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at last by etta james. rest in peace, mrs. james. this song never gets old for me. it's like i'm listening to the song for the first time every time i hear it. i realize this is mrs. james' most iconic song, has been used in many advertisements, and played at countless weddings. thus, i am not being super original by selecting it, but no matter. for me, this song defies the ability to be overplayed. (ok, if mcdonald's starts using it to sell mcnuggets i'll rethink this statement.)

i'm also dedicating this song to a very good girlfriend who is joining the 40 club today. happy birthday, sheila!

speaking of at last, i've gone and done it...caught a cold. well, not a cold, but a nasty cough! it seems everyone is contending with some type of illness right now. 'tis the season. for the last two weeks, i was quite successfully fighting off a tiny cough that would come and go. however, sometime friday night, the cough decided to go full blown and take over my whole existence. the kind of cough that keeps you up at night. the type of cough that makes your head and side ache. the kind of cough that forces you to leave a conversation mid-sentence because you're having a cough attack. oi vei! so, i'm drinking lots of hot water with honey and lemon, gulping robitussin, and eating cough drops like candy. if you've got any additional remedies i should try....[pause]....oh, sorry, just had a cough attack. 

happy monday everyone! make it a great week.

ps~wedding update later this week.

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  1. Oh boo can't believe you have a cold, that sucks! Hope it's not too rotten.

    Going to listen to the song when I get home as I'm not sure everyone at work will appreciate me blasting it out ;)

    And happy birthday Sheila! x

  2. Oh, sorry to hear you're having one of these awful cough attacks. I had one the Xmas before last which took ages to get rid off. I haven't been ill in 20 yrs but that was just after my father passed away so no surprise there.
    Apart from hot water, fresh lemon, fresh ginger and manuka honey I used some bee pollen propolis spray.

    Best cure is relax and look after yourself. Have fresh food.

    Great song. Agree on McDonalds comment. Many returns to your friend. Welcome to the 40's club. It's great being here. Wish you better:)

  3. Oh dear! Feel better. I have no suggestions for you. Neel got sick this weekend. He's usually pretty stoic, but was feeling lousy enough to be frank about how miserable he felt yesterday. Today he has a meeting with both the president and the dean of the medical school where he works and the poor man accidentally took Nyquil instead of Daquil this morning. Oops. Drink lots of water.

    I'm so sad about Etta James.

  4. Boooo about having a cold! I think I'm finally coming down with one as we speak. I'm drinking lots and lots of tea to fight it off. If you can get your hands on some, start drinking Emergen-C packets (they sell them at Whole Foods and CVS). It's 1000% of your Vitamin C intake in a concentrated powder you mix into water. Two a day and you should boost your immune system. It also tastes delicious.

    I feel like we are synched up sometimes. I was planning on posting pretty much the exact same tribute to Etta James tomorrow for my Tuesday Tunes. With the same disclaimer about not feeling original in posting "At Last" but that the song truly moves me every time I hear it and that I couldn't resist posting it in her memory. You said it better than I could've though, so thank you. I was really sad when I heard she passed. What a sad day for music.

  5. @ANNIE - I bet your cube mates wouldn't mind this song at all. It they do, tell them they're uncivilized. ;)

    @TINA - Oh, ginger is a good one and I haven't heard of bee pollen spray. Thanks for the tips. I agree, if I can look after myself, all will be right.

    @LAUREN - Ugh, sorry Neel is sick (too). Nyquil always knocks me right out. In fact, I only take a half dose. Hope he was able to stay awake. Poor guy!

    @ERIN - I've heard of those Emergen-C packets. If you recommend it, they must be good. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks!
    Totally looking forward to your Etta post because I bet you have a really cool story to go with it. When I was writing the post, I thought about you because I know you appreciate music that gets back to basics, and this is a good one.

  6. Oh the dreaded cough! Do you know that my husband never gets a cough when he's sick?!?
    About two colds ago I read up on how to stop a cough and it said to sip on aplple cider vinegar and water and it worked! It was ah-mazing!! However, I caught a cold about a week ago, tried the same remedy, and it didn't work(boo!) i said all that to say this...maybe you should try it you never know what you might get! Hope you feel better!

    Oh! I read your comment on Lauren's blog and can't wait to hear what you have to say on the whole photo editing thing!

  7. This is one of my favourite songs of all time - no question. I once had it on repeat no less than twenty times! :D

    RIP, Etta - you were truly one of a kind.

    I hope you're feeling a little better today. I hear that the powers of Robitussin are lengendary (according to Chris Rock/Everybody Hates Chris) so you'll be fine in no time. :D

    If your cocktail of elixirs doesn't work, try inhaling the steam from (at least 0.7g of) pink Himalayan salt in boiling water.

    Oh, and an early night always helps! ;)

  8. hope you are feeling a bit better.
    r.i.p etta. your music rocks and will do so forever!


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