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your song by ellie goulding. along with duffy and adele, ms. goulding is another songtress coming to us by way of britain. she has a sweet little voice, cool style, and is cute as a button - a winning combination. (love that awesome field jacket!) most of her songs fall into the dance and pop genre, but your song is a ballad perfect for the end of a weekend and the commencement of a new week. (then watch this if you need something more upbeat to jumpstart your week.) how was your weekend? did you do something fun?

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  1. Is this the chanteuse of iPhone commercial fame? She's super adorable.

    I did a whole lot of lounging around this weekend, and it was glorious. Though now all I want to do is nap.

  2. I love this song! In all it's many versions, but this was is quite nice too!

  3. @ERIN - Hm, didn't know about the iPhone gig. May have to see what youtube pulls up. Glad you got to lounge. I also tried that this weekend and clocked in some great quality time with my sister.

    @ANN - Oh, yea, I also like the version by Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge, and (of course) Elton John's version.

  4. sounds like you've been busy.
    I love cleaning also.
    I hope we can meet in person in 2012 for a BYW meet up! Teri

  5. happy new week! i had a cold this weekend, so it was pretty quiet. i still ran, but felt awful after. thanks for the song - i'll listen when i can without getting the kids around the computer. bedtime!

  6. So nice to see some English girls making waves over the pond. I did nothing this weekend and it was bliss. I only left the house once and that was to go for pizza for lunch on Saturday. I was exhausted after a week back at work.


  7. My weekend passed to fast and this next promises to do the same. But it was good. I *made* curtains!

  8. @TERI - Yes, let's definitely make an LA meet-up happen in 2012. Looking forward to it.

    @NOREEN - Hope you're feeling better and managing to hold off a full-blown cold. Because you run a lot, I imagine you must have a strong immune system and are really healthy.

    @ANNIE - After a full week at a new job, you absolutely deserve to do nothing and relax. It's good for your mind and soul.

    @LAUREN - So, so proud of you that you made curtains. Isn't it fun to complete a diy project...You feel so productive once it's done.

  9. so adorable! i love the slight rasp in her voice too. i'm a sucker for anything elton too!


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