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if you've been reading the blog for any length of time then you know i have a profound love for vanity fair, and the proust questionnaire is my favorite feature in the publication. "the proust questionnaire is a questionnaire about one's personality. its name and modern popularity as a form of interview is owed to the responses given by the french writer marcel proust." 

back when i was brainstorming concepts for this blog and different post series, one of the things i wrote down and knew that i wanted to incorporate one day was interviewing people i admired, who were living creative lives. i am forever fascinated by people who have found their passion in life and are living it. love what you do and do what you love is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and the world. i feel now is the right time to introduce such a series. thus, every last monday of the month, i aim to interview one creative in the same fashion as mr. marcel proust and/or vanity fair. sound fun? 

i am sure you have seen posts where i mention and pay homage to my friend and fellow blogger, haydee of happenstance. haydee and i met through a blogging workshop hosted by oh joy! from the moment we started talking, we knew we were kindred spirits. i feel truly lucky that she was the first person who befriended me in this blogging world because she has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. (someone was looking out for me.) if you haven't yet popped over to her wildly popular site, i can't encourage it enough. haydee has a way of selecting just the right image - stylish, fun, or just plain breath taking - and pairs it with her clever thoughts. i asked haydee if she would help me kick off this series, and she graciously obliged. herewith is the first inpirationCOOP mini-view...
thank you so very much for helping me launch this new series, haydee! your most marked characteristic has been a gift to me. 

ps~as if being a full-time sahm and operating her own blog wasn't enough, haydee also operates the post social with julia of san diego songbird and heather of la feem. check it.

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  1. I can already tell that I'm going to like this series very, very much. I lovelovelove interviews like this. I love the peek inside the mind of creative people, and thank you SO much for always introducing us to such wonderful people and blogs. Great post, great questions, GREAT idea!

  2. What a great idea for a series! I love the Proust questionnaire and flip to it immediately when the new VF slides through my mailbox each month. Do you have February's yet? With Matt Damon, Daniel Craig, and George Clooney on the cover? The issue is touted as being all about those 3 "Leading Men" but it's just 3 Proust questionnaires in the middle of the magazine instead of an article! Really weird. There are a bunch of incredible articles in it this month but I guess the VF editors thought those three actors would sell more magazines than a history of NY socialites who lunched. Weird.

    Anyway, I've stumbled onto Haydee's blog a few times and really like what she has going on there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the concept implied in your brilliant title and the fun layout!

    It's such a fresh and clever take on a traditional interview.

    Can't wait for your next one! :D

  4. Nice, love this new series and Haydes was the perfect way to start. thanks for the TPS shout out!

  5. What a wonderful way to start your new series by profiling a friend and fellow blogger! I'm so excited to read more :) I'm also glad you introduced me to Hapenstance which I now follow regularly! Happy Monday.

  6. Great interview! Looking forward the series!

  7. Yay, I love how it turned out! Thanks for the fun experience Theresa:) Can't wait to see the rest of the series unfold!

  8. Ah that's a great idea and I love her blog (guess I found it through you??). I've never heard of the Proust questionnaire and am off to Google it now! Great Post Theresa, can't wait for the next in the series x

  9. hi theresa,
    great idea, and wonderful choice. it's nice to meet haydee. i also love those proust interviews, so it will be fun to see others' answers. how about answering yourself one day?!

    joy to you,

  10. The Proust questionnaire is a favorite of mine. And it seems like the perfect vehicle to profile a blogger. Haydee was a wonderful choice to kick off the series. Her blog is fantastic and this interview just reinforces that. Looking forward to reading more of this series!

  11. Wow! Thanks everyone for your warm welcome of the new post and Haydee. See what I told you, H gets lots of well-deserved love.

    @LAUREN - Thanks, L. Though, now I'm on the hook. Haydee set a high standard ;)

    @ERIN - As a fellow VF lover, I knew you would appreciate this series. I did get the February issue right after I saw Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. I was so impressed with Craig's performance I wanted to read more about him. But, as you so correctly pointed out, there was no article (just the Proust Questionnaire, which I'll happily accept). Kind of left me wanting more.

    @Chi - Thanks, Chi. I wanted the layout to fully represent Happenstance, so I asked Haydee to select images that she believed epitomized her blog's spirit. Aren't the photos great?

    @HEATHER - My pleasure. I love what The Post Social has going on and La Feem is always a great source of fashion inspiration.

    @JENNIFER - Oh, that makes me so happy to hear you're following Happenstance. I thought you might dig what she has to offer. Bonus: We all live in the same city. Meet-up!

    @LITTLE BIRDY - Thanks, Marit!

    @ANA - Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by. As a fan of Live and Enliven and now Blog Milk, I'm thrilled :)

    @HAYDEE - No, thank YOU! You're the first best thing that happened to me in this blogging world and I'm so grateful.

    @KRISSY - Thank you, thank you. Through Hayee we met each other and I'm so thankful. You girls always spy the best products and keep me on top of new music on Miss B and Hustle.

  12. Oh, that is really great. Must check out her blog. Sounds like a kindred spirit to me. I love your unique take on this series. Very you.

    Great idea to take the VF Proust formula. Clever! Look forward to the next one.

  13. Love this new series! I've been keeping up with Haydee's blog ever since I spotted her on your blog! Can't wait to read more : )

  14. I love interviews like this, peeking inside the minds of creative people! a bit of an obsession of mine really! i love the concept for this series. you are awesome! i'd love to see your answers to thesequestions. maybe one day soon-ish?

  15. Thanks for introducing me to these blogs. I had no idea of them. Teri

  16. @ANNIE - I have a feeling you might like the Proust Questionnaire, especially the one found in Vanity Fair. Do let me know.

    @MILLS - Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by. I couldn't agree more with your comments - Haydee is the perfect kick starter and her blog is wonderful.

    @TINA - Thanks, T! Well, you Brit girls write the most clever posts. I'm just trying to keep up.

    @TORI - Ah, so glad you follow Happenstance. Great stuff, right? Well, I'll tell you, I'm looking forward to your new series, Fresh Face Blogger. (Great idea!)

    @LEAH - It's kind of an obsession of mine too. I know, it would only be fair if I answered these questions myself someday, right? Maybe, one day I'll surprise you :b

    @TERI - You're most welcome. I'm thinking we need to do an LA meet-up since we are all relatively close together.

  17. Fantastic series! Hayden your answers are so beautiful and real, just like you.

  18. This was lovely! Haydee is so eloquent with her words on paper and I love what she said about loving and being loved. It's the biggest part of my life and summing it up in four words makes everything sound so simple. Great series! I'll be coming back for more!

  19. @BIANCA - Thanks, B. I agree, H's answers are so beautiful.

    @TheBeautyFile - Thanks for popping by. Happy you enjoyed.
    The best part: Haydee really does write exactly that way she speaks. It's natural and the tone is always welcoming.

  20. Loving and being loved answer is lovely one in this questionnaire.

    sample questionnaire


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