middle of the night and scared the crap out of me. I thought someone was at the end of my bad shaking it.

    I am soooo insanely tired this week. I get to sleep no probs at all but wake up quite a lot. Sleeping on my own is much better, I never wake up then at all. If I'm stressed I wake up at 2am on the dot, every night. It's very annoying. And you know how your problems feeling insurmountable in the night and then silly in the morning? Well apparently your body stops producing seratonin during the night and that's why you problems seem so bad when you're wake in the night. And once you know that, it helps.

    I have totally pimped my bed. I have White Company everything. And my secret tip is a feather mattress topper which is just the most comfy thing in the world. And it has to be a feather duvet and feather pillows Ah I soooo want to get into my bed right now.

    PS I have a really annoying habit of giggling when I fall asleep. It drives R crazy.


  6. @ Annie: Yes, it was!!! :D

    Gasp! Loooove The White Company!! :)

  7. I don't mean to brag but as soon as I hit the bed it's always lights out for me! I've been that way ever since I was little : ) my husband hates on my skill because he is the complete opposite- kind of like you.

    Love your bed round up I like to keep things simple too when it comes to decorating the bedroom.

  8. yawn. all this talk of sleeping... nice beds, pillow calling - good night!

  9. @LAUREN - I love the way you describe our precarious sleeping issues. Well said. That deep nighttime blue sounds fabulous.

    @HAYDEE - I'm so jealous of people who can fall asleep right away and sleep like a baby through the night (Eric and Scott). Scott can also fall asleep anywhere - sitting in a chair, on a hardwood floor...!

    @ERIN - I feel like I remember reading that you were a great sleeper. Well, I'm jealous. I want someone to think I'm dead while I'm sleeping. I thought maybe the first photo would be your favorite - It's all white.

    @CHI - An earthquake and a dorm stampede? You ARE a good sleeper! Hm, from the comments, I'm starting to think one partner sleeps really well and the other doesn't. The yin and yang of sleep.

    @ANNIE - I hate waking up a 2AM to stew uselessly on the 'problems' of life. Or, sometimes I have so many thoughts swimming around in my head, I can't shut my mind off. Those nights are impossible and I have to get up and write my thoughts down. Yes, feather everything. I use to have a feather bed, but it started messing with my back (#old!) Haven't heard of White Company...Must check them out.

    @TORI - See, you are confirming what I mentioned to Chi - One partner sleeps like a baby and the other not so much. I kind of hate on my husband's skills too :b

    @NOREEN - You're so cute. Maybe all this talk of sleep will put me right out tonight too. Good night!

  10. ahh, sleep. i dream of sleeping soundly, but i have been having nightmares. i wake up at 2am most nights. hoping that i'll get over it soon.
    yep, january has pretty much sucked for me. i'll join you in the january blues.

  11. @LEAH - Oh, Leah, I'm sorry to hear that. I get up most nights at 2AM also so I will think of you and send a thought your way.

  12. ugh total january blues. i hear you. i think the winter lacks inspiration and activity sometimes (for moi), so it's hard to turn the brain off at night. i'm thinking about work, life, all the things i want to do. at least january is almost over;)

  13. @SARAH JANE - Welcome! Thanks for popping in Sarah. That's my problem to - Turning off the brain. I wish they had an app for that or an on/off switch. :) Yes, and just like that, January is pretty much over.

  14. Yeah I just want to take a nap right now. I don't even care if it's on the floor under my desk.

    Usually I have no problem falling asleep, it's staying asleep that's the issue.


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